30 OCTOBER 1942

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T HE long arm of the home-based Bomber Command has been I stretched far to the South during the last eight days to lend a hand in the combined operations which have their centre...

A Fascist Anniversary

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Last Wednesday was the twentieth anniversary of the seizure of power by Mussolini and the establishment of the Fascist regime in Italy. He claimed to be the saviour of his...

Dr. Benes' Hopes

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Dr. Benes is a man of balanced judgement and a realist, and by no means prone to easy - going optimism. When, therefore, in a broadcast to his countrymen on the Czechoslovak...

The Battle of the Solomons

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In the Solomon Islands, and in Guadalcanal in particular, great land, sea and air battles are taking place whose outcome will have important effects on the whole war in the...

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National Planning

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The debate on national planning opened in the House of Lords by Lord Reith last week was very valuable, if only because it showed that informed opinion demands swift action by...

Discipline and Imagination

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It is gratifying to find that the Ministry of Labour knows that the problem of absenteeism in industry is not merely a matter of original sin, or one which can always be dealt...

The Future of Local Government

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Lord Kennet's letter to The Times on the need of reform in local government has provoked a correspondence which shows how much dissatisfaction there is with the present state of...

The Church and the Schools

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In the inevitable reconsideration of the whole problem of primary education in this country the question of the dual system, whereby non-provided (mainly Church of England) and...

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LI VERY month or so some leading personality in Great Britain 12/ or the United States—Russia and China seem to think it sufficient for Anglo-Saxon spokesmen to attribute...

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A SPECTATOR'S NOTEBOOK F OUR points are worth nothing about the

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R.A.F.'s attacks on Italy. They came at a moment when (a) there was a full moon, (b) the nights were long enough for a double journey to be made under cover of darkness (not...

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By STRATEGICUS I T is the a.§tonishing fact that though the battle has been raging in Egypt for several days we know almost nothing that would enable us to form a reliable...

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By NIGEL TANGYE R. WENDELL WILLKIE, on his return to America from his recent tour of the battle-fronts, gave expression to the nwelcome truth that neither the Russian nor the...

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By D. W . BROGAN A political force, not a politician. Inevitably, as the niece of her uncle, the wife of her husband, Eleanor Roosevelt has been much exposed to politicians....

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By MRS. EDGAR DUGDALE N EXT Monday, November znd, is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the so-called Balfour Declaration, which, incorporated and amplified later in the Mandate...

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GOD had created. In six days Heaven and Earth Had taken shape according to his plan. Everything worked. The gambler's throw of Birth Had won a fortune—to be staked on Man :...


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By W. E. WOOSNAM-JONES As might be expected, new words and phrases are constantly appearing. Many of them quickly gain enormous popularity and are then as quickly forgotten. A...

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NICOLSON By HAROLD Messrs. Constable this week have published a small booklet entitled "Pitain-Laval. The Conspiracy," which has been admirably translated by Mr. Michael...

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"The Defence of Tsaritsyn." At the Tatler.- 4, March of Time." At the Empire. OUR allies seldom share our national fondness for propaganda by understatement. It is clear that...


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Britten's Michelangelo Songs. BENJAMIN BRrrrEN continues to cheat expectation. With each new work one marvels afresh at his remarkable mfts and his cultivated ability ; and,...


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" Du Barry Was a Lady." At His Majesty's Theatre. 6. Old Town Hall." At the Winter Garden.--" The Little Foxes." At the Piccadilly.—" Henry IV," Part I. At the Westminster.—...

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SIR,—II is surely a good rule, before criticising public speakers,

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to take the trouble to find out exactly what they have said. In your issue of October 23rd Mr. R. L. Swaby writes of the Albert Hall meeting concerning the Archbishop's...


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SIR,—" Janus's " comments on the profit-motive in industry seem to miss the true significance of the term. In a rdcent issue of the Christian News Letter,...

PLANNING FOR YOUTH SIR,—I have been a member of two

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youth organisations—the Youth Hostels Association and the Cyclists' Touring Club—for twelve years, and my experience, especially when compared with three years' Army service,...

SIR,—The Archbishop of Canterbury, at any rate, does not "damn

The Spectator

'the profit-motive' without qualification "; and it is unfair to suggest by implication that he does so (since he is the leading " episcopal " figure who has lately discussed...

