29 MAY 1897

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T HE general drift of events in Eastern Europe during the week has been most unfavourable. The Ambassadors drew up a paper in answer to the Turkish demands, in which they...

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THE FATE OF THESSALY. W E give in another article our view of the general situation in Eastern Europe, which is, briefly, that Germany and Russia are beginning to part, Germany...

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M HANOTAUX may well express, as we take it • from his speech he intended to express, a serious doubt as to the maintenance of peace. There is no certainty that it will be...

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R. BALFOUR has the keen eye, which every states- man needs more than almost any other quality, for a great political opportunity. We hardly remember any occasion in modern home...

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MR. LABOUCHERE'S COLLAPSE. -w E cannot congratulate Mr. Labouchere on the

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result of his action in the South African Committee. It was clearly his duty after he had accepted a seat on that body not to express outside the Committee-room any opinion on...

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has received the signature of the Governor of New York State and has therefore become law. It brings into legal existence a city of more than three millions of people, so that...


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in his letter to Wednesday's Times on the constitution of a Women's University, of which he proposes to make the Holloway College at Egham the nucleus, shows a good deal more of...

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ERE is something distinctly alarming about the evidence given on Monday as to the cause of the recent explosion in the Aldersgate Station of the Metropolitan Railway. There...


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M R. BALFOUR said well yesterday week in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey that happy as was Sir Walter Scott's style in so painting his large canvases as to give us an...

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T HE bitter cry of an underpaid priesthood does not seem to be confined to England or to the clergy of the Established Church. American ministers, who are paid for the most part...

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A T a Parish Council recently held to consider the Jubilee bonfires, it was suggested that there should also be a Jubilee restoration of the parish pound. It was successfully...

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JUBILEE BONFIRES : NO POSTPONEMENT OF DATE. [To THE EDITOR or THE "SPECTATOR...1 SIR,—In answer to " Fen-de-joie's" interesting suggestion, in the Spectator of May 22nd, that...

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[To MI EDITOR or THZ " SPECTATOlf."1 Six,—Thinking the following incident shows great intelli- gence in a cat, I am sending you an account of it. On the second day of my...


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[To THZ EDITOR Or TRI SPECTATOL"] SIR,—I have not at hand the discussion referred to in the Spectator of May 22nd, but I have no doubt that Mr. Proctor's prediction was based...


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[To mg EDITOR or TRZ " SPICTATOR."] Sue—Fully alive to the theological difficulties suggested by "the terrible catastrophes which so often eclipse the faith or startle the...

ENGLISH HEXAMETERS. [To Tax Eorrok or Tax "Sracrarori."] SIR,—May a

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reader who is interested in such verses say a word about the lines by R. H. Law in the Spectator of May 22nd ? They are evidently written by ear, not by pseudo- classical...


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[To THZ EDITOR or TRZ " SPICCIATOIL.'] SIR,—In the Spectator of May 15th Mr. J. E. Harlow assumed that " to a very large extent the Wesleyans are associated with the movement...


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[TO TEM EDITOR OF 151 eviersvos.."] , SIR,—The rarity of woodcock-breeding in England may possibly make the following instance worthy of mention. Last Sunday, when sitting in...

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LABUNTlJR ANNI. Ix the old year's distance, I remember well, - How a passing shadow came with each passing bell: Elder generations passing swift away : Yet the shadow came...


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OLIVER CROMWELL'S PLACE IN HISTORY.* • G.) Orem:isles Placs in History. Founded on Biz Lec.urex delivered in the University of Oxford. By Samuel B. Gardiner, D.C.L., Fora's...

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G ENERAL INNER'S former volume, Lucknow and Oude in the Mutiny, established for him a reputation as a writer on the history of the Indian Mutinies. He was quite right in...

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THE first two poems in this little book, the dedication to Mr. Black more, as the "prose poet of the fabled West," and the poem "By Severn Sea," are so beautiful and so full of...

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Sucu a title as Dear Faustina, if used by an early Victorian novelist, might have been accepted in its most literal signifi- cation. It would take an extremely gentle reader to...

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SETTING aside the illimitable flow of novels and biographies, and the undying pleasures of the interview, it becomes more and more a question where the subjects are to be found...

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BORDER ESSAYS.* LOVERS of Scotch and English poetry alike will

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find much to interest them in these gathered-up essays of the late Pro- fessor Veitch. We say lovers of poetry advisedly, for though the notes on "The Vale of Manor and the...

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That Affair Next Door. By Anna Katharine Green. (G. P.

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Putnam's Sons.)—This story seems to prove that the hand of the eminent American artist in fiction who wrote " The Leaven- worth Case " has, instead of losing its cunning, gained...

Nell and the Actor. By Lilian Sweet. (Skeffingtori and son.)—

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The plot of this story, which has the merit of being short, is rather too familiar. There are two brothers of the name of Coplestone. The one, Graham, is good, and an actor. The...


