26 FEBRUARY 1972

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The Spectator

Obscurely and imperfectly and subject to aberrant freakishness, the House of Commons strives to represent the nation. On occasion the Commons anticipates the will of the people,...

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Anti-market leader

The Spectator

I don't much mind the TV and press deliberately excluding anti-Market news, and deliberately playing down the efforts and impact of anti-Market MPs. That, after all, is to be...

Emergency continues

The Spectator

One of the lessons of the miners' strike was that the Emergency Committee of the Cabinet did not function very well — partly because none of its members were certain about...

Lending aid

The Spectator

The voice of moderation is far from still in the Republic of Ireland. Some people there find it possible to combine the anger and outrage they feel at the Londonderry shootings...

Cruellest cut

The Spectator

Some power cuts are more heartless than others. On Sunday week last I sat, accompanied by a twelve-year-old, watching the final episode of the BBC's splendid Sunday serial of...

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Golden Lord Windlesham

The Spectator

I see that Lord Windlesham, the able, energetic and amiable Minister of State at the Home Office, is to become overlord of government activities in relation to the voluntary...

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BBC (2)

The Spectator

24 Hours et al. Gyles Brandreth Chaos has enveloped the BBC's Current Affairs Department of late. Superficial chaos, born out of the necessity of moving Panorama, 24 Hours and...

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Joseph Lee on Adenaur's Germany

The Spectator

lerence Prittie' calls Adenauer " the one g e r eat e Ad German statesman of the twentieth A -it urY." But just how great was rTenauer') What did his greatness consist titi e "...

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New myth for Ulysses

The Spectator

James Blish Richard Ellmann Ulysses on the Liffey (Faber £3.50) In a preface, Professor Ellmann, Joyce's biographer, declares: "A recent writer on Joyce has said that after...

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Great debating

The Spectator

From Laurance Reed MP Sir: In " Political Commentary " (February 19) Hugh MacPherson refers to the commitment I made in the Bolton Evening News, on the eve of the last...

Iniquitous Bill

The Spectator

Sir: I feel that I must write in appreciation of the Spectator's masterly leader on the Iniquitous (Common Market) Bill. It concisely expresses the views reached after long...

Sadist revolution

The Spectator

Sir: It is always irritating to see an interesting argument marshalled in false or unworthy terms. Mr Attwood-Wood's letter contains a pretty example of false analogy backed by...

How Reverend?

The Spectator

From: Dr John A. H. Wylie Sir: Some weeks ago you lent me me generously of your space to state my views concerning some of the televisual fare proferred by the BBC. May I...

French professor

The Spectator

From Professor John J. O'Meara Sir: My attention has been called to the paragraph under the above heading in your issue of February 12. You write that 'in making the appointment...

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File on the Tsar

The Spectator

Sir: Having just read Tibor Szamuely's article on the BBC programme The File on the Tsar' (February 5) I .find myself totally confused. I feel sure that he must realise that the...

Sir: Bernard Dixon (January 29) could hardly be wider of

The Spectator

the mark in his reference to Mowbrays Bookshops, when previewing Jacques Monod's Le Hasard et la Necessite. When we decided to turn our shop at 28 Margaret Street, London, into...

TV Samaritans

The Spectator

Sir: As the former director of the Albany Trust responsible for the decision to refer Albany Trust casework to the Samaritans (only about 60 per cent of it, incidentally,...

Critical abuse

The Spectator

Front the Rev J. M. C. Yates Sir: Aided and abetted by the critics, publishers sometimes quote extracts from reviews to show that their latest products are the last words in...

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The Spectator's Arts Round-up

The Spectator

• Sean Connery's return as James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (Odeon, Leicester Square and Kensington, and New Victoria) is such a sell-out that it was inevitable that someone...

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Poilteyn ectasy kobili young

The Spectator

John Cranko's Poe,me, l'extase is a b a l let which cries out for ., applause and the reception it got fro m audience at t h e Royal Opera House was nothing short of rapturous....

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Sodalities ...

The Spectator

Thete could be no doubt about the genuineness of the tributes from all sides of the House of Commons to Sir Keith Joseph last week when he presented his report on administration...