27 NOVEMBER 1953

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Sidelight : A New Weekly Feature JACQUETTA HAWKES: The Piltdown Forgery E. N. da C. ANDRADE: A Scientist's Choice HUGH CARLETON GREENE The German Army in Politics WOLF...

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A. LL round the world excitement is mounting as the preparations go forward for the reception of the Queen in her first great tour of the Commonwealth. Already, in a mere four...

The High-Minded Lobby

The Spectator

Now that, at last, fair numbers of people have taken the trouble to think about the issues involved, the latest public opinion polls show a majority in favour of competitive...

Tightening the Vice

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The Foreign Secretary has already condemned the renewed persecution of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland, but it is to be hoped that time will be found in the House of Commons...


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No.6544 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1953 PRICE 7d.

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The Sudan at the Polls

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Towards the end of next week the results of the Sudan elections should begin to come in. It will have been a strange exercise in democracy, with British District Officers...

Trieste Diplomacy

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In the Trieste affair, some things have recently changed but most things have stayed the same. There is still no more than an even chance that Italy and Yugoslavia will agree to...

Tory Revolt

The Spectator

Neither the Government in general nor the Prime Minister in particular is accustomed to the outbreak of revolt among the normally acquiescent back benches. Sir Winston was...

A Crisis in the Alliance

The Spectator

The result of the six days anguished debate on foreign policy through which the French Assembly has struggled will not be known until Friday's vote of confidence. Nor is it by...

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A L THOUGH the weightiest business of Parliament this competitive television—the debate in the House of week has been the first stage of the great argument on Lords on...


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Engineers and Exports

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The 24-hour token strike of engineering and shipyard workers on December 2nd will be primarily a token of their intransigent attitude and their refusal to negotiate. The...

Therapeutic Shock

The Spectator

Only a kind of collective amnesia can explain the sincere belief of Government and Opposition alike that the latest Cinematograph Film Production (Special Loans) Bill was a...

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A NGLO-AMERICAN relations are getting into a danger- ous state, from which they can only be extracted by hard, clear thinking on both sides of the Atlantic. The worst dangers...

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The practice of autobiography seems to be on the increase. Lord Reith, Mr. Gilbert Harding, Lord Pakenham, Miss Florence Desmond, Lord Norwich, Lord Grantley, Mr. David Garnett,...


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I 4 AM not," writes Sir Percy Sillitoe in his memoirs, extracts from which are appearing in a Sunday newspaper, "at liberty to discuss in any detail the work of MI5." That seems...

A Voice in the Night

The Spectator

At 2.30 the other morning the telephone rang in a London flat occupied by two friends of mine, Mr. and Mrs. D. The lady lifted the receiver and a man's voice said he was a GPO...

A Ball of Fire

The Spectator

" No Marstock, he " would, if only the American people were as well acquainted as they ought to be with Sir Harold Nicolson's Some People, make a good caption for Time Magazine...

As the Saying Was

The Spectator

The kale was up to the beaters' chins, and when they emerged from it after a rather blank drive the keeper observed morosely : " You can't beat the old saying, ' a good , year...

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Sudan Cold War

The Spectator

By JOHN HYSLOP A L L the world, including Neguib, has supposed that the fight in the Sudan elections was on the issue : Independ- ence or Union with Egypt. It is now fairly...

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The Proper Study of Mankind

The Spectator

By PETER WILES* I INTENDED this review to be facetious. We nearly all like to make sexual jokes, and disbelief in Dr. Kinseyt is one of the few respectable excuses for them....


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No new ideas for Christmas presents ? Stop and think—could there a more satisfying gift than one which affords your friends fresh pleasure, and renews your good wishes, every...

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A Scientist's Choice

The Spectator

By E. N. da C. ANDRADE T HE question put to me is: If I were starting—presumably as a research student—today, what branch of science or what particular field of research...

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Is There a Cactus in the House?

The Spectator

By WOLF M*NKOWITZ M Y wife knows one of these women who has a wonderful sense of interior decoration with which she is always decorating everyone else's , interiors. Her own...

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Pygmalion. By Bernard Shaw. (St. James's.) —The Dance Dress. By Michael Voysey. (Embassy.) THE background is charming. Eliza Doo- little is charming. Colonel Pickering is...


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OPERA Tippett and Hopkins MICHAEL Tom= has completed his opera, The Midsummer Marriage, but as yet there is no news of its being produced. (The same is true of Lennox...

- ART THE dissolution, of which I wrote last week,

The Spectator

of that durable image which the great cubist revolutionaries struggled to construct, has nowhere been more clearly evident than in the exhibition of paintings from France which...

