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New troubles disturb the British sway in India. The insurrec-

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tion at Moultan, of which Lieutenant Edwardes seemed to have got the upper hand, has swelled to larger proportions in the pre- sence of General Whish's army : that which was...

While the immediate fate of Vienna hangs upon the fortunes

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of war, with dark fears for the capital, no longer gay, new dis- closures impart a curious aspect to the future of Austria. The combined Imperial forces under the chief command...


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Fr appears to us that it would be a great aid to Government if common sense were introduced as the guiding rule in the practice of the law, at all events when conducted by the...

France, England apparently concurring, has taken up a new position

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between the King of Naples and his Sicilian subjects : the Sicilians are to be shielded from any vindictive measures on the part of the King, but the reunion of the island to...

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THE Queen held a Privy Council at Windsor Castle on Tuesday after- noon. Most of the Ministers attended. The prorogation of Parliament was settled. On Saturday, her Majesty...

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A Court of Aldermen was held on ;Wednesday, for the despatch of business. Aldermen Sidney raised a discussion on the state of the prisons within the City jurisdiction— They are...

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ghe Vrobinuts.

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A requisition, signed by 187 electors of King's Lynn, has been addressed to the Honourable Edward Henry Stanley, inviting him to become a can- didate for the vacant...

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It is stated that the Treasury department at Dublin Castle is to be bro- ken up, and a few clerks only retained to act under the head department in London. The Evening Packet...


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The vacancy in the Hebrew chair of Edinburgh University has been filled up by the election of Mr. Liston, brother of the late eminent surgeon. MqVheelan, the murderer of the...

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ffortion nub

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Fit&NCE.—M. Trouve Chauvel, the new Finance Minister, made his debiit in the Assembly on Monday, with a budget speech. He proclaimed himself a zealous partisan of order, of...

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It is reported that the Queen and Prince Albert have sought the protec- tion of the Chancery Courts against an artistic piracy. The Queen and the Prince are known to have...

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[Copy of a Minute of the Poor-law Board.] The Board have received representations from every part of England and Wales respecting the continual and rapid increase of vagrancy....

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SATURDAY. The news of events at Vienna comes down to the 29th October; and is chiefly derived from the Deutsche Reform of the 31st, a paper said to colour its information in...

In the National Assembly at Berlin, on the 30th October,

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the fourth article of the Constitution was discussed. The Central Committee had proposed that it should stand thus- " All Prussians are equal before the law. There do not exist...


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On the 20th October, at Tranmere, Cheshire, the Honourable Mts. Lewiston Radler, of a sou, On the 27th, at Sherhum House, Durham, the Wife of Major Faber, of a son. On the...

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Last night's Gazette contains an order in Council, dated Windsor,

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Oc- tober 31, 1848, signifying the Royal approval of an act prepared by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Assembly of Prince Edward's Island, entitled" An Act to regulate...

Much vague apprehension was felt in Paris on Thursday: a

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deputation of women was to wait on the Assembly with a memorial in favour of the insurgents of June, and it was feared there would be serious disturbance. The uneasiness was...

Intelligence has just been received of the failure on the

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part of Admiral Dacres to re6stablish the trade between Mauritius and Madagascar. The conditions sought to be imposed by the Hovah Government were such as for the present quite...

This week has brought forth Lord Stanley in renewed political

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activity: besides the letter to the electors of Lynn, respecting his son's succession to that seat, the papers publish another from Lord Stanley to Mr. Thomas Baring, written on...

A correspondent in Burntialand writes, on Tuesday—" I have just

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had a con- versation with a shipmaster, who within these three weeks passed a day or two at Bermuda; where, he informs me, he saw Mr. John Mitchel walking on the quay, and...

Mr. Henn and Mr. Napier have given opinions in favour

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of the State prisoners, on the points raised by the writs of error. Mr. Richard Dalton Williams, the partner of Mr. O'Doherty in the own- ership of the Tribune, was brought to...

The Lancet suggests a very practicable plan for converting the

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Serpen- tine water in Hyde Park from a nuisance into a really ornamental and useful basin— "How is this Aegean ditch to be cleansed of ita accumulateclabominations? Either by...

