25 MARCH 1854

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Is the disposition to forward public business which has charac- terized the House of Commons as well as the Lords this session, we must notice one exception in favour of any...

The publication of the secret correspondence between the Rus- sian

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Emperor and the English Ministers confirms much that was previously suspected in the conduct of the Czar; adds consider- ably to the positive knowledge of his criminal purposes...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horn OP LORDS. Monday, March 20. Coasting Trade Bill passed. Tuesday, March 21. Manning the Navy; Lord Rilenborougles Objectione—Porage...

The masters at Preston have carried the dispute with their

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men into the law-courts by penal proceedings : Cowell and four other leading men have been arrested and committed on a charge of con- spiracy; the conspiracy lying in systematic...

Again we have to remark, that certain phenomena in commerce

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and the money-market are the natural incidents of political difficul- ties abroad, under the still stronger influences, however, of perma- nent causes. The fall in the price of...

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THE Quzex held the third levee of the season, at St. James's Palace, on Wednesday. It was again very fully attended by military officers. Her Majesty and the Royal Family have...


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A special meeting of the Court of Common Council was held on Mon- day, to consider what should be done with reference to the vacant office of President of Christ's Hospital. The...

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The price of land rises in Ireland. There is great competition for land in Galway, sold by the Encumbered Estates Court. The other day a small property was sold at nearly...

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The appointment of Mr. Crowder to the bench has caused a vacancy in the representation of Liskeard. Three candidates are in the field,—Mr. R. W. Grey, private Secretary to Lord...

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Fuetez.—A great deal of mystery is thrown around the movements of the French expeditionary force intended for service in the East, and one obscure provincial journal has been...


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There is little to be recorded this week respecting our war prepara- tions; but perhaps it may be interesting to repeat the names of the regiments of Foot which will form the...

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The Reverend Canon Hamilton has been appointed to the see of Salis- bury, vacant by the death of Dr. Denison. Educated at Eton, and after- wards one of the favourite pupils of...


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On the 5th February, in camp, at Cawnpore, Bengal, the Lady of Lieutenant -. Colonel Benny, Eighty-first Regiment, of a son. • On the tills March, at Bonchurch College, Isle of...

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A meeting of the Commission of the General Assembly of

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the Church of Scotland, called by the Moderator, was held in Edinburgh on Wednes- day, to consider the Education Bill of the Lord Advocate. A string of ten resolutions was...

A return on the subject of railway travelling in the

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Three Kingdoms and the receipts from all sources, for the half-year ending 30th June 1853, has appeared. In England and Wales, the mileage in operation had in- creased from 5650...

Three more delegates—Parkinson, Dolphin, and Waddington—have been Committed by the

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Preston Magistrates, on a charge of conspiracy. Three more delegates—Parkinson, Dolphin, and Waddington—have been Committed by the Preston Magistrates, on a charge of...

The debate in the House of Commons last night was

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raised on the second reading of the Law of Settlement and Removal Bill, in which the usual well-known arguments for and against settlement and removal were stated at length by...


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SATURDAY. The Tenses continues those public services which Lord Derby would have arrested, by contributing a timely and interesting addition to the brief statement in the...

Though we give a Supplement this week for the Secret

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Correspondence with the Emperor of Russia, we are obliged to omit several Letters, besides Notices of Fine Arts, 4-c.


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DIMING THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 25. House of Commons. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. Ministerial. Title. By whom introduced. Stage arrived at. Income-tax Mr. Gladstone Read a first...

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The Royal Italian Opera has put forth the usual general

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prospectus, heralding the commencement of the season next week. It announces a strong company, though there are one or two omissions of favourite names which we regret to see....

The other novelties of the week are more numerous than

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remarkable. The Wrong Box, at the Olympic a farce in a courtly atmosphere; the hero of which, played byMr. A. Olympic, is gets into a scrape by accidentally boxing the ears of...


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The dramatic partnership between Mr. Tom Tayloniiirl Mr. Charles Reade seems to be a happy conjunction in the theatrical horoscope. During Mr. Webstef s final treason at the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, PRIDAT AFTERNOON. In the ordinary discussion on the Eastern question and its impending in- tricacies, the publication this week of the secret correspondence...

