5 AUGUST 1848

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Parliament has been pushing forward measures sub sikntio, with a

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diligence indicative of a session drawing to its close : bills shoot by in clusters, like the shooting-stars of August. Some subjects, however, have not passed without debate....

The aspect of affairs in Northern Italy has become gloomy

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in the extreme. The Austrians have made a successful advance on the Mincio, and threaten Milan ; so that Charles Albert's posi- tion is critical. He has sent, it is said, a...

Irish rebellion has not ventured to rear its head in

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Liverpool. Discoveries, indeed, have justified the apprehensions of the citi- zens , by proving the existence of conspiracies in the town • but the local authorities are...


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THE climax of the Irish rebellion is of so trumpery a kind as scarcely to deserve the name of a crisis; and although the rebels have been beaten by a handful of policemen, there...

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Debates anb VrOteel3ings fn Iparliament. STATE OF IRELAND.

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In the House of Lords, on Thursday, Lord Bnotionast moved for copies of any proclamations of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland for the apprehen- sion of persons charged with...

In looking to Paris for indications as to the course

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that the French Government may adopt towards Italy, doubts are only made more doubtful. The ascertained facts are that three gen- tlemen have come, with claims from Lombardy,...

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THE record of the Court is almost a blank. The Queen and Prince bert, with the children, have been staying at Osborne House, enjoying in walks and rides the healthful breezes of...

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gbe larobincts.

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A correspondent of the Daily News, writing from Liverpool on Monday, declared that the authorities were in possession of important information respecting seditious movements in...

Ebe itletrop olts.

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crA Common Hall was held on Monday, to elect Sheriffs for London and Middlesex. On Midsummer-day, Mr. Mils and Mr. Bousfield were elected without their consent; Mr. Mills paid...

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We lost sight of Mr. Smith O'Brien after his departure from Dublin : last week he was once more in view, on the Eastern border of Tipperary, where he seems to have been in a...

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The Annuity-tax war continues in Edinburgh. Baillie Stott and ano- ther citizen were sent to gaol on Monday for nonpayment of the tax. A regular agitation of meetings is to...

foreign an colonial.

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Ixstv.—Every day of the past week has brought news unfavourable to the Italian cause. A series of open offensive operations, organized by Radet- sky, have been carried into...

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are followed by a similar examination of the Jewish authorities,

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and the Alexandrine and Byzantine authors : the researches of modern inquirers, from Joseph Scaliger to Wilkinson and Rosellini, completes the section. The Egyptian language...


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nature well, when he described his Ser. geant-at-law—" No whey so besy a man as he there n'as." The number of interests that come under a lawyer's notice, with the...

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BOOKS. Sadness and Gladness; a Story of the Present Day. By the Honourable Adele Sidney, Author of "Home and its Influence." In three volumes. The Voyage and Shipwreck of SL...


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On the 27th July, the Countess of Ashburnham, of a son. On the 27th, at Rosstrevor, county of Down, the Hon. Mrs. Ross, of Bladensburg. of a son. On the 29th, at Edinburgh, the...

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WAR-OFFICE, August 1.-9th Light Drags.—Lient. G. P. Atkinson, from the 89th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Richards, appointed to the 17th Light Drags. 11th Light Drags.— lieut. W....

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, August 1. COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, August 1.

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PARTNERSHIPS DB:MOLTED. S. U. and I. Salter, Malmeabury, woolstaplers —Padley and Co. Sheffield, silver- platers; as far as regards J. Fisher—Carter and Wharton, Gainaborough,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &fen, Monday. Tessdiry. Wands. Mon. 3 per Cents Reduced 33 per Cents India Bonds, 41 per Cent 3 per Cent Consols Long Annuities Bank Stock,...