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Ir is compiled that half a , million of persons were stationed on the banks of the Thames, or afloat in vessels, when Prince Albert, acaompanied by his two elder children,...

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Agricultural meetings are. held about the country,nnd a forlorn regard is still turned to some kind Of relief in the way of prcitection, compensa- tion, or other boOn. At Tring;...

The "Peace party" has held a meeting at Exeter Hall,

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at which the most remarkable adherents of the movement were not present. The Archbishop of Paris and M. Coquerel appeared only by letter. So did M.di Lamartine; who pleaded a...

Excellent advice is not wanting in Ireland. Mr. O'Gorman, the

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As- sistant Barrister in Kilkenny, very judiciously advises the people to pay rents and poor-rates; showing many good reasons for their doing as much. And divers respectable...

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As it was surmised at the close of last week, the Queen was preven.e' by her passing indisposition from personally visiting the City of London to grace the opening of the new...

A Ministerial crisis has absorbed attention in Paris and Madrid;

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but the two elks have been alike only in one thing—in the isolation of the principal personage concerned. President Bonaparte has dismissed his Ministers, in a mode that indi-...

The Government at Washington has heartily and fully responded to

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the opening of our Navigation-law, by entirely opening the American navigation to British shipping. This will not only tend to compensate our shipowners for loss, but will help...

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Tun Queen's illness was " not attended with any untoward symptom," said the sole official bulletin, issued on Sunday; and on that day her Ma- jesty was "considered...

The assassination of Governor Amaral at Macao, and the vengeful

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pro- ceedings on the part of the Portuguese Senate in that city, threaten serious complications. The English officers first went in support of the Portu- guese, but withdrew...

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vat %kabinet%

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The Buckinghamshire Association for the Relief of Real Property held its first general meeting, at Aylesbury, on Wednesday. Mr. Lowndes, the President, took the chair; supported...


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A movement of the landowners, with a view to Parliamentary relief to agriculture, has been commenced in Limerick. A preparatory meeting was held on Saturday, at which Lord...

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foreign anti Colonial.

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FRANCE.—Political events in Paris arrived at an unexpected crisis on Wednesday: the Barrot Ministry suddenly disappeared. The fact was pro- claimed to the Chamber of Deputies,...

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We have much pleasure in announcing that a Privy Council will be held at Windsor in the course of next week, at which a day will be appointed for a general thanksgiving to...

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TO TILE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. St. John's Wood, November 1; 1849. Ste—Unhappy Middlesex has for Deputy Coroner Mr. Henry M. WakleY whose chief qualification for the office...

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SATURDAY. From Jamaica the intelligence comes down to the 8th October. On the 28th September, the bill for a temporary prolongation of the Import-duties Act was rejected by the...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has ordered the

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issue of a congd d'elire, empowering the Dean and Chapter of Liandaff to elect a Bishop in room of Dr. Edward Copleston, deceased; and has recommended the Reverend Alfred...


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"Indicator," on the administration of criminal justice in Scotland, is in type, only waiting a convenient opportunity for insertion. To other correspondents, the number and in...

A correspondent, curious in figures, has collected for the Spectator

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a number of fa?ts respecting the occupancy of the London bridges:upon which pontage is paid, A correspondent, curious in figures, has collected for the Spectator a number of...

Yesterday being the first day of Michaelmas law-term, the Lord

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Chan- cellor gave the customary breakfast to the Queen's Counsel, Sergeants, and lead- ing barristers, at his private residence. Lord Cottenham "seemed to have re- covered his...

We have Cape Town papers of September the 1st. The

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Anti-Convict agitation was unabated in any part of the colony; it was as obstinate and as active as ever. But the Governor had made a further concession to pub- lic feeling- "...

An extraordinary supplement of the DIoniteur, published on Thursday afternoon,

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contained the following decree. FRENCII REPUBLIC. " Liberty —Equ ality—Fraternity. " In the name of the French People, the President of the Republic decrees the following:...

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The revival of Mr. Planche's Beauty and the Beast, with

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Mr. Beverley'. beautiful scenery, has been a judicious step at the Lyceum; where a spec. tacle of some sort is always required to give weight to an evening's eater- tainment....


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The funeral of Chopin the composer and pianist, at Paris, on Tuesday last, gave rise to a musical performance of uncommon interest. A cor- respondent who was present has...


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The Serious Family, adapted by Mr. Morris Barnett from the French piece .Le Mari a la Campagne, was produced at the Haymarket in the be- ginning of the week. The moral purpose...

The high character with which the Princess's Theatre opened at

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the beginning of the season is still maintained; and if Mr. Maddox adhere to his present course, and do not allow himself to be tempted into " legiti. mate " aberrations, he is...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds were firm during the early part of the week; Consols fluc- tuating between 93 and 931. The intelligence of the change in the...

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:WONDERFUL is the success of Mr. Cobden's Peace movement— if you will overlook all the non-successes. He foretold that there would be no war ; and there has been no war—except...


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THE PAGEANT ON THE THAMES. s pe armints, the Thames displayed, on Tuesday, a front of mag- nificence which disguised the deadly offence underneath. There ie something...


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ATTENDANCE is not of much use in Parliament unless business be transacted in an orderly way ; but the first step towards a more orderly procedure would be a better attendance,...

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DOES national virtue find its sole expression in a money profit ' If so, Canada might have her annexation ; for England would have neither motive nor power to retain her, The...

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Tan importance of the coal-trade having been brought promi- nently to notice by the opening of the new Exchange in the pre- sence of Royalty, it may be well, at such a time, to...


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BE she Celt of Ireland or of Spain, with the fire of Milesian or of Mauritanian blood in her veins, Lola Montez is an anachronism. She belongs to the age of Archbishop Turpin or...

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BERNARD BARTON'S LITE AND LETTERS. * THERE is more of melancholy about the disappearance of the lesser than the greater stars of literature. The author whose works are for "all...

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Tam concluding volume of the edition of the Posthumous Works of Dr. Chalmers contains the lectures, notes, or commentaries, delivered by the great preacher of the Scottish...


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IN several respects this " tale " exhibits a considerable improvement upon the novels that under the name of Bell with several prefixes have excited' so much attention. There is...

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CRAIR'S ROMANCE OP THE PEERAGE. * THE third volume of this

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work confirms the opinion we expressed in no- ticing the second—that Mr. Craik selected his title rather with refer- ence to its sound than his subject. " Curiosities of the...


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Boom. Emanuel Swedenborg; a Biography. By James John Garth Wilkinson. Ned Allen; or the Past Age. By David Hannay, Esq. In two volumes. Prefections on Butler's Analogy, Paley's...

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WAR-OFFIGE, Nov. 2-6th Regt. of Drags.-Lieut. W. M. Powell to be Capt. by par. vice Grove, who retires ; Corset Sir E. S. Hutchinson, Bart. to be Lieut. by par. vice Powell. 2d...


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On the 28th June, at the Government House, Perth, Western Australia, the Lady of his Excellency Captain Fitzgerald, R.N., of a daughter. On the 21st October, at Whittingham,...


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Tuesday, Oct. 30. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Bretnall and Castle, Huntley Street, Tottenham Court Road, paper-manufacturers - Kirkpatrick and Raines, Scalby, Yorkshire,...

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BRITISH FUND 8. (Closing Prices.) &Mini. Monday. Torodoy. Wanes. 3 per Ce-t Consols 9 93/ 93i Ditto for Account 925 93 915 931 3 per Cents Reduced 91 911 911 31...