SIR,—When people "damn the profit motive without qualification" which seems,

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quite rightly, to "Janus" "neither sound sense nor, for the matter of that, sound religion," is it not from a certain confusion of mind? And is not the commonly heard phrase...

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Sts,—Questions asked recently in the House about German aeroplanes Which have flown close to anti-aircraft guns without being fired at show that some concern is felt about the...

Sta,—There is a misprint in the last sentence of my

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letter under the title "Hymns Today" which distorts the meaning. What I wrote was: "The legitimate fear of Pantheism should not lead us to overlook the Panentheism that is an...


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SIR,—With reference to Professor Pastor's letter in your issue dated October 16th, if it is indeed true that Professor Allison Peers has been guilty of a minor error of fact,...


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Si,—The Rev. Albert H. Walker states that 1875 and not 1885 is the date of the Methodist collection of hymns. My old copy gives the date as 1885, but that may be a reprint....


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Sta,—I am perfectly ready to agree with Mr. Peter Wiener that my Outline of Political Geography contains what all those who differ from its conclusions or its point of view...


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SIR,—It is unfortunate that the Vice-Chairman of the London and South-Eastern Regional Production Board in a letter to The Spectator, a non-technical paper, should support his...

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SIR,—People, pigs and poultry are all rationed, cows are eating straw and horses are not to eat oats, even the cat's saucer is threatened. But dogs, lucky dogs, have slipped...


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Sta,—The Russians "are fighting," says Mr. Philip Jordan, "for a system which does not put men on the dole, but guarantees them security from want so long as they behave...


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Sra,—One deduction from Dr. Huxley's criticism of the Bressey-Lutyens proposals would seem to be the advisability of inviting American co- operation as was done on the last...


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THE value of the wood that lies rotting in woods and fields has at last been realised by authority. Its virtue has perhaps been even exaggerated. Small groups of soldiers, many...


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Sut,—Mr. Harold Nicolson's remarks on the relations of law and force are timely and valuable. But do they go far enough? I believe that a fundamental confusion of thought here...

SIR,—Mr. Wiener's article is very disquieting, especially in view of

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what he and Professor Brogan say about the contribution of the schoolmasters to the fall of France. I will take one point only. He says that a text- book used in "a great many...

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Shaw-Ede : T. E. Lawrence's Letters to H. S. Ede,

The Spectator

1927-1935. (The Golden Cockerel Press. 21 gns.) Lawrence in the R.A.F. Shaw-Ede : T. E. Lawrence's Letters to H. S. Ede, 1927-1935. (The Golden Cockerel Press. 21 gns.) THERE...


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Mr. Shaw's Ninth Life MR. SHew can now boast that he has had as many Lives as a cat. This one, by Mr. Hesketh Pearson, is the most readable of the lot, because its author has...

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Ordinary Country Life

The Spectator

Apple Acre. By Adrian Bell. (The Bodley Head. 75. 6d.) IT would be easy to underestimate the value of this book. The story is so quietly told ; and, although the scene is...

Children of the Future

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WHILE our high experts on the population question tend, by the law of their nature, to restrict themselves to the muffled tones of academic usage, the spirited -attempt of...

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Bring Me My Bow. By Maurice Moiseiwitsch. (Frederick Muller. 8s.) Go Down, Moses. By William Faulkner. (Chatto and Windus. 9s.) ACTION stories of the Air Force are coming up...

Social Centres

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Community Centres. By Flora and Gordon Stephenson. For the Community Centres Joint Research Committee. (Percy Lund, Humphries and Co. 31. 6d.) THE appearance of this objective...

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IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week. Envelopes 5hould be...


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The winner of Crossword No. 188 is Miss MARY Amon . , The 01d Vicarage, Moulsford, Berkshire.

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Shorter Notice

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The Legacy of Egypt. Edited by S. R. K. Glanville. (Clarendon Press. los.) THIS is an excellent series for the teacher and student alike, and although Western Europe did not...


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By CUSTOS ALTHOUGH in some directions buying in the stock markets is getting rather ragged in the sense that the buyers are going for quick profits, the undertone remains...