30 JUNE 1860

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The meeting at Baden has not yet been followed by

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any overt sequel. The manner in which it is construed in Vienna, how- ever, throws some light upon the business actually transacted. It is considered there that the meeting was...


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Paatammir has made some progress with the business of the session, pushing forward minor measures both at morning and evening sittings. The larger measures dealt with have been...

The events of the week in Southern Italy have been

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of vast importance. It seems that the visit of the Commander de Mar- tino to Paris did not pass without result, although after his re- turn King Francis the Second remained...

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Statements have appeared to the effect that fresh troubles have

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arisen, or are likely to arise, in the island of San Juan. The story is that General Harney has ignored the arrangement made by General Scott, and has refused to recognize a...

Ertintro ant VrnErthings in Varlianant.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. llonsE or LORDS. Monday, June 25. Consulship at Mozambique ; Lord Strathe- den's Motion. Tuesday, June 26. Ecclesiastical Commission ; the...

The wreck of the Malabar at Point de Galle, the

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narrow escape of Lord Elgin and Baron Gros, the actual loss of creden- tials, papers, decorations, cargo, brings home to us the shock- ingly defective condition of that...

The Volunteers had their festival on Saturday. Great ex- pectations

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had bten raised by the performances of such of the corps as had " come out " in the spring. The result exceeded every anticipation. Not only did the 21,000 men move into the...

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The review, or inapection of "the ,Volunteers by Queen Victoria, in Hyde Park, on Saturday, the23dWf dune,. surpassed all expectations. It is admitted to have been one of...

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News arrived from Ceylon late on Sunday that the Malabar bad been wrecked in the harbour of Galle, that Lord Elgin and Baron Gros had barely saved their lives, and had lost...

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jt nurt.

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Tie Orme, the Prince Consort, the Prince of Wales, and the Princess Alice, left Buckingham Palace on Monday, and travelled to Aldershot, where they arrived soon after midday. On...


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The Corporation of the Trinity House held its anniversary dinner on Saturday, the Master, Prince Albert, in the chair. Some interesting facts were mentioned, and opinions...

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,forttga an Colonial.

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t a 111.—The news from the Italian peninsula is full of interest. The Morning Chronicle of Monday published the following statement :- " We have received a despatch from Naples,...


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The British Association met at Oxford on Wednesday. The Council met in the Clarendon, the Association in the Sheldonian Theatre. The Prince Consort took the chair as President,...


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The Town Council of Edinburgh on Monday, carried a series of reso- lutions embodying protests against the Lord Advocate's bill for the set. Clement of the Annuity-tax. A...

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Queen Victoria has consented to inaugurate the first prize-meeting of the National Rifle Association, of which the Prince Consort is the patron, and Mr. Sidney Herbert,...

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• The report of the Tax Bills Committee is understood

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to be a simple statement of facts. It contains no recommendations. Two reports were prepared, one by Mr. Walpole, the other by Mr. Bright, when the vote was taken on the...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The House of Commons sat both morning and evening yesterday ; the morning sitting being occupied with the clauses of the Irish Land Bill. Mr. WALPOLE...

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Among the batch of generals imprisoned in Isle of Ischia

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is an officer whose name I gave a month ago in discreditable connexion with the wanton massacre of women and children at Carini, Carle Von Wyttem- bach. This Swiss hireling is...

A telegram from Naples dated Thursday gives a list of

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the new Ministry at Naples, as follows:— "Commander Spinelli, President of the Council ; Commander de Mar- tino, Foreign Affairs; Signor Del lie, Interior Signor Manna, Finances...


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The skilM inventor of this instrument has solved a problem often essayed in vain, and one which baffled even the genius of the late Sir Isambard Brunel—the problem how to...

letter to till (Mtn.

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THE GREAT INDIAN ERROR. Sts.—In your article of last week on the Indian armies, you have, I think, fallen into some errors with regard to the plan proposed by Sir Charles Wood,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTaENOON. A decline of more than 1 per cent has been established in the Funds this week, with, however, an absence of any important operations,...

The Conservatives held a banquet last night at Willies Rooms.

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It was a party demonstration. Lord Shrewsbury occupied the chair, and the chief speakers were Lord John Manners and Sir John Pakington. Mr. Disraeli, Lord Derby, Mr. Walpole,...

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THE TWENTY-THIRD OF JUNE. NGLAND is herself again. The Volunteer army, which those ,,olio appreciated the true elements of national defence and rightly , .-estimated the...


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Tux events of the last ten days have caused a surprising change in the state of the political field in 'Italy by bringing ill) the whole South , of the Peninsula to a position...

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IF a Roman. Catholic were in search of an argument in favour-of the celibacy of the clergy, he would be almost justified in pointing to the condition of curates in the Church of...

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Tau problem of obtaining an efficient and numerous militia is a difficult one to solve. Government has so often broken faith with the people who supply the constitutional force...

FREEDOM AND TOLERATION. authority of very distinguished lawyers, that workmen

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not only had the power to combine to accomplish a common purpose, say to raise wages, or reduce the hours of work, but also, by every pos- sible effort short of assault, to...

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The interest taken in the Report of the Defence Commission continues to be very great. Lieutenant-General Shaw Kennedy has sent to the Daily News a copy of a letter on the...


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CAPTAIN BURTON'S TRAVELS IN EASTERN AND CENTRAL mica' CAPTAIN BURTON'S march of a thousand miles into the heart of Central Africa may well be classed amongst the boldest and...

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GITIZOT'S xxsionts. * Tax new instalment of M. Guizot's Memoirs, if

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somewhat heavy and essay-like, contains much interesting matter and some valu- able disquisition. Occasionally, a vivid presentment of a scene or transaction relieves the...

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ELITERTON RECTORY. * Tun first part of Twenty Years in the

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Church, favourably noticed on its appearance in our journal, has been happily followed by a companion volume. The characters and incidents of this autobio- graphical narrative...


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Instalments of two historical works of mark have been produced this week. One is the second volume of Mr. Crowe's HISTORY or FRANCE, comprising the interval between the reign of...

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Messrs. Smith, Elder, and Co. have in the press a new work on China, by Sir John Bowring. Mr. T. C. Jeaffreson is engaged on a Life of the late Robert Stephen- son, based on...


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The visit of the " Orpheonists" to London and their performances at the Crystal Palace, have formed the chief subject of musical curiosity and interest this week. The " Orpheon...

tOt tOtatrts.

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The new piece, in which Miss Amy Sedgwiek took leave of the public on Saturday last, is built upon an old notion. The heroine being blessed with a French cousin, who attends her...

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flu ids.

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SCULPTURE IN THE ROYAL ACADEMY. How is it that sculpture occupies a position so conspicuously inferior, not only in the vault of the Academy, but in our public places ? Not...


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On the 21st of June, at Headfort House, Lady John Taylour, of a son. On the 23d, at Fulham Palace, the Wife of the Lord Bishop of London, of a daughter. On the 24th, at...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 26. Bankrupts.—Tlioxsa and WILLIAM Thomas

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lass, Norwich, boot-manufacturers —GcsTAva Hnwrassar Lnae, Black Swan Yard, Bermondsey, tanner—Wm./ism FRYER Norwich, Loot-manufacturer—Gnortoe JOSEPH SANDFORD, nigh Street,...

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BB. IT ISE per Cent Consols Ditto for Account per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, IN per Cent Exchequer Bilis,...