3 AUGUST 1844

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The news from India is stirring, though the British have

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not been fighting. The most striking spectacle of the month is Sir CHARLES NAPIER'S conference with twenty thousand Beloochees, chiefs and their followers, at Hyderabad. They...

The publication of the Parliamentary Report on the affairs of

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New Zealand forms a considerable check to the generally uncon- tested sway of the Colonial Office, and ought to exercise a material influence in reviving the depressed...

If France and England were at the mercy of their

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respective servants in Polynesia, they would incontinently go to war. Lord PALMERSTON or M. THIERS would assuredly have contrived an " armed peace " out of the new occasion :...

Riots have been renewed at Philadelphia, with little in their

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nature to distinguish them from the riots of May last. In that month, the Catholics, for an alleged insult to the Native American party, (formed to discourage the naturalization...


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PARLIAMENTARY business has come down to the " grouts,"—im- manse masses of dry technicalities hurried over to be in time, and diluted by little lightening debate. Two tardy...

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Two attempts to assassinate Kings have been made—in Prussia, and

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in Greece. Neither can be construed to mean much. The pistol directed at FREDERICK WILLIAM was aimed by a disap- pointed man, whose petitions had been rejected : it was a case...

Debates anb Vrottebings in parliament.

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CHARITABLE BEQUESTS AND .DONATIONS IN IRELAND. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Sir JAMES GRAHAM moved the second reading of the Charitable Bequests and Donations (Ireland)...

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TEN court.

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THE Queen continues her quiet life at Windsor ; and perseveres in her out-door exercise, walking and driving with Prince Albert daily. The Queen Dowager paid a visit at the...

the filetropolts.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Wednesday. The report of the Committee on Steam-boat Piers recommended the erection of a two-arched pier at Blackfriars Bridge as a...

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Lord Heytesbury arrived in Ireland on the morning of Friday last. He landed at Kingstown harbour at ten o'clock, and proceeded by the railway to Dublin. On reaching the...


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The foundation-atone of the Public Baths at Edinburgh was laid on• Monday, with masonic honours, by Lord Glenlyon, Grand Master for Scotland. In the evening there was a soiree....


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Lord Villiers, son of the Earl of Jersey, and Sir Robert Peel's son - in- law, is a candidate for Cirencester. He avows himself a staunch Con- servative, attached to Church and...

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Noreign anb

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FueticE. — The celebration of the fourteenth anniversary of the "Three Days of July" began on Saturday with religious ceremonies, and closed on Monday with fetes. There was no...

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The Standard slightly varies an oft-repeated announcement-

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" It is now generally thought that the business in the House of Commons will be brought to a close on Thursday next ; and that the House will on that day adjourn for a short...

Lord Villiers was elected Member for Cirencester, yesterday, with- out

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opposition. Mr. Edward Holland, who formerly represented the Eastern Division of Worcestershire, and Sir George Larpent, are spoken of as probable candidates on the Liberal...

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POSTSCRIPT In the House of Lords, the principal subject of discussion was rather trite. Apropos to the third reading of the Unlawful Oaths (Ireland) Bill, the Marquis of...


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The King of Saxony visited Inverary and its vicinity last week ; whence he proceeded to Oban, to embark in a steamer for the islands of Staffa and Iona. Captain James Wemyss,...

The House of Commons sat at noon today, and forwarded

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several bills a stage. Lord Villiers presented himself at the table to take the oaths and his seat for Cirencester ; but, having forgotten some of the necessary documents, was...

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Advices from Madrid, of the 26th July, mention the discovery

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of an Exalrado conspiracy on the 28th. The Ministerial accounts affirm that the discovery is genuine ; the Liberals say that it is a sham, to serve as pretext for an...

Lord Heytesbury has quite recovered from a slight bilious attack

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under which he has been suffering.

Letters from Berlin, of July 28th, add little to the

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account of the re- cent attack on the King. It seems, however, that he was actually hit- " Both belle grazed the stomach ; but were, most providentially, turned aside by the...

