23 JUNE 1849

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CoLowiii. affairs have furnished subjects for speeches in Par- liament, but can scarcely be said to have engaged the public at- tention. The Rebellion Losses Act of the Canadian...

Not only the composition of the French Government, but the

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behaviour of the men who guide the majority of the Assembly, indicates that the Government and its supporters are carrying on a decided attempt at reaction. Having hold of its...

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Debates anb Vrourbings in Varliamtnt.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE OP Loans. Monday, June 18. Leasehold Tenures (Ireland) Bill, read a third time—Passengers Bill, read a second time—Select Committee on...

One of the greatest national' crimes ever recorded seems to

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be upon the point of consummation—the French taking of Rome. No change has occurred in the position of the parties, except that . General Oudinot has made his approaches by slow...

North-eastern Europe is a prey to increasing confusion,—the " German"

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Assembly disavowing its Regent ; the Assembly itself proscribed by the Government in whose territory it sits ; Baden and Bavaria insurgent, and warred on by Prussia ; Russia and...

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g n eourt.

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THE Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Monday. Her Ma- jesty gave interviews to the Marquis of Sauli, Sardinian Minister, to take leave; to Lord Ponsonby, on setting out...

%Eta jrilletropolis.

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The Common Council unanimously resolved, with acclamations, on Thursday, to " petition Parliament to remove the disabilities of the Jews from sitting in the House of Commons."...

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Zbe Vrobiatts.

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A large county meeting assembled at Leicester last week, and adopted e congratulatory address to the Duke of Rutland on his attaining to the fiftieth year of his Lieutenancy of...


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Lord Clarendon presided at the annual examination of masters held at the National Education Board, on Thursday week. Ninety-seven mutest had undergone satisfactory examinations....


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The Queen has been pleased to appoint the Right Honourable Fox Hanle to be Lieutenant and Shetiff Principal of the shire of Forfar, in the room of David Earl of Airlie,...

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gorttgn anti Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Paris papers were much occupied at the beginning of the week with details of the suppressed attempt at insurrection on the 13th. It would seem that the movement was...

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The Morning Herald of Thursday announced that " The Queen leaves town on the 2d of July "; though it may be promised that her Majesty will return for a few days to prorogue...

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SATURDAY. The Budget was the leading subject in the House of Commons last night The House having resolved into Committee of Ways and Means, Sir CHARLES WOOD rose to make the...

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We have frequently lamented the deep-rooted prejudice in favour of five acts that prevails among our poetical dramatists. That they have great authorities for their predilection...

The Postmaster-General has decided that from the 6th July all

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letter-receivers in towns are to receive none but stamped and unpaid letters, and that there will be a general revision and in most cases a reduction of their salaries in...

An impression was prevalent in Paris yesterday evening, that General

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Oudinot had met another repulse at Rome. The Government had the means of knowing the progress of events down to the morning of the 19th; and as they announced nothing...

Express despatches, anticipating the Bombay mail of the 12th May,

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have ar- rived this morning. The only news of interest is a confirmation of the Ranee Chanda's escape from the Fort of Chunar. It is a significant fact that she has "turned up"...

Papersjust received from the Cape of Good Hope copy reports

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from this country, that 300 convicts are to be transshipped from Bermuda to the Cape of Good Hope; and the most angry feeling appears to have been provoked in the Colony by the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have been heavy during the week; the price of Cousols for Account having declined to 91 3 . This flatness may be attributed...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—I disagree with your correspondent "Audi Alteram Partem." I think there is still a side of the question to which his ear has not been...

The performance of Lucrezia Borgia at Her Majesty's Theatre, on

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Thurs- day, was distinguished by several noticeable features,—the appearance of Moriani in the part of Gennaro, Parodi's performance of Lucrezia, and the extraordinary strength...

Midsummer finds us in the very height of the concerts.

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They occur daily, and sometimes two or three in a day. To notice, or even record them in a journal not specially appropriated to music, would be out of the question; and...

Mr. Mitchell, the lessee of the St. James's, had his

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benefit on Wednesday. On the morning of the same day a handsome piece of plate was presented to him by a numerous body of the " patrons " of the theatre; and at night the house...

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• POLITICAL INDIFFERENTISM. WHEN the House of Commons was counted out the other night, Sir John Jervis hinted as a reason, that Lord Lincoln had made a long speech: according...


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THE motion which Sir William Molesworth brings forward on Tuesday next, for a Royal Commission to investigate and report on the relations between the Mother-country and her...

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AT the Central Criminal Court, this week, two boys have been convicted of housebreaking; and their innocent years, but inve- terate habits of crime, furnished the usual puzzle...


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Mr. ROEBUCK might double his utility by remembering one half of his function,—which should be, not only to treat things reasonably himself, but to make others do so. A more...


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PROTESTANTISM is beginning to boast its "sisters of charity": the example of Miss Sellon has been followed, and a sisterhood is established in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy...

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WILLIAM JAY AND EMMA. WILLARD ON THE MEXICAN WAR. * THOSE who have any knowledge of American literature are acquainted with William Jay, as one of the most cogent and forcible...


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to that important branch of the service which provides the comestibles of the Army and keeps up the courage of heroes by catering for their carnal appetites. After serving in...

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THE AGE AND CHRISTIANITY. * THIS work originated in a request

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of the Trustees of Coward College to Dr. Vaughan to deliver a course of lectures " on some of the aspects of the times as affecting Christianity." The subject was thus in a...

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CUNNINGHAM'S HANDBOOK FOR LONDON. * " Cori made the country, man

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the town " ; yet as a congregation of hu- man beings, and for associations connected with remarkable men, town is the larger study. The bucolic race are soon mastered, from the...

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BOOKS. Lives of the Lindsays; or a Memoir of the Houses of Crawford and Balcarres. By Lord Lindsay. To which are added, Extracts from the Official Cor- respondence of Alexander...

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School of Practical Composition. By Carl Cwrny. Translated by John Bishop. This is a large and expensive work, but its value is in proportion to its size and costliness. It...


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ROYAL ACADEMY : THE LANDSCAPES. THE most prosaical of pictures must be a design conceived in the artist's mind; the most faithful to nature must be something different from...

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Tuesday, June 19. PARTNEESHIPS DISSOLVED. Murray and Co. Liverpool, merchants-G. and J. Laidier, Yam, butchers-AL and L. Cooke, Hurst Mount, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Wood...


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The specification of the invention by means of which a letter written in London may be copied verbatim et literatim in Liverpool, has been de- posited in the Enrolment Office,...


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On the 16th June, in New Burlington Street, the Hon. Mrs. George Cadogan, of a daughter. On the 16th, Viscountess Campdeu, of a daughter. On the 17th, at Pltkerro House,...


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WAR-orescs, June 22.-4th Light Drags.-Troop Sergi: Major J. Hill to be Quar- termaster, vice Tarleton, deceased. Coldstream Beet. of Foot Guards-Lieut.-Col. T. Crombie, from...

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CURRENT. BRITISH F 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 10h Exchequer Bills, 2d. and lid....