23 JULY 1836

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and last night there was " no House '' at all. Not that the busi- ness is nearly completed ; far from it—the arrear is at least as great as usual. But it is dreary and...

The French papers are filled with addresses to LOUIS PHILIP

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on his late escape, and accounts of preparations fur celebrating the anniversary of the Three Days of July. The festival this year will be a rather melancholy affair. The person...

General EVANS has encountered a repulse from the Carlists before

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the renowned fortress of Fontarabia. The General had re- ceived information that the place had been abandoned by the principal part of the garrison, and that it would surrender...

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The Congress of the United States have resolved, after long

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and stormy debates, to divide the surplus funds in the treasury of the General Government among the several States, in the proportion which each State has contributed. The sum...

19ebatoi mitt Pracertringe in parliament.

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I. TRUSTEESHIP OF MUNICIPAL CHARITIES. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. VERNON SMITH moved the further consideration of the report on the Charitable Trustees Bill. The...

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Clic! itirtropotto.

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The Town-ball of Southwark was completely filled on Monday, whilst crowds outside were excluded by %rant of room, to take into consideration Mr. Harvey's resignation of his scat...

Vic County».

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By the sudden death of Sir Matthew White Ridley, on the 15th, one of the seats for Newcastle-upon-Tyne is vacant. Several persons are named as candidates. Among them, Mr. John...

The Lady Emma, one of the yachts belonging to the

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Thames Rope .* Yacht Club, teas upset in the 'litanies on Sunday, and three out of six persons on hoard were drowned,—namely, Martin, a waterman, Mr. Bucknall, nephew of one...

The following gentlemen are to be the Examiners of the

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new Me- tropolitan University: the list is complete with the exception of the Medical dep otment- Dr. Maltby, Bishop of Durham ; Henry Warburton, Esq., M.P.; Andrew Amos, Esq.,...

Chr Court.

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THE King and Queen left St. James's Palace, for Windsor, on .Mon. day afternoon. The King has been unwell, though the Courtly chronicler has not mentioned the unpleasant...

Mr. O'Connell dined at Rochester on Monday, with the Radicals

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of that town, Chatham, and Stroud. He was escorted into the city by a procession of several thousands, consisting principally of the work- ing inhabitants of the three places,...

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In various parts of the country the Church-rates have been

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refused. At Northampton, it was attempted to impose a rate of fifteen pence in the pound ; but, out of a large assemblage, only a dozen persons voted for it. A Dissenting...


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The Edinburgh Town-Council proceeded on the 15th instant to elect a Professor of Logic for the University of Edinburgh. The can- didates were Sir William Hamilton, Mr. Patrick...

At York Assizes, on Thursday week, during the examination of

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a witness on a criminal prosecution, a large cat in a very infuriated state, rushed from the body of the court upon the counsel-table ; it next jumped on the bench ; and, after...

Two drunken privates of the second battalion of- Scotch Fusileer

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Guards were taken into custody on Saturday night, in the village of Acton, for drawing their bayonets and stabbing at the peaceable inha- bitants. They resisted the Police, and...

The Corporation of Gloucester are proceeding with the suit which

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they have instituted relative to the bequest of 200,0004 in the codicil, purporting to be written by Mr. Wood, forwarded anonymously to Mr. Helps, of Balham-Hill. —Gloucester...

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The sinecure office of Clerk to the Irish Priv/ Council,

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(worth 1,5001. a year,) which has become vacant by the death of Viscount Clifden, is not to be filled up; and the Council-office will in future be under the entire control of...

The members of Cathedral churches have memorialized the Ecclesi- astical

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Commissioners against the Established Church Bill. Their arguments are fur the most part the same as those in the petition to Parliament to which the signature of Mr. Sydney...

Mr. William Campbell, a Glasgow merchant, has given 2,000 guineas

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as a subscription for the first hundred churches that should be built in connexion with the Church of Scotland Extension Committee.

It was mentioned in our second edition last week, that

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Mr. M.Ghee, the Exeter Hull orator, had written a letter to the Standard, coilfessing that the epistle to the Irish Bishops, which lie ascribed to the Pope in his address on the...

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The Standard this evening, copying the Post of the morning, asserts that Mr. CHARLES WOOD exerted himself to keep Members out of the House of Commons last night, so us to...

The determined opposition of the English Radicals to the Tory-

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Ministerial Church Bills, induced Lord JOHN RUSSF.I.L to surnmo.1 a meeting of the usual supporters of Government, which was held yesterday afternoon at the Foreign Office. The...

