30 NOVEMBER 1844

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• The ' Sultan Ann-ur,-Mtono has dismissed RIFAAT Pacha from the

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Foreign Office of the Porte, and IDA CHEKIB Effendi in his place. • Well, that does not seem to Concern us very closely ? Oh yes, it does: the Naming Chivnicle,'eliIiihteue4 by...

Mr. POLK is the ' President of the United States of

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America. Mr. Pout! who is he ? In sooth, nobody seems to know much about him. His Christian name is "JAMES K." ; but our re- searches do not solve the mystery of the initial....


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IN a week with little to break the dull monotony of November, the bad preeminence may still be assigned to Ireland. Mr. O ' CONNELL seems determined to try experimentally how...

People have suddenly remembered that the Sugar-duties are in a

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mess ; and there has been quite a white squall of discussion about it, without a preparatory cloud to foretoken the paroxysm. The Morn- ing Chronicle remembers that the Viscount...

They say that the insurrection in Spain is suppressed—that &HIRANO'S

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band is broken up, his son a prisoner, himself a fugitive. While he is crushed, however, the hydra of anarchy has reared more heads, Liberal and Carlist,—Generals revolting...

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TEbe ifirobintts.

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The Dean and Chapter of Exeter have addressed a memorial to the Archbishop of Canterbury, pray ing him to consult with his clergy as to the best means of settling the...

Zbe filttropolis.

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The Governor (Alderman Humphery) and Deputy-Governor of the Irish Society entertained Sir Henry Pottinger at dinner on Tuesday, at the Albion Tavern. About fifty gentlemen sat...

Zig Court.

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SOSLE public business, and a constant coming and going of visiters, have enlivened the week at Windsor Castle. On Tuesday, the Queen held an investiture of the Order of the...

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It is now stated positively, that the Lord-Lieutenant has appointed four of the five Roman Catholic Commissioners tinder the Charitable Bequests Act—namely, Dr. Crolly,...

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gortigit anti

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UNITED STATES.—The Great Western steam-ship, which left New York on the 9th November, arrived at Liverpool on Saturday. The result of the Presidential election, although not...

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The birth of Prince Alfred was registered, at Windsor Castle, on Sunday, by the name of Alfred Ernest Albert. The entry was made by Mr, Towers, District Registrar for Windsor,...

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The poet Campbell's pension of 184/. a year has been

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bestowed, we hear, upon Mr. Patrick Fraser Tytler. The pension is payable out of the Scotch Excise, and is in this way, as well as in another way, parti- cularly well merited by...

Mr. Macready is detained, on the eve of his theatrical

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expedition to Paris, by an accident. On Monday night he stumbled over some luggage, hurt his knee-pan, and has since been confined to his bed. We learn from Frankfort, that the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Parliament meets on the 4th of February. Last night's Gazette contains the formal announcement of the further prorogation from the 12th of December to the 4th...

The inquest on Mr. Dean closed today at noon. The

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Jury returned a verdict of "Manslaughter " against Robert Light/not; coupling with their verdict various suggestions as to the necessity of taking greater precautions to insure...

It was not, we find on further inquiry, "a cargo

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of sugar," as stated in the Opposition press, but a few bags or casks only of Venezuelan sugar, that have been admitted underthe circumstances stated yesterday. The general...

The Court will be put into mourning by the death

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of the Princess Sophia Matilda, which took place yesterday morning, at her mansion on Blackheath. The Princess, sister to the late Duke of Gloucester, was in her seventy-second...

At St. Omer, on Thursday, M. Sallior, late Commissary of

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Police at Calais, was tried for the murder of Mr. Thorn, a surgeon. It may be remembered that the two were seen together in M. Sallior's office, and that Mr. Thorn was found...

The mail-steamer Hibernia, which left Halifax on the 18th instant,

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brings New York advices to the 15th, and a bulky double mail from -Canada ; one having before been left behind. The United States intelli- gence adds few facts. In the pending...


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STUCK EICRANGIC, FRIDAY A FTE RNOON. The Bank Directors have issued the usual notice given at the period of closing the books for the Dividends, stating their willingness to...

BANK or ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

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8th Vic- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 231 day of November 1844. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued £27,528,875 Government Debt 4E11,015,100 Other...

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The flow of merriment at the Lyceum has been dashed

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by an in- fusion of domestic pathos, which the audience relished heartily ; their eyes glistening with sympathy as well as laughter. Home Again, or the Lieutenant's Daughters,...


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BALFE, the great contractor for the lyric supplies at Drury Lane, has, by the production of a new grand opera, brought seasonable relief to the extensive cohort of fiddlers,...


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ftaxivsn—At Gravesend. 24th instant, Countess of Durham. Spittall, from China; 27th, Sovereign, Main, from ditto. In the Downs, 24th, Caledonia, Stephenson, from Bombay ; 28th,...

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THE comparative merits of canal and railway communication across the Isthmus of Suez are at this moment warmly canvassed by the French and English journals. The French are...


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PARTIES AND POLITICS IN THE UNITED STATES: ELECTION OF PRESIDENT. THERE is nothing surprising in the result of the Presidential elec- tion in the United. States. It is merely a...

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As many people have just been killed by several railway accidents that might easily have been prevented, the public will be in the mood to consider the necessity and feasibility...

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Louts PHILIPPE'S Ministers have set a glorious example of official economy. A creation of Peers was intended, and the names of the Peers were almost authoritatively announced....


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WHEN TOWNSEND died, the reporters for the Police Courts were inconsolable. In him the old race of Bow Street runners was ex- tinct, and England was never more to see...

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Grosasvm On the Discovery of the Misaissippi, and on the South-western. Oregon, and North- western Boundary of the tinned States. With a Trenalation from the original MS. of...


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THE scope of Sir GEORGE LEFEVRE'S view is to be found in his motto from Dr. MACCULLOCH—" Without a nervous system there is no animal, there can be none ; without a circulating...

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Mrs. GRAY'S History of Etruria, or more properly this account of her own reading about the ancient &rues vans, is not equal to the first volume, either in matter or interest....

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From November 15th to November 28th. BOOKS. Imagination and Fancy ; or Selections from the English Poets, illustra- trative of those first requisites of their art ; with...

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DEATH OF SIR AUGUSTUS CALLCOTT, R.A. THE death of Sir AUGUSTUS Car.a.corr has deprived as of one of our best landscape-painters, and the Royal Academy of one of its most ho-...


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BIRTHS. On the 16th November, at luchbrackie. the Lady of Major Gaastam of lachbrackie, of an heiress. On the 18th,at Little Harle Tower, Northumberlaud, the Wife of Tisost.s...


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Tuesday, Nov. 26. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Cardinall and Warren. Hereford, milliners-Hull and Sykes, Cox Green. near Sun- derland, ship-builders-J. aud P. Perrin, Liverpool,...


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WAR.ovireir. Nov. 29.- Royal Regt. Horse Guards-F. IL Vyse. Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Montgomery, who retires. lot Drags.-T, Wirgman, Gent, robe Cornet by purchase,...

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CURRENT. BRITISH Tuesday. Prices.) Widnes. Thurs. Friday. FUN Saturday Monday. 3 per Cent. Consols 1004 1004 100# 1004 100, 100/ Ditto for Account 1001 1004 1001 1001 101#...