22 MAY 1830

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TI-IF. KING'S FIKVI.TH. ge, consider- SINCE Wk last appreached f! , errs.achan ably for the better, has taken plac* . , v .3,1tiogimitetallied won- derfully during the week.'...

On Monday, the House of Commons threw out the Jewish

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Emancipation Bill ; on Tuesday, the West India interests, and Irish First Fruits, underwent some consideration ; on Thursday, the state of Mexico, and a Birmingham Canal Bill,...

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TILE JEWS AND Tut: Cuit no it..-.T!w: or Lossnox.—On the

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motion of Mr. Pellatt, a resoluticia w1,5 imsse,1 in the Common ConneU of Wed- nesday, by a majority id:if; w :;i , referring it to the: Committee relative to wholesale...

The French lee e

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I. a liberal man. Ti ' evi,lently meant best-informed l'„11 in , o :pond ; France, we i'i'i': to the lei I. (I, where they will he foeed impart , 1:1';w1c( - ig; of the...

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TYLER V. DILAYTON.—Mr. Sergeant Wilde, on Tuesday, addressed the Vice-Chancellor

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at great length in this case ; for it is a privilege of the bar, that a man may speak for himself and get others to speak for him also. The lirst part of the speech of the...

ATTEMPT TO AIUREER.—At the Westminster Sessions, yesterday, a ruffian named

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Robertson was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, for a most brutal and unprovoked attack on one of the New Police. The poor man, whose leg had been broken in two places, was...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL. — Sir Robert Peel, it is said, is to

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be imme- diately raised to the Peerage.—Herald. [This has been so often said, that we have long ago made up our minds riot to believe it when it happens.] MR. RAYDON. — We...

FATED FAMILY.--A poor old woman, aged eighty, was hurried to

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death on Wednesday, last week, at Be-ness, Scotland. It is not a little singular, that the mother, sister, niece, and nephew of this woman, have all perished at various periods...

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Paris, May IS, 1830. ME most important political event that has occurred here for some time, is the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies; the Royal ordi- nance declaratory of...

f1F CiTi1iMONS—SAI1 1 21:1Y.

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ON this lintirnal day, and at the szi!I hour of twelve at 310011, the Douse of Coalmons intq for the purpose of hearing counsel on behalf of Sir Jor''" 1!:.rriag'ton,...

The publieatim, of our F rot II n !vas detzyed

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cam:h :era:fly beyond the proper hour, to-M:3, lf," :■7 tirillti•;a1 of the ;Liu' said massive printing nti,ebInery 1.1.:c11 car mi!m e od d!,:,.1w!oni; celnire. This...

■ 11; whatI he Cum-;,',!! :Ipt.nis a consolatory /der , of

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tion—atatr.oly„ Khan of t.t.'irir:cy and the Khan Id" N.111••:rt! to set, tic tl:eir diffi „, es t:11.0 1, : _h time mediation of • ". evils of Tiarrel so 1,.,n,...

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THE CHURCH: The Rev. Benjamin Hall Kennedy, M.A. Fellow and

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Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge, has been appointed to the Mastership of Harrow School, vacant by the death of the Rev. S. E. Batten. On Friday- last Mr. Florence James...


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Oxponn, May 22.—Wednesday last the following degrees were conferred :- Doctor in Dieinity—Rev. Samuel Curlewis Lord, Wittlhant College, grand com- pounder. Bachelor in...


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Arrivetl.—At Gravesend, May 200, Royal Saxon, Petrie, from Bengal. Off Portsmouth, May 20th, Catheritie, Fenn, anal Sir E. Paget, Campbell, from BengaL and Madras. At Cowes,...


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BIRTHS. On the 15th instant, at Ropergate House, Pontefract, Yorkshire, the lady of Fuer, TOFF LEATHAM, Esq., Of a son and heir. On the 14th instant, at East Woodhay Rectory,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVEN:NO.—The altered and more encouraging re- ports of the state of the King's health have given an unexpected impetus to affairs here ; andthe Market...

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WEST INDIA SLAVERY. WE noticed in our second edition of last week, the annual meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society. The principal points insisted on by the meeting were...


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MR. BURCHELL, the well-known African traveller, has at length returned to England, after an absence of nearly six years. In this period he has explored those vast inland...


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THE MRCS has very usefully called attention to the state of our Navy, and quoted the opinions of eminent professional authorities respecting the inefficiency of the...

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EVERY one has heard of the exploits of that wonderful cow com- memorated by GOLDSMITH, which, on being bitten by her mad master, stalked through the straw-yard on her hind-legs,...

THE BAR AND THE CHURCH. ABRAHAM DES — "Put powder in their

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drink !"—The Tailors. THE Church, of late, has had a sorry time of it. What with Ca- tholics and Jews, its boldest friends have had reason to quake ; but of all.the attacks...

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Tr is quite impossible that we can hear one-half of these concerts. As it is, we almost live in some part or other of the King's Theatre ; but to be condemned to listen to every...


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COVENT GARDEN had a leave-taking on Thursday night ; bluff JACK FAWCETT has retired. Mr. FAWCETT has been long, and not undeservedly, a favourite with the public. As a stage ma-...

:roh.i . uNza or A PAINTiriCi.

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lieu Gloria hr a curious Bow Street investigation of an alleged robbery, it appeared that a picture, valued by the owner at ten guineas, had been withdrawn from a...

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THE Philharmonic pendulum has made another oscillation, and this vibration has given us an excellent concert. How are we to account for these alternations ? Is it caprice, or...


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UNAPPRECIATED AUTHORS. DANIEL DE FOE was the author of Robinson Crusoe, and quizzed in the Dunciad : he was much more, but this is all that the world has cared to know of him...

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GUIDES TO FRANCE.* IN a late hasty notice, we mentioned

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this little book, as contain- ing in a small compass all the information that a traveller destined for France might require : we assumed that it was accurate, and gave it credit...

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7. The Revolt of the Bees. Second Edit. S. Weithman's Latin Grammar. 4. Introduction to the Study of the 5. Ireland and its Economy. By J. E. 5. Mornin g s with Mamma. 2....


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Tim Standard of Thursday has been pleased to declare, of our notice of Mr. SADLER'S Law of Population, that " more falsehood, misrepresentation, and sophistry, were scarcely...

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The Exhibition of Portraits of the Sovereigns and Statesmen of

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Europe, painted for the •King by Sir THOMAS LAWRENCE, and of other portraits by the late President, at the Gallery of the British Institution, in Pall Mall, opens to the...


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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. (CONTINUED seen N(,. 97.) A GOOD picture has a magnetic effect, and we are therefore irresistibly drawn to Mr. I.Axriseuit's " Portraits of the...

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To the bachelor, who prefers "the sweet shady side of Pall-Mall" be- fore the groves of an Arcadia, and who " does the pastoral " on a bench . in Kensington Gardens, or a chair...