26 OCTOBER 1833

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;To add to the misfortunes of Don MIGUEL, he has

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loSt all hope of, assistance or coantenance from :Spain. The Queen Regent has directed her Minister to quit the head-quarters of the Usinper,•and has.formally acknowledged Donna...

British interests; are not, tve, fear, well looked - after in Lisbon.

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There is still too much of female interference in our diplomacy. The Portuguese have lately -shown every disposition to be on the best terms with the British residents; but the...

The States-General of Holland met for the despatch of busi-

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• ness, according to a fundamental law of the kingdom, on Monday Int. The King, as usual, opened the session with a speech. The Times well remarks, that, with all his...


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Tar civil war in Portugal is, apparently, drawing to a conclusion : the curtain seems about to fall on the last act of that bloody drama. an the -10thinstant, the garrison of...

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e iftetropaTiO.

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meeting of the inhabitants of St. James's parish, Westminster, waeneld on Wednesday night, to adopt measures for obtaining parochial control over the Metropolitan Police. It was...

The French have succeeded in taking the important town of

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Bugeia, on the African coast, after a sanguinary conflict with a most formidable tribe of barbarians, the Kabailes. The battle lasted with scarcely any cessation from seven...

We copied last week from the Times an account of

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the impri- sonment, by the Government of Louis PHILIP, of a M. BUONA.- ROTTI, calling himself Marquis of CANOSSA, with some pungent remarks upon the proceeding by the same...

A formidablaconspiracy against the Government of King OTHO - has lately

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been discovered. It was organized under the direction of COLOCOTROM ; who has been seized and imprisoned. Martial law has been declared throughout the kingdom of Greece : we...

no Court.

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ON Sunday evening, Captain Ross and his nephew had the honour of dining with their Majesties at Windsor. The King received them with open arms, and, throwing aside all Royal...

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Henry Lockie was brought before the Lord Mayor on Wednesday,

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by a Policeman, who stated, that on the preceding night the prisoner had spoken to him in the streets, and accused himself of robbing a fellow-servant who was cook to Miss...

William Treen, who manufactured silver spoons for Mr. Thomas Cox

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Savory, was tried at the Old Bailey, on Saturday, on a charge of forging one of the marks of the Goldsmith's Company, the King's head, upon his spoons. The evidence, however,...

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• James Cotter, an engineer in the employ of Messrs.

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Maudslay and Field, was tried at the Surry Sessions, on Tuesday, fora libel upon M r. James Cook junior, a surgeon, residing in. York Road, Lambeth. In. , the libel, which was...

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Captain Ross, whose arrival at Hull we mentioned veil , briefly

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in our last paper, reached that port, with Commander James Ross, Mr. M'Diarmid the Surgeon, and Mr. Thom the third in command, on Fri- day the 18th. The inhabitants of Hull soon...

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t eauntrg.

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Mr. Mortimer Bayntun, brother of the late member for York city, has declined coming forward for the vacancy. The only candidate in the field, or likely to be, is Mr. Dundas....

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The five Lieutenant-Colonels still employed under the Coercion Bill in Ireland, have received a notification that their judicial services are no longer required, and that their...

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epinitittd of tijc VITO.

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REFUSAL TO PAY TAXES. Tmsas — We can excuse the associations or meetings to urge on the Government the necessity of redeeming its pledge. We can forgive some intemperance of...


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The Town-Council of Edinburgh have last year had a surplus of 1781. over the city expenditure ; a novel circumstance. In our paper of Thursday, we mentioned the terror and...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The French Papers received this morning mention that a decree has been inserted in the Madrid Gazette of the 17th instant, which confis- cates all the effects...

The post of Storekeeper in the Stationery Office, to which

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the •Kat - job gave such notoriety, is now filled up, by the appointment of a compe- tent person, totally unconnected with the stationery business ; and re- commended only by...

A telegraphic despatch has been received at Paris from Brest,

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bringing news from Lisbon to the 13th instant. The Miguelite army was then said to be in full retreat towards Santarem ; where it was expected that they would make a stand.

The Sheriffs proceeded this morning to enforce payment of the

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ar- rears of Assessed Taxes from the associators of Marylebone. A con- siderable body of Police was collected at the different Station.houses at the West end, and measures were...


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Lord Melbourne has given directions for the fitting up of Brocket Hens, which has been closed the last five years, since the decease of Lady Caroline Lamb, very shortly before...

A vessel has been chartered for Corunna, under very suspicious

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cir- cumstances, to carry out muskets and cartridges. There is reason to believe that this has been done by Carlist agents.

From Marshall's Statistics of the Metropolis, it appears that in

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Mid- dlesex there are 89;803 houses assessed ; in Southwark, 3,044; in the Brixton Hundred, 3,188; in the Beacontree Hundred, 1,463; being a total of 108,986 houses paying the...

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Loan DURHAM'S prosecution of' the provincial newspaper that de- famed-him, has given rise to the discussion -of some points, in the right decision of which society is much...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The aspect of the Money Market has been materially changed during the past week. The appearance of the political horizon is less lowering, and...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Oct. 23d. Claudine, Heathorii. from Madriffi. At the Cape. Aug. 10th. Governor Stirling, —; and 16th, - Britannia, Ferres, from London. At Bombay, June...


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ENFORCEMENT OF THE TAX-TAW& MINISTERS have : at length determined to enforce the collection of the Assessed Taxes from all who.are-merely unwilling; not unable, to pay. them....

Sir Francis Burdett was thrown out of his gig-yesterday, near

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the Bayswater Road ; but, we are happy to state, does not appear to have received any serious injury from his f.,11.

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• THE UNION. THE Courier has replied, courteously and temperately, to our marks on the subject of employing Mr. O'CoNstemeas an inns ment for the pacification and future...

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" We understand that the house of Baring, Brothers, are fitting out a vessel for the China trade, and that it is to be manned by sailors who will consent to be'de= prived of all...


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IT is amusing to observe how soon the most contemptible of man- kind become puffed up after entering upon " the military profes- sion." It is called emphatically the profession...


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" The friends of Sir Peter Laurie are about to invite his Lordship to a dinner on the 6th of November, at which a handsome piece of plate is to be presented, in token of their...

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IF the Adversity-men triumphed in, the inquiry before the Agri- cultural Committee,—and we regret to say there can be no doubt of the fact,—they appear to have suffered a signal...

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THE - title is new to most of our readers, who have never heard and perhaps never thought of such an institution at home. Strange, that in a manufacturing country like England,...


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KNOWLES'S plays draw' full audiences at the- Victoria, where they are very efficiently got up. KNOWLES has been playing William Tell, and St. Pierre in the Thfe, this week. The...