The cholera has been increasingly fatal in London during the

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past week. Up to yesterday, 59 new cases had occurred, and 34 deaths. In the provinces the severity of the attack has declined: very few cases have occurred. In Edin- burgh,...


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BrocK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The determination of the Bank Directors to reduce their rate of discount from 34 to 3 per cent, had yesterday a ,very favourable effect upon...

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On the occasion of Mr. John Reeve's appearance at the Lyceum, we re- ferred to the feeling of friendship which exists between the actors and au- dience at the Adelphi, and which...


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IMPROVED TREATMENT OF THE POOR. IN confronting the dark but not hopeless aspect of the coming winter, we suggested that it would be well to begin the enforce- ment of the...

Jullien has again opened Old Drury, under better auspices than

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when he commenced his ill-starred operatic undertaking this time twelvemonth. He has resumed his promenade concerts; once more placed himself at the head of his monster band,...

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bus Alcides, the University of Cambridge is preparing for its own regeneration : it is extending its high education ministry into the region of physical and moral science. The...


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DR. GRANVILLE has placed in a compact form the materials for maintaining a correct public opinion on the rights of Italian affairs ;* no small service to the conscientious...

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journal seems to have been set to the special duty of keeping a guard over the outposts of its pro- teges the Whis. Ministers against the dangers of incidental al- lusions in...

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Paris, November 2. The President !—we can speak of nothing else: for the next six weeks we shall have no other concern. Jack Cade Proudhon used to say that he remained...


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WHAT a scatterbrained perversity characterizes the Irish! they invariably get hold of the wrong end of a thing; like the monkey in the melodrama, they seize a sword by its...


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AN ingenious writer has pointed out a series of coincidences which ought to strike alarm into the heart of the great official palace in Leadenhall Street ; for if the facts are...

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Twee.% Narrative of a Campaign against the Kabailes of Algeria; with the Mission of M. Suchet to the Emir Abd-el-Kader for an Exchange of Prisoners. By Dawson Borrer, F.R.G.S.,...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sm—A great fuss has been made about the refusal of the officials of the Scot- tish Central Railway to forward the Datchess of Sutherland by a...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TILE SPECTATOR. Manchester, 31st October 1848. Ste—I have perused with mach interest the letters that have appeared in your paper signed by "A Master at Rugby...

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PROFESSES to reveal a "secret plan" of the Jesuits, the object of which is to overturn the liberties of the people while professing to advance them, in order to establish a...

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SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. Tens body has recently adopted certain measures of reform, which do honour to the intelligence of its members. Great changes of management, indeed,...

Jerome. It is true that the readings of these manuscripts

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differ; and between the Dublin and the best Parisian manuscript there is the further variation of dialect, that of Dublin being more akin to the Italian language, while the...

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Hamilton's Edition of the Select Songs of Scotland, arranged with

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Symphonies and Accompaniments for the Pianoforte. This work, which proceeds from the Glasgow press, does great credit to Mr. Hamilton in as far as his functions as publisher are...


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This Society, formed by Mr. Surma!' with the support of the minority who took his side in the dispute with the Sacred Harmonic Society, holds its meetings, like the old Society,...

La Vivacith; Scherzo for the Pianoforte. Composed by Charles Satanism.

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This little piece is well named. It is an unbroken series of brilliant, Sparkling passages, which lie well for the band, and have a remarkably gay and animated effect; the whole...

Eighty Chorales, (Psalm and Hymn Tunes,) newly harmonized in four

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parts, with Organ Accompaniment, by W. A. Best. Innumerable collections of psalmody have appeared in this country, but few of them exhibit taste and judgment on the part of...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, October 31.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Mortimer and Garforth, Mesta), coal-masters- Burgess and Pattrick, Wfsbeach, plumbers-Hunter and Jeffels, Leeds, fire-clay bricIsmakers-Robinson and...


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Wee-oertea, Nov. 3.-let Drag. Guards-G. Paynter. Gent, to be Cornet, by tiar- a este, vice Hamilton, promoted. 6th Dreg/I.-Lieut. R. Dennistoun, from the 11th Light Drags. to te...

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BRITISH FUNDS (Closing Monday. Prices Tuesday. ) Tredues. Thurs. Friary. 3 per Cent Consols 65/ 85/ 86 861 86k Ditto for Account is 86 86 861 86/ 3 per Cents Reduced...