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The Invisible Playmate, and W. V.: Her Book. By William Canton. (Isbister and Co.)—Mr. Canton has here included in one volume his Invisible Playmate and W. V.: Her Book, with...

In the Volcanic Eifel: a Holiday Ramble. By Katharine S.

The Spectator

and Gilbert S. Macquoid. With Illustrations by Thomas R. Macquoid, R.I. (Hutchinson and Co.)—If any of our readers care to solace themselves in this spring weather by planning...

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Rick Dale. By Kirk Munroe. (E. Arnold.)—Alaric Todd is the

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delicate and petted younger son of a Californian millionaire. He is not permitted to do anything, for fears of " a weak heart." This becomes intolerable, and he breaks away,...

A Primer of Tennyson. By W. MeN. Dixon. (Methuen and

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Co.) — We cannot undertake to criticise Professor Dixon's criticism. Not unfrequently we should be inclined to object to the expression which he gives to it; now and then our...

Rose of Dutcher's Coolly. By Hamlin Garland. (Neville Beeman.) —This

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is a very remarkable book,—a careful, and in some respects painfully realistic, study of a country girl in one of the great Middle West States of America. Rose Dutcher is the...

School and Home Life. By T. G. Rooper, M.A. (A.

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Brown and Sons.)—These "Essays and Lectures on Current Educational Topics" touch on most of the educational subjects which divide the opinions of the day, and on some on which...

The Squire of Lonsdale. By Edith C. Kenyon. (Frederick Warne

The Spectator

and Co.)—This is a pleasantly exciting story of an old- fashioned sort. There is, of course, a good deal of mystery as to who is—or rather as to who is not—the Squire of...

The Historical Development of Modern Europe. Vol. I., 1816- 1830.

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By C. M. Andrews. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.)—Mr. Andrews's history has many merits. It is clear, concise, and well arranged. It is furnished with useful maps. Mr. Andrews may be...

The Effect of Maritime Command on Land Campaigns since Waterloo.

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By Major C. E. Callwell, R.A. (W. Blackwood.)— This book furnishes ample food for reflection. We ought, in considering the question of naval power, to concentrate our attention...

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Unknown London: its Romance and Tragedy. By A. T. Camden

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Pratt. (Neville Beeman.)—" Places Generally Unknown" is the correction which Mr. Pratt supplies in his sub-title. Even this we might question. Not a few of the places which...

Across Greenland's Ice - Fields. By M. Douglas. (Nelson and Sons.)—Miss Douglas

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has compressed in a volume of convenient size the narratives of Lieutenant Peary and Nansen. To those who cannot easily get access to the originals, this summary, intelligently...

A Sturdy Beggar and Lady Bramber's Ghost. By Charles Charrington.

The Spectator

(A. Constable and Co.)—We must own that our patience failed before we could get half through the first of these two stories. The second we found more readable. " Ghost " is used...

time more about Egypt than any one else, wrote in

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1835 a description of Cairo which was originally intended for his famous book, " Modern Egyptians." He did not, as a matter of fact, so use it, though he took some passages...

stories included in this volume, but it is not the

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best. The con- duct of Frank Fisher in coming back to the scene of his supposed crime is very extraordinary, to say the least. The whole tale seems quite remote from ordinary...

The Art of Extempore Speaking. By Harold Ford. (Elliot Stock.)—This

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is a book of excellent advice. Think accurately, write constantly, master your subject,—these, and the like pre- cepts are explained and enforced. Of course, one does not learn...

The Municipal Year - Book, 1897. By Robert Donald. (Horace Marshall and

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Son.)—Mr. Donald has put together in a convenient shape copious information about the administration, revenues and expenditure, property and rateable value, of the principal...

which has reached a second edition. It is a very

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good application of the Golden Legend, with its eternal truth of the blessing of sacrifice.


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3/8 2/8 5,0 6,0 7/8 111/0 7/6 5,0 6/0 3/6 G PO Davis (R. D.), Soldiers of Fortune, cr 8vo Dunbar (P. L.), Lyrics of Lowly Life, or 8vo Essays from the Chap-Book, 12mo...

NEW EDITIONS AND REPRINTS.—The Whitehall Shakespeare. Edited by H. Arthur

The Spectator

Doubleday, with the assistance of T. Gregory Foster and Robert Elson. Vol. VIII. (Constable and Co.)—The volume contains " Venus and Adonis," " The Rape of Lucrece," the "...

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The SPECTATOR is on Sale regularly at MESSRS. DAMRELL AND

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UPHAM'S, 283 Washington Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.; THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS COMPANY, 83 and 83 Duane Street, New York, U.S.A. ; MESSRS. BEENTArro's, Union Square, New York,...

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Cheques, and (Post - Office Orders 369 Strand) payable to "John Baker."

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NOTICE.-The INDEX to the SPECTATOR is published half- yearly, from

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January to June, and from July to December, on the third Saturday in January and July. Cloth Cases for the Half- yearly Volumes may be obtained through any Bookseller or...

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