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Lime and Manure The vegetable plot where winter and spring

The Spectator

greens are growing can be enlivened by a light forking or hoeing and a dressing of lime, for growth is slow and spasmodic in the colder months and heavy soil can quickly turn...


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SIR,—I would suggest that Strix is incorrect when he states that an Abominable Snowman has not .yet been seen by a white man. I would refer him to a broadcast by W. H. `Liman...


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SIR,— Although one must sympathise with the reasons that urged Mr. Charles Edwards to counter so strongly some of Mr. Gedge's re- marks in an article two weeks ago, he has, I...

Bird Conversation

The Spectator

A flock of starlings passed early in the after- noon. There must have been several hundred birds in the flock and they passed rapidly, swinging up to cross the telegraph wires...

Country Life

The Spectator

THERE was a mist when I went out. The trees along the hollow were enveloped in it but their tops stood clear. Now and again a car came along the road that winds up through the...

Green Logs The bite of a log saw on green

The Spectator

wood soon tells one whether the sap has gone back or not. I took down three stunted and twisted trees that were in the way. One was a hawthorn with a deformed trunk, another an...

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Compton Mackenzie

The Spectator

I T has long been my belief that the modus operandi of Scots law is greatly superior to that of English law. The Scots are spared that incompetent anachronism—a coroner's...

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The Piltdown Forgery By JACQUETTA HAWKES I N a book published a few years ago I said of Piltdown Man, " I like this Yorick who must jest, even with his bones," but I had no...

SPECTATOR COMPETITION FOR SCHOOLS The Spectator offers three prizes, each

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of books to the value of eight guineas, for articles to be written by boys and girls In schools in the United Kingdom. Entries should be in the form of A Spectator Leading...

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Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris By C. H. BLACKER W HEN you go to watch flat-racing, you generally expect the weather to be at least tolerable, perhaps even warm. Your expectations...

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Cri de Coeur

The Spectator

Poet wishes to contact another for mutual encouragement.—Advt. in the Spectator. Thank you for liking my play.—Lamb to Wordsworth. I'm a lonely little poet Writing in a...

Tbe 6pertator

The Spectator

NOVEMBER 26th, 1853 THE regular November fog has paid us a visit this week. If was of considerable density on Tuesday, but not sufficiently dense to put a stop to the traffic...

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Profession of Arms By HUGH CARLETON GREENE I 6. S there a new spirit abroad in Germany or is this merely ' where we came in ' in the repetitive history of the German Army in...

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Borrow the Gypsy

The Spectator

Gypsy Borrow. By Brian Vesey-FitzGerald. (Dobson. 15s.) MR. VESEY-FITZGERALD is a biographer with a purpose. Unlike more consciously literary biographers, he is not merely...

Thwarted Imperialist

The Spectator

IN the first volume of his political autobiography Mr. Amery wrote of himself mainly as a journalist. His second volume is in effect his political testament, for it covers the...

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The Great Headmaster

The Spectator

Dr. Arnold of Rugby. By Norman Wymer. (Robert Hale. 21s.) WHEN in 1827 Thomas Arnold stood for the headmastership of Rugby, he offered himself as a candidate with some...

Leopardi • Leopardi. A Study in Solitude. By Iris Origo.

The Spectator

(Hamish Hamilton. 21s.) SINCE the first edition of this book was published in 1935, much new material has come to light, including three more volumes of Leo- pardi's...

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Solution Crossword No. 756

The Spectator

,,Egrammirernana. ;inammdnima BORA An 13 In KI 13 In 0111C111C1 itAlalnIn MCMINN OMMITIMEIR UCOMS PO OR NIM WOMOBWHMEIBMWA N In II In MOM .,•. L6t1 A ME JEVINGIMIIIM 13...


The Spectator

IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened after noon on Tuesday week, December 8th, addressed Crossword, 99 Gower Street,...

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New Novels

The Spectator

Dom Casmurro. By Machado de Assis. Translated from the Portuguese by Helen Caldwell. (W. H. Allen. 12s. 6d.) The Man in Control. By Hugh McGraw. (Arthur Barker. 12s. 6d.) NOT a...

The Two Owens

The Spectator

Robert Owen of New Lanark. By Margaret Cole. (Batchworth. 12s. 6d.) THERE is already a large number of lives of Robert Owen. There are four major biographies—his own, Lloyd...

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DAVENPORT By NICHOLAS IT seems to me that the directors of public companies have a great deal to learn about their new responsibilities to shareholders. It was easy enough when...

Company Notes

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By CUSTOS THE recovery in brewery shtres follows on the dividend increases announced by a number of companies in respect of the year ending last September. As there are many...