Fourteen out of eighteen persons who were gathering sea-weed at

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Jersey, this week, perished during a gale.

A Court-martial was held on Wednesday and Thursday, at Devon-

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port, to investigate charges against Lieutenant Edward Evans Gray, arising from the complaint of the French Government, that on the coast of Africa, in July 1842, he improperly...

A public dinner was given at Birkenhead, on Wednesday, to

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the deputation of gentlemen who had attended in London, and had ac- complished the passing of the Birkenhead Dock Bill through Parlia- ment,—namely, Mr. John Laird, Mr. William...

Accounts from Windsor have been received today, that the Queen

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continues in the enjoyment of excellent health.

The Journal des Debate states that the French and English

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fleets ap- pointed to watch affairs in Morocco arrived at Gibraltar on the 19th July. The Prince De Joinville was still waiting for the answer of the Emperor of Morocco to the...

We understand that Sir William Nott and Sir Robert Sale

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are invited to dine with the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East India Company on the 16th instant.—Times. We have much pleasure in stating that it is contemplated to...


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STOCK EINEIANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. A gloom bas been thrown over the market by the intelligence received of the proceedings of the Frquch authorities at Tahiti ; and although...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 29th Jaly, Velore, Bell. from Madras; 30th, Victory, Hen- derson, from Bengal; and W. Pitt. Francis. from Mauritius; 31st, Alfred. Tullooh, from Batavia....

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THE Select Committee of the Commons on New Zealand constituted a real arbitration-court, appointed to try the grave questions be- tween the New Zealand Company as plaintiffs and...


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RIOTS, EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN. THE difference between an European and an American riot is striking. In Bohemia and in Silesia, as in England, riots are the peevish violence of...


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WHEN a man apologizes for doing a good action, we may believe he has reason not to entertain too high an opinion of those he is conversing with. Lord LYNDHURST'S apologetical...

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One thing is clear from Lord INGEsTRE's Iliad—his narrative of Captain WARNER'S ten years siege of the Admiralty—that the gal- lant Captain has not yet invented an explosive...


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Tam last scene of Lucrezia Borgia, as represented for the first time this season on Saturday night, produced so grand a display of tragic energy and passion on the part of Gum...


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A Goon deal of ingenuity has been wasted in discussing whether man is better in a civilized or a savage state. More than one clever reasoner has employed the logic with which...

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IT was long the wish of the late respected Mr. LoNomare to see the valuable part of what had been written on domestic economy con- densed into a single volume : but this was...


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Zaasais. Commerce of the Prairies ; or the Journal of a Santa Fe Trader. during eight Ex- peditions across the Great Western Prairies and a Residence of nearly nine years in...

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FROM a series of Sermons preached before the Court, and published by Royal " command," the reader has a right to expect some- thing ; nor will his expectations be disappointed...

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THIS it remount" of ERNEST SCHULZE, translated by Mrs. Da Cans- PIGNY, is so exceedingly like poetry, that it is only by the impression it makes, or rather fails to make, that...

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From July 26th to August 1st. BOOKS. The Vale of the Towey ; or Sketches in South Wales. By ANNE BEALE, Author of " Poems." The Enchanted Rose ; a Romaunt, in three cantos....

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Tuesday, July 30. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Bythoil and Co. Manchester. calenderers-Blackford and Armitage, Sheffield, say- manufacturers-De Manus and De Leon, Copthall Court,...


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BIRTHS. ft/the 20th July, at Florence, the Viscountess Dernswarion. of a son and heir. On tbe22d, at Wexham Ledge, Slough. the Lady of Major BENT. of a son, still-born. On the...


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Wax Owcr. Jinx 26.-6th Foot-Lieut. C. H. Dowker, from the 53d Foot, to be Lieut. vice.F. Bristow. who retires upon half-pay of the al Foot. 8th Foot-Serg. G. Corry to be Ensign,...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. Quotat on during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. SO Mexican 5 p. Ct. 5 - Ditto (Deferred) 5 - 5 Michigan 6 5 - Mississippi...