The House of Commons met at four o'clock this afternoon

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; when a considerable number of Members attended to insure "a House," and &low the Speaker to pass his Sunday in devotion and peace. On the motion of Lord JOHN Russia.t., the...

We must reserve for insertion nest week, a pungent exposure

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of the mode of distribut- ing Episcopal Patronage in the diocese of Bath and Webs. It will :rem an excellent commentary on the Bill fur perpetnating Pluralities; and illustrates...

The Times pretends to approve of the regulation by which

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each newspaper is to have a distinctive die ; but at the same time, more suo, and doubtless for goodreasons, attacks it in the form of anonymous correspondence. A writer in the...


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Arrived—OR Margate, July 20th, Louisa Campbell, M'Queen, from China. At Deal, 20th, Amiga, Chalmers, for New South Wales ; 21st, Wliiion Metcalf, —, from Bombay; and 22d....


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Courtly chronicler has at length hinted, delicately, on his Ma- jesty's indisposition, in the following paragraph. " Windsor, July 22.—The Queen,...

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The Courier asserts, from " the best authority," that the

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account of the proceedings at the meeting at the Foreign Office yesterday, given in the Morning Chronicle, and which we have copied, "is in most par- ticulars incorrect." The...

Mr. EDWARD ELLICE the younger has declared himself a candidate

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for the St. Andrew's Burghs on the dissolution of Parliament. The Committee of the Liberal electors of the Burghs had unanimously ex- pressed their "surprise and regret" that...

The Globe says, in reference to the Ecclesiastical Duties and

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Reve- nues Bill and the Church Discipline Bill. that it is not intended " to press their further progress till due time shall have been given for their thorough discussion." No...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The notice issued yesterday of the intention of the Bank Directors to raise the rate of discount to 44 per cent., has produced an unfavourable...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—I am as great an admirer of our cathedral music as you can be, and quite as anxious that no curtailment of our cathedral establishments,...

A Cabinet Council was held this afternoon at the Foreign

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Office, and continued sitting until the House met.

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" HEREDITARY Tribunes of the Poor," patient and unbiassed judges of appeals, diligent supervisors of slovenly legislation— the Peers are, and always have been, if we are to...


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STATE OF THE WHIG-RADICAL UNION. THERE are people so'ignorant of the nature of journalism, as to suppose that it is in the power of a newspaper to form opinions for its...

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THE Act of 1833, for effecting an arrangement with the

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East them. The cry of Sir JOHN HOBHOUSE, in the debate, was that the India Company and for the " better government" of his Majesty's law had not had a fair trial, and that in...

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THE Edinburgh Town-Council have filled up the vacancy in the University,by electing Sir WILLIAM HAMILTON. It is one thing to grudge the amount of the reward, and another to...

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The Marquis of Londonderry has sent a statement of his

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"case" against the South Durham Railway to the 211orning Chronicle. The substance of it will be found below. g ve to that district an unjust preference over other . unwrought...

down the coffin to convey it to the church, wh nil o

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sn i t b a e f h a o c ld re r the and placed on a bier. The assistants were on poi

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FICTION, Buttlin the Reefer. Edited by the Author of "Peter Simple." In 3 vols.-Bentley. Berkeley Castle ; an historical Romanca. By the Ilon. Grantley F. Berkeley.M..P. 3...


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ON the titlepage this work professes to be only "edited" by Cap- tain MARRYST,aml this idea is enforced by a sidew Ind in the adver- tisement. The book itself, however, leaves...

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WHEN HORACE WALPOLE compiled his Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors, a Lord of Letters was still a sort of phenomenon ; for, though the grand tour hail succeeded to the...


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MR. ISAACS is an adventurous young merchant, who, weary of the monotony of his uncle's counting-house at St. Helena, became the companion of Lieutenant KING, in 1825, in a...

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THE Highlands of Scotland, in former times, were divided into two sections—the Western and Eastern Highlands; between which there was a distinct line of demarcation, arising...


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THIS little volume contains the first true poetry we have met for many a day; not only showing a poetical power in the author, but developing it. CAROLINE BOWLES is not a mere...

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THE systematic investigation and illustration of the Cotton Ma- nufacture contained in these volumes, is a continuation of the same writer's Philosophy of Manufactures,* and...

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MR. BARRY'S DESIGN FOR THE PARLIAMENT HOUSES. TnE clamour raised by the disappointed architects against Mr. BARRY'S design and the Commissioners, has found no echo in the House...


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ANOTHER collection of Egyptian Antiquities is about to be sold at SOTHEBY'S ; Monday being the first day. It has been formed by Mr. JAMES BURTON, brother of the architect; and...