5 MAY 1849

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If any could suppose that the Protectionists are gaining ground

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as a party, their "demonstrations" might serve to explode the fancy. The greater the effort to be impressive, the more effectual is the exposure of weakness : a Metropolitan...


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THOUGH the House of Commons has done a good deal of busi- ness this week, the greater interest is transferred to the House of THOUGH the House of Commons has done a good deal of...

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The relative position of the contending parties in Hungary is

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now seen to be the very reverse of what it was at the commence- ment of the war and the steady change which has been effected in favour of the Magyars tells unfavourably for the...

The Indian news is very satisfactory. The expectation that General

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Gilbert would follow up the victory of Goojerat has been fulfilled : by an admirable scheme of forced marches, in which his slower troops were successively left behind as...

The dangerous spirit of disaffection gains head in Canada, rather

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than abates. The British party have suspended active re- sistance to the Lower Canada Compensation Bill, until it shall be known whether the bill is to receive the Royal assent...

Mr. Roebuck has been elected Member for Sheffield, on the

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most honourable terms by which any man can be elected: not only free of cost—that is a small matter—but at the spontaneous invitation of the constituency, and without pandering...

Debates anb timed:ling% in giarliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS ow THE WEEK. Holm or Loans. Monday, April 30. Lord Wharncliffe's Motion for Irish Poor-law Returns—Adjourned at 7 b. 35 m. Tuesday, May I. Lord Brougham's...

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gbe Inetropoiis.

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A "great aggregate meeting of the Agricultural, Commercial, Manufac- turing, Shipping, and Colonial interests," was held on Tuesday, at the Hall of Commerce in Threadneedle...

Zbf Ql ourt.

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TIIE Queen held a Court and Privy Council on Monday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. At the Court, a deputation from the Society of Friends presented an address on the subject...

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Et, Vrobinces.

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Mr. Ward's seat for Sheffield was vacated by him on Friday last, by formal acceptance of the office under the Crown which had been some time destined for him; and on Saturday...

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ffortign anti Colonial.

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Faarrca.—A tendency to dmeute showed itself on Sunday and Monday, arising out of the officious interference of the police at public meetings of the advanced Republicans. Some...

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- It is stated that the Queen has purchased a large piece of ground in the Hensel Green Cemetery, in order to construct "for the Royal Family an elegant mausoleum, to which will...

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In the Court of Chancery yesterday, Mr. Cooper moved for

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a writ of babea corpus directing Dr. Costello, the proprietor of a lunatic asylum called Wyk House, at Brentford, to bring up the body of John Watkyns, lately a fishinonge in...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, yesterday evening, Sir CHARLES WOOD m oved resolutions for a further loan in aid of Irish improvements. Sir Charles spoke at considerable...

A very numerous meeting of Conservative Peers took place yesterday

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afternoon at the residence of Lord Stanley, in Si. James's Square. Sixty members of the House of Lords were present, and it was unanimously resolved by them to use every...

The anniversary of the proclamation of the French Republic by

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the Nationa l Assembly was celebrated yesterday with great pomp; the President of the Re- public assisting. The venerable Dupont de l'Eure died On Thursday night, of a rapid...

It is with much regret that we announce the sudden

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death of Mr. Home Twiss, a gentleman who has been for many years well known and deservedly esteemed in the political and literary society of the Metropolis. Mr. Twiss had been...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. the market by Continental politics, and the prices of the English Funds have ad- vanced nearly 1 per cent. Business, though not remarkably...

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At Covent Garden, Grisi has resumed her great characters in

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Lucrezia Borgia and Norma. We have not seen her in these, but can trust the tes- timony which represents her as in full possession of her powerful attrac- tions. Mario, whose...

Herold's comic opera, Le Fri au.v Clercs, was performed at

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the St. James's on Wednesday, with less success than usually attends the exertions of Mr. Mitchell's clever company. The music of this piece is miniature work, without breadth...


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The Philharmonic concert of Monday was good for the audience, but afforded few morsels for the critics. There is nothing, now-a-days, to be said about Haydn's Symphony Letter T,...

Two French pieces of intrigue, Les Dames de St. Cyr

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by Dumas, and Un Mari Anomyme, the scene of both of which lies in Spain, have been produced with success at the Haymarket and the Lyceum, under the re- spective titles of...


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The popularity of Jenny Lind stands as a thing per se. Two years ago, when almost every article of trade was named after her, and she thus re- ceived the same compliment which...

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"JE n'imiterai pas J. J. Rousseau dans sea Confessions," says M. de Lamartine. " Je ne rims rdconterai pas lea puerilites de ina, premiere enfance. L'homme ne commence qu'avec...


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HUDSONISMS. WE must be on our way to a new age of chivalry, since we have just reached, possibly passed, the very opposite of that which sur- vives only in the myths of the-...

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HUNGARY vindicates her ancient renown, and will yet give Aus- tria some trouble to conquer her—for the first time, if it be done at all. The successes of the Hungarians in the...

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STRANGE is it that Literature should be in advance both of States- manship and Commerce to appretiate so practical a thing as the value of Maize to the dense populations of...


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Jr the uses which might be made of the Mechanic's Institution were thoroughly understood or kept in view, assuredly less of effort would be needed for its support in many towns,...


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SCENE OF FRIDAY LAST, AS IT PROBABLY OCCURRED. LORD BEAUMONT having moved for papers on the subject of the outrages at Catania, Lord BROUGHAM defended the Neapolitan soldiery,...

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PRINCE ADALBERT'S TRAVELS IN BRAZIL. * THE author of these travels is the elder brother of Prince Waldemar of Prussia, whose share in the glories and dangers of our first...

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object of this book seems to be to darken the characters of the Protestants of the Reformation. Its more formal purpose is to " ex- plain " the Marian persecutions, by unfolding...

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Eizzio.* Tars is a fiction ascribed to Mr. Ireland, famous

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for the Shaksperian forgery of last century ; and is said by its ostensible editor, Mr. James, to have been "sold by public auction to a highly respectable bookseller; by him...

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WATER COLOUR EXHIBITION. LITTLE change appears in the collection that fills the small room in Pall Mall East, except that on one or two painters the effect of age is marked,...


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BOOKS. Memoirs of Prince Rupert and the Cavaliers. Including their Private Correspondence, now first published from the original manuscripts. By Eliot Warburton, Author of "The...

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Mr. Grundy, the owner of a new print-shop in Regent Street, (No. 130,) is exhibiting a picture by Ansdell, with figures by Frith, to be engraved by Mr. Ryall as a companion to...


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On the 236 April. at Strewel Lodge, Roseneath, Dumbartonshire, the Lady of Colonel Ethnonstone Cralgle, C.B., Aide-de-camp to the Queen, of a son. On the 29th, at Corsham...


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A likeness of Mademoiselle Lind is to be seen for a few days at the house of Messrs. Squire and Co., in Cockspur Street. The picture is painted by Mr. Solomon, after a...


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WAE.OFFICE, May 4.-41h Light Drags.-Capt. G. T. George, from half-pay Unatt. to be Paymaster, vice 0.0. Dalbiac, who retires on half-pay as a Lieut. 13th Light Drags.-Lieut. J....


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Tuesday, May 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Duffield and Peniston, Leeds, cloth-tlnishers-Graham and Jefferson, Carlisle,meroers -Liddell, Brothers, Huddersfield, hoot-makers ; as...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Baturd. Teasley. Tuesday. Walesa. Thurs. Friday. 3 per emit Consols 92 92 921 921 Ditto for Account 93 92 02 921 921 02 per Cents...