4 MARCH 1972

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It is easy, natural and enjoyable to feel anger when foreigners become righteously indignant about British policy on what is, at least in part, a domestic issue. In Washington a...

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— °rr idOrS _ for a.man who always had some affection

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the Bow Street Runners I am deeply edneerned about the state of morale in the Special Branch — particularly those who „ ,°:"•ard government ministers. Last December, whilst...

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Augustinian thoughts

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Frederick Copleston Religion and Society in the Age of Saint Augustine Peter Brown (Faber £3.25) IN 1967 Peter Brown published his magnificent biography of St Augustine. His...

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Romantic millenium

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Graham Martin Natural Supernaturalism M. H. Abrams (OUP £3.50). Samua/ Taylor Coleridge Basil Willey (Chatto & Windus, £3). At the end of the 'thirties, W. H. Auden wrote: We...

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S h adowed lives I sabel Quigly (Ch Cil ' a Pter of Accidents Goronwy ,tto

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Windus £275) Pdtne and . r Rees a)a, , Fi gure Beverley Nichols ( H - un C2.25) eine1;?0°,1;?11WY Rees has the material for is but put it all into one, which i f s c because it...

A year from the past is brought to life as it was

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THEN Editorial director: Professor Asa Briggs lives of the people in 1901. Each issue of this new magazine is created from the letters, news, diaries and official papers from...

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Social commentary

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Nicholas Richardson The French Second Republic: A Social History Roger Price (Batsford £4.80) " No casualties — except the Republic, and that doesn't matter." An epitaph on the...

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More Irish mess

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Sir: It may well be that we are now in a last-resort situation that would justify direct rule in Ulster. But I still have my doubts, as a Scotsman rather than as a citizen of...

Spectator, no!

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Sir: I write to protest most vehemently about your leading article in The Spectator (February 19). At a time like this, when the Prime Minister and the Government are making the...


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Sir: Bookbuyer solicitors opinions as to whether publishers should act as censors of books submitted to them (February 26). I believe this is an important aspect of the...


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Sir: 2,500 years ago the Greeks coined a word 'stasis' for an unpleasant economic disease, defined (The City-State of the Greeks and Romans, W. Warde Fowler, Macmillan, London,...

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Fled from Israel

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Sir: May 1 be allowed to comment on Martin Short's article "Fled from Israel," February 19. The following points seem especially relevant to me: 1. The Arab has been made to...

A special case

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Sir: Whether the miners constitute a special case was a matter for the court of inquiry to decide but there is a very special case for Mr Heath to step down in favour of a...

State of England

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Sir: The state of England is obviously better than we had feared: Mr. Simon Raven is back amidst your pages, after too long an absence. His style is magic and, whatever his...

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‘AqU ari11S'

The Spectator

Sir: May I beg the hospitality of Your columns to make an appeal to Your readers on behalf of 49aarius, a poetry magazine, rnany of your readers may ;.:.,ve heard of. Publishing...

Animal welfare

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Sir: It is just possible that "old trouts, give money for animal Welfare rather than for children because children are so frequently cruel to animals whereas animals are rarely...

Iris Tree

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Sir: I am preparing a biography of Iris (1897-1968), third daughter of Sir Herbert and Lady Tree, and should be grateful for any anecdotes, photographs, letters or other...

Hain Fund

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Sir: Surely both sides in the correspondence concerning the Hain family and the Suppression of Communism Act are missing the point? It is not that the Hains were unfairly...

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The Week in the Arts

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Theatre New in London: Well, not quite new — The Caretaker was the play that really put Harold Pinter on the map back in 1960. The revival at the Mermaid, openin g March 2, has...

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Julie Christie Superstar Tony Palmer Julie Christie is billed as one of the stars of McCabe and Mrs Miller ('X '), now showing at the Warner Rendezvous. She received similar...

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Juliette's Weekly Frolic

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Three seconds and a light blanket of fog over the far side of the course were the only faults to be found on an otherwise perfect Saturday at Kempton and yet a large percentage...

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The s b anning of inertia selling has forced cir ne Phoney directory companies to close. the who lost his job was telling me : w aY his organisation had made him envterate....

Clive Gammon

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I was invited, earlier this month, to fish the Junction Pool at Kelso on the Tweed during the opening week of the salmon season. In case that bald statement conveys little, I...

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South Coast Carol Wright I can never understand why it's popular to laugh at Blackpool, a music hall joke, yet Southsea is embellished with a kind of Jane Austen elegance. On...

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S cici aM i es . The decision announced last week by Sir Keith

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Joseph to appoint a Health CoMmissioner to look into NHS and hospital complaints is to be welcomed T he , art ilY ---but not wholly without reserve. t , '" e main points of...

The poor and the Tories

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Frank Field Those with the strength to lift, and then open the third volume of The Life of Winston Churchill, will have read that on each occasion the great man rose to speak...

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Check-up John Rowan Wilson The value of a routine medical check-up in middle age is one of the most controversial issues in modern medicine. As everyone knows, the years after...