28 APRIL 1961

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— Portrait of the Week— FOUR FRENCH GENERALS engineered and

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led an attempted coup de main in Algeria. In the words of President de Gaulle, who assumed full powers, 'the State had been mocked, the nation had been flouted, the country's...

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No. 6931 established 1828 FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1901


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T HE sudden collapse of the generals' rebellion in Algeria is due, in the first place, to the icy inflexibility of President de Gaulle, and, in the second, to their own almost...

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Forty Years On

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W OULD Northern Ireland have had forty happier and more prosperous years under direct rule from .Westminster, as John Cole suggests in his article this week, than she has had....

Press Gang

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rrHE Press Council has now replied to the I complaint, laid before it by the Spectator, that its action in considering a charge against this and other newspapers (arising out of...

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The General and the Generals From DARSIE GILLIE PARIS T HE

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Algerian mutiny has ended as suddenly as it began—with very little bloodshed, two men killed, a few wounded; and the thunderstorm appears to have cleared the air. The Europeans...

Cuban Carnival

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From RICHARD H. ROVERE NEW YORK W E know, here, little of what has been happening in Cuba and less of what hap- pened at the White House and in the President's mind. Thanks to...

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The Parade

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From MICHAEL ADAMS VLIN without the Eichmann trial Israel would Libe much in Arab minds this week. On April 20 the Israelis celebrated the thirteenth anniversary of the...

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Agonising Misappraisal

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By RUDOLF E. PEIERLS A COMMON human weakness is a refusal to think about unpleasant facts. In the world situation today we have to face a fact of truly gigantic unpleasantness,...

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Tories in Revolt

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By PETER KIRK, MP NE of the most common attacks by Mem- bers of the Labour Party—Mr. Michael Foot, when he was a Member of the Labour Party was particularly fond of it—is to say...

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Socialised Medicine

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By KENNETH ROBINSON, MP F OR an Englishman who is inclined to take the National Health Service for granted, there can be few more salutary experiences than an emergency...

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Karsh of Ottawa

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From MORDECAI RICHLER TORONTO T HE Toronto Globe & Mail recently published a five-part attack on non-figurative art, and the Canada Council, called 'Cult or Culture?' The main...

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Hospitals and Patients

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'Consultant Surgeon,' Rene Gill, Dr. R. M. Pigache The Teacher's Lot 'Grammar School Headmaster' Ten-Cent Cigars Drew Middleton Divil a Thram Kenneth Watson Three New Zealand...

SIR,—Unless her psyche is very scarred, Susan Catling will surely

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see that her acid article is the result of a distressing illness and the anxieties of being a patient, well expressed in Frank Hart's article, and not the outcome of level...

SIR, — Mr. Hart does me the honour of basing his excellent

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article 'The Hospital Committee' (Spectator, April 14), which I wholeheartedly applaud, on a re- port in the Times which referred anonymously to me, or rather to a statement I...

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regret that I inadvertently quoted in my article 'Where do we go from Here?' published in the Spectator on April 14, the very apt little verse which. Mr. T. P. Warren pcints...

TEN-CENT CIGARS Site,— My memory. :led H. I... Mencken's .4

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New Dictionary of Quotarons, tell me that Vice-President Thomas R. Marshal! said around 1920. 'What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.' I don't imagine the...


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SIR, - --I am at present engaged in research for a doc- toral thesis into the work of the three New Zealand writers, A. R. D. Fairburn (1904-1957), W. D'Arcy Cresswell...


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SLR. — I was out of the country at the time that the Home Secretary made his statement in the House of Commons on the case of Timothy John Evans, and have only recently, had an...


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YOUR HONOUR,---Wouldn't Misther Cyril Ray be the wise man now if he was to be after checking the facts in them yarns he does be hearing about the boyos in Dublin's fair city....


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SIR.—There are stil' several points which need making in this controversy. (1) 1 can think of no other profession in which there ri so slight a differential between graduates...

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TO DAY Then and Now Offshore Counties More Jobs Needed The Proddy Boys The Special Powers Acts A Complicated Brief Power via Oil • ST. JOHN ERVINE III JOHN COLE • DAVID...

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Offshore Counties

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By JOHN COLE F ORTY years ago six unwilling counties of Ulster were given a Parliament they did not want Today, it is accepted as being as essential a fruit of the eccentric...