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"LA PAROLE D'ITN GENTILHOM ness, as to have deluded himself into the opinion that 11610 esta- fails in his endeavour and becomes the victim of his own craft. blished an...

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The two Philharmonic Societies have had public performances this week : the Old had its second concert on Monday ; the New commenced its third season on Wednesday. The Old...


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The life of an imaginary tragic actress, in the latter part of the last century, forms the subject of a " drame " full of incident, which was produced on Wednesday at the Porte...

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IF discretion be often the better part of valour, valour is as often the better part of discretion. Lord Aberdeen's Government has displayed this valorous discretion in dealing...

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THE Irish Committee has lasted long enough; it is becoming de- rogatory to Parliament as well as to Ireland. The House of Com- mons is "the grand inquest of the nation"; but...

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for the improvement of the Civil Ser- vice is treated in a manner which we venture to regard as unpre- cedented. Attacks are made at it, although in fact it is not before the...


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Tneee are certain moral questions, not of a very profound kind, the definitive answer to which would be extremely profitable to society. We do not mean the rights of man or...

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MORLEY'S LIFE OF EROME CARDA.N. s As far as literary execution goes, Mr. Morley's life of Carden, a celebrity of the sixteenth century, is superior to Palissy the Potter. The...

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CURZON'S ARMENIA. * IN 1842, the ICoordish forays on the border

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lands of Turkey and Persia, if not worse than they had been for ages, became more un- bearable to the humanity of modern diplomacy. A conference was appointed at Erzeroom...

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REPORTS ON EPIDEMIC CHOLERA. ° WHEN the College of Physicians appointed

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a Committee to issue a circular of questions on the cause, treatment, and prevention of cholera, and the profession had responded to the invitation, Doc- tors Baly and Gull were...

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Booxs. The West Indies, before and since Slave Emancipation ; comprising the Windward and Leeward Islands' Military Command. Founded on Notes and Observations collected during...

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3femorandum —Royal Regt. of Artillery—Erratum in the " Gazette " of Feb. 17, 1854.—For First Lieut. J. Lawrence " Boulton" to be Second Captain, vice Fitz Roy, read—First Lieut....


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ADACIZALTT, March 14.—Corps of Royal Marines—Lieut.-Col, D. M'Adam to be Col. Second Commandant, vice Giles, retired on full-pay ; Brevet Major S. Hawkins to be Lieut.-Col. vice...


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Tuesday, March 21. Faye:manure DrasoLvma.—Patterson and Co. Liverpool, commission-merchants —31•Tear and Co. Liverpool, ship-brokers—Ainley and Whiteley. Huddersfield,...

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BRITISH F 17 N D S. (Closing Monday. Prices ) Tuesday. Wedges. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 901 90 891 891 89 48 1 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per...

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London: Printed by formea el...from, of 320, in the Strand,

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Johan CIAVITI21, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dun- stan's in the West, ht the City of London; and Published by the...

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enottrit vupro.

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SECRET CORRESPONDENCE OF THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA WITH THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. Printed copies of the communications which passed between the Em- peror of Russia and the British...

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MARCH 25, 1854.

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[Translated from the French.] Russia and England are mutually penetrated with the conviction that it is for their common interest that the Ottoman Porte should maintain itself...

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THE REVOLT TH EPIRUS. Sm—Since I wrote the letter—the last with which I have troubled you— which you did me the honour to insert some months back, on the Turkish question, an...

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Bayswater, 16th March 1854. Sra—Englishmen just now are all agog for war. Six months ago they were all agog for peace. They think at this moment that the sending out of soldiers...

Cambridge, 16th March.

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Sm—To judge from recent discussions, it would appear that great misap- prehensions prevail, both as to the efficacy and deficiencies of a system of public examinations as a...


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London, 18th February 1854. Snt—The intimation in the Queen's Speech that an important reform of the Civil Service is under consideration, has naturally excited much atten-...