30 NOVEMBER 1850

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Our Colonies are resolved not to leave Ministers in peace.

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They will ne t t hold their tongues while Lord Grey legislates for them, Out of his own head, all for their benefit. The Cape of Good Hop e people have taken a very active...


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=NO-POPERY has now attained f a ll swin g throu g hout the land. If 'the tumult is troublesomely swelled beyond reasonable proportions, the chief Minister may reflect that his...

The war q uestion bf 4§164,1hilti &ken a n ew shape, "

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if'sh a pe it can be called which shape has nolli the horrid-haired meteor 'has shrouded itself for the nonce in the triple veil of diplomacy, and the world wat c hes...

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, Ae Cart.

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Tax honoured guests at Windsor Castle have been very numerous this week ; and have included a very distinguished foreigner, whose entry of the Palace, though in an unofficial...


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The meeting in Guildhall on Monday, of" merchants, bankers, traders, and other citizens" of London, under the chairmanship of the Lord Mayor, was an immensely numerous...

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4fr 1 4 natural.

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- Most of the principal towns in England have nowjoined their voiees to the Protestant chorus with which the country resounds ; and the counties are now swelling -the roar with...

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The new Dublin Corporation called into existence on Monday is of a constitution extremely different from that which expired last week. In the late corporation there were...

Jump Ruh tendril.

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GERMAN - T.—Only the purport of one portion of the King's speech at the opening of the Prussian Parliament had arrived in London by telegraph at the end of last week. That...


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The Commission of the Church of Scotland have adopted indignant re- solutions, moved by Mr. Hill, upon the Romish invasion. Parenthetical assaults on the Free Church were made...

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The Earl of Shaftesbury, it is understood, intends resigning the Chair- manship of the- Manse of Lords next session. Lord lledesdale has inti- mated his consent to succeed the...

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SATURDAY. Berlin letters, of the 27th instant, state that Baron Manteuffel has " suc- ceeded in foiling the Austrian ultimatum " : ho had proposed, with the consent of the...

The counties of Somersetshire and Derbyshire raised their voices in

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:p.ftt meetings against the Pope, yesterday. At the Somerset meeting, Mr. Sandford, M.P., warned his diocesan, that the Reverend Mr. G. A. Denison ought no longer to hold the...

William Dyson, James Mahon, and John Mitchell, the three men

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who broke into Mr. Holford's house in Regent's Park, and met with such a mauling from pitchforks and guns at the hands of Mr. Paul the butler and his men ' were tried at the...


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Son—As a lover of fair play, I feel sure that you will allow me a line in your journal to remark, (in reply to your article in the last Spectator,)-that it was impossible for...

In reference to the reported intention of the Earl of

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Shaftesbury to re- tire from the office of Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords, and the Standard's announcement that Lord Redesdale will be put forward as his...


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Such is the title of a new diorama opened at Willis's Rooms, and aim- ing to follow up the path opened by the popular Overland Route. Views are presented of the principal points...


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STOCK ETCHANGS, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been more than usually agitated. The de- cline of the French Funds in Paris on Monday, and the warlike tenour of...


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The communications which we have received on the all-absorbing topic of the day, would occupy ten times our available space. In our duty of selection, we never think of the side...

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4tairto nut Vuoir.

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The assumption of the character of Cassius by Mr. Macready is the first departure from his accustomed track during his present engagement at the Haymarket. That his rendering is...

Dr. Spohr's new descriptive symphony, 27,e Seasons, produced this week

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at the Grand National Concerts, is an object of interest on several grounds. It is so long since anything has appeared from the illustrious master's pen, that the world had...

Two concerts at the Hanover Square Rooms have been got

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up for the benefit of the Berlin choristers : .the one was given on Thursday morn- ing, the other takes place today. The room on Thursday was but in- differently filled; which...

The oratorio season has begun at Exeter Hall. Last night,

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the Sacred Harmonic Society had their first performance ; and, as usual, gave prece- dence to The Messiah. In the manner in which it was got up and exe- cuted, it did not...

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THE UNIVERSITIES SELF-REFORMED. Trim document which appears below was sent to us by a friend from Oxford, where it has been circulated in a printed form. As it is too...

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IF Parliament could spare a corner of time next session for any subject besides the conflict of Roman and Protestant' spiritualju- risdictions, it would not be unreasonable to...

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FEw questions come more home to•the feelings and excite resent- ment more strongly than the attempts made by the rich and power- ful to encroach on the rights of the public by...


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THERE is now an active movement for the extension of the culti- vation of flax in Great Britain and Ireland ; based on sound princi- ples, and full of promise. The view taken of...

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PROGRESS OF REPRESENT.A.TrVE RESPONSIBILITY. THE French Legislative Assembly seems bent

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upon infusing more and more the element of individual responsibility among its mem- bers. During the time of Louis Philippe, and anterior to it, the Deputies voted by ballot;...

rttr to 4t Cahn.

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DANGERS OF THE NO-POPERY AGITATION. 27th November 1860. Sin—In the present passionate state of the public mind, it is perhaps hardly to be hoped that either journals or...

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SIR—The most remarkable phsenomenon attending the present University Commission is

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the apathy of the very persons who are most directly inte- rested in it, namely, the Under-graduates. No attempt has as yet been made by them to obtain from the Commissioners...


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Word, 18th November 1850. Sin—In the notices which from time to time have appeared in the public papers of the doings of the University _Commission, there is as yet no men-...


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Ste—The publication of a Papal bull affecting the feelings of the people of England was ill-advised at this period of the year, when the daily press are hard set to fill their...

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13 0 01C S.

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THE RETEREND r crolu ON SIERRA LEONE AND THE oemBrA." Da. POOLE'S taste seems-originally to have inclined to the army, and his name was placed on the commission-list. Not...

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KNOX'S GAME-BIRDS AND WILD-FOWL. * THIS book exhibits a great improvement

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on its predecessor, Orni- thological Rambles in Sussex ; Mr. Knox having apparently gained confidence from success, and both art and facility from practice. There is much less...

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POEMS. * THE preface to this volume contains a rather elaborate defence of modern ballad poems, with some general remarks on the nature of the ballad. We scarcely go along with...

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Bemis. Life, Scenery, and Customs, in Sierra Leone and the Gambia. By Thomas Eyre Poole, D.D., formerly of Magdalen Hall, Oxford. In two volumes. Imagination ; an Original...

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On the list November, the Wife of Captain H. G. Hamilton, R.N., of Eccleston Square, of a daughter. On the 22d, at Elsham, Lincolnshire, the Lady Mary Corbett, prematurely, of...


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BREUER INSTITUTION. Tnz present show of copies from works by the Old Masters exhibited last season at this gallery, may be allowed' to rank as generally the most creditable we...


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Tuesday, November 26, PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Bornes and Co. Greenwich, iron-founders; as far as. regards J. Freeman—Freeman and Cowell, Greenwich, engineers—Nash and Son,...


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Wan-orrice, Nor. 22.-2d Regt. of Life Guards—A. Congreve,,Gent. to be Cornet. and Sub-Lieut. pur, vice Lord Loughborough, promoted. 1st Drag. Guards,- Lieut. J. R. S. Sayer to...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) • Salurd. Monday. Tueaday. Thum FrAny.. 96/ 96/ 961 961 961 96/ 97 961 961 96/ 96/ 96} 96 96 95; 951 96/ - 96 971 971 971 974 97 1 974 73 7/...