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The Proddy Boys

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By DESMOND FISHER T HE short cut to the Lone Moor Road was down the ramparts at the top of our avenue, through the barbed-wire defences of the enemy position and up-and-over...

More Jobs Needed

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By DAVID BLEAKLEY, MP W HEN the Ulster Commons debated unem- ployment last year a leading Tory back- bencher tartly reminded the Government of Ernest Bevin's advice: ....

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The Special Powers Acts

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By BRIAN FA ULKNER, MP* ' i nd i vidual any democratic society the rights of 'individual members must, in the common interest, be limited in certain directions. And in a time of...

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Power via Oil

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By OUR CORRESPONDENT A SIGNIFICANT new factor in industrial costs A in Northern Ireland has been produced by the introduction of oil-firing at the Electricity Board's new...

A Complicated Brief

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y R. B. HENDERSON* all began on a sunlit autumn day in 1958 in the traditional smoke-filled room when a small group of Northern Ireland men met to apply to the Independent...

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Screening the Classics By PETER FORSTER $o much has already been written about the relationship between tele- vision drama and the theatre that one is chary of adding to it. But...


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,A Share in Guilt By BAMBER GASCOIGNE Altona. (Royal Court.)— Breakfast For One. (Arts.) The subject is guilt and responsibility, the place Germany, the time fourteen years...

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Horror Comics By ISABEL QUIGLY Payroll. (Plaza.) — Very Important Person. (Leicester Square Theatre.) First, the thriller. Payroll (director : Sidney Hayers; 'A' certificate)...

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Sunday's Child By CLIVE BARNES THE pattern of Sunday Ballet Club perform- ances has changed decisively over the past few programmes. At first this shop-window organ- isation...

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The Courts of Cockayne By SIMON RAVEN I i I . 4 I r one were asked to name the writers of this century who have been most manifestly at odds with the, century's aspirations...

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Tin:: drama of the recent attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro, the impasse into which American policy has manoeuvred itself, has greatly increased our thirst for knowledge about...

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Discreet Rem em brancer

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The Supreme Command, 1914-18. By Lord Hankey. (Allen and Unwin, 2 vols., 84s.) THE writing of memoirs has now become almost obligatory, not merely for politicians of prime...

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Democratic Dicta

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IMMIGRANT Boat to Supreme Court is in' some ways even more remarkable than Log Cabin (or in this case Missouri Farm) to White House. But the little Jewish immigrant, who had not...

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Top People

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ANYONE would think, from the way in which they are referred to collectively, that managers are a homogeneous group. This is no truer than that management is a clearly defined...

Stella by Limelight

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THERE is much to be said for the performances of dead actors. They are audible, they are not having an off-night. They can be enjoyed sitting at home, not destroyed by the...

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Out of the Fashion

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The Proverb, and Other Stories. By Marcel Ayme. Translated by Norman Denny. (Bodley Head, 16s.) In a Summer Season. By Elizabeth Taylor. (Peter Davies, 16s.) The Proverb is...

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Investment Consequences of Mr. Lloyd

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By. NICHOLAS DAVENPORT TRANSLATING Mr. Lloyd's budget into investment terms is no easy task. Opinion in the City seems to be sharply divided. One school of thought believes...

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Investment Notes

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By CUSTOS EMARKING on the steadiness of British share prices during the Cuban fighting and the Algerian rebellion a jobber has said that our market has become 'bullet-proof.'...

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Company Notes HERE have been major changes in the accounts

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of Aldford House (Park Lane) Limited for the year ended September 29, 1960, by reason of the large acquisition in June of many new properties, which was mainly financed by the...

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Parkinson's Lore

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By KENNETH J. ROBINSON The space was allotted by America's Architec- tural Forum. It was filled in the readable way one would expect not only of Professor Parkinson. but also of...

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Consuming Interest

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Food by Phone By LESLIE ADRIAN In London, a typical and easy way is to dial CHICKEN (CHI 2536), the telephone number of Romains who do a home delivery service of cooked meals....

Mind and Body

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Wildcat Headaches By JOHN LYDGATE For the moment there is one subject which has been neatly introduced by a couple of lectures recently delivered before the Royal College of...

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• • • LESS than a couple of hundred miles west- north-west of London, and you have gone for- eign almost as effectively as if you had flown the same distance due south. Not...