5 MAY 1860

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AT length we are quit of the Reform Bill for a month. The Measure has been read a second time, aril the Committee has been fixed for the 4th of June, a remote period that...

Loyalty and bad faith continue their war on the battle-field

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of the continent, loyalty decidedly gaining as time advances. ' Perhaps there is no cavalier at present who is more triumphant than King Victor Emmanuel; the Re Galantuomo is ....

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The three abduction eases in Ireland are treated generally as

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proofs of the reaction amongst the Roman Catholics in that island ; but to us all the circumstances have rather a different signification. No doubt they prove the activity of...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. -MINISSi OF Loans. Howley, April 30. Church Rate Abolition Bill read a first S mithfield Market ; Lord Ebury ' a Question — NationalEducation in...

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The May meetings have set in, St. James's Hall proving a formidable competitor as a gathering-place to Exeter Hall and the Hanover Square Rooms. The Society for the Propagation...

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THE QUEEN has been actively engagedin outdoor exercises and amuse- ments. She has driven abroad every day. Accompanied by the Prince Consort and the Princesses, her Majesty has...

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The emigration from Ireland threatens to equal that of 1846-7. This time the emigres are chiefly farm labourers and household servants, and their inducements to go to the United...

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,f TR U t f.—The Emperor, accompanied by the Prince of Oldenburg, went on Tuesday to the Polygon of Vincennes, to be present at some ex- periments with rifled cannon which have...


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The election of a Member for Berkshire, in the room of Captain Ver- non, took place at Abingdon on Tuesday. Mr. Benyon was proposed by Mr. Robert Palmer, and seconded by Mr....

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The Duke of Argyll will for the next three weeks

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discharge the duties of Postmaster-General, in addition to those which already devolve upon him as Lord Privy Seal. The arrangement is an interim one, andis inftmded termed the...

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Our Turin oorrespondent, it will be seen, does not take

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a sanguine view of - the progress of the Sicilian insurrection :— " Turin, May 1. " The Sicilian attempt, which, as I have already told you, was hopeless by its nature, is...

Pullinger, of the Union Bank, was yesterday committed for trial

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on two charges of fraud and embezzlement. Lytlleton, the cashier, charged with embezzling moneys, has been acquitted by the Lord Mayor, who told him that he left the Court "...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Great firmness with little business has been the prevailing feature of the Stock Exchange, since our last impression. In the English Market,...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. In the House of Commons last night, the business of the sitting began by the putting of a shoal of questions, some of which relate to matters of current...

There is later intelligence from Australia, to the effect that

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a rich gold- field has been discovered near the sources of the river Murrumbidger, and that many persons had left Adelaide in consequence. War has broken out in New Zealand...

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PARLIAMENTARY REFORM AND PARLIAMENTARY INCOMPETENCY. THE dead lock to which, the House of. Commons came this week on the subjeet ofiteform is a symptom of a bad character na-...

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THE . RATIONAL GALLERY AND TILE APOLLO AND- M4RSYAS. Milan, Tuesdoy, Nay 1st, 1860, &a—On December 16, the sculptor. Widumann, one of the leading artiste * Munich, and Professor...

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Tim circular letter from the new French COmmercial'Reform As- sociation to the several Chambers. of Commerce in France calls upon those commercial bodies to join is claiming a...

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UNSETTLED MILITARI( QUOTIO/sl i g, Tax reappointment of the Select COMMittee on

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military, organiza- tion recalls attention to the broad questions still unsettled by our statesmen. The largest practical question is this of Military Or- ganization for...

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Tun difiieultyof meeting the evil of electoral• corruption by action out of doors; is much increased by the inconsistency of Perlin- ment. The only remedy which- the Hansa of...

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LITTLE CHILDREN: THE satire which self-righteousness pronounces -open itself in

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its own excesses is often amongst the most effectual counteractives to fanaticism. Few things have happened more injurious to the Ultramontane cause than those eases which are...


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On the 21th of April, at South Terrace, Surbiton Hill, Mrs. St. Vincent Jervis, of a daughter, stillborn. On the 25th, at 14, Hereford Street, London, the LadySaitoun, of a...

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EUROPEAN JURIBPRUDEXCE. 1 Tax book of Hugo Grotius, says the illustrionceuthor of the cog-. nate work which we propose to review, introduced into the coun- cils of monarchs and...

ant CDARLES BELL. * Du. A,MEDEE Pienor's biography of Sir Charles

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Bell, if not.exaotly such a book as we desMerate, is yetweleome as a foreigner's tribute to the memory of a distinguished man, whose merits, though not unknown to his own...

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THE battle of theological metaphysics continues. The gyration of abstract: thought seems destined to be perpetual. The circle ever returns into itself, and knows no onward or...

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NEW Novnns.* NINE, pairs of lovers, Ave of whom double

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their parts so as to make up a total of fourteen love stories, and these fourteen resolving themselves after the requiiite course of vicissitudes and perplexi- ties into the...

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A new work from the pen of Mr. George Borrow, author of "La vengro," is announced by Mr. Murray, under the title, " The Sleeping Bard ; or, Visithis of the World, Death, and...


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BOOKS. The Autobiography of an Italian Rebel. By G. Ricciardi. Translated from the Italian. Mary Bertrand. By Francis Meredith. In three volumes. The Wild Flowers of England...

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JELINGER COORSON SYMONS, ELM., late Inspector of Schools, whose lamented death took place at Great Malvern on the 7th of April, was the son of a beneficed clergyman in...


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At the Opera Comique, there is a new work, composed by M. Govan* to music by MM. Cormon and Michel Carre, With the title Le Chateau Trotupette. That indefatigable roué, the Due...

The epithet "popular," as applied to a performance of music,

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no longer means something adapted to an uneducated and unrefined taste— something in which the high and classic productions of the art are eschewed as being calculated only to...

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There has been no theatrical novelty of importance this week, except the appearance at the Adelphi of Miss Julia Daly, an American actress, devoted to the representation of...


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Mademoiselle Piccolomini has finally retired from the stage. She took leave of the public at Her Majesty's Theatre, on Monday last, when she appeared, for the third time, in...

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put arts.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. The private view of yesterday enables us to give a general idea of the exhibition for this year, which will be opened to the public on Monday. The post of...


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R. A. The idea of a one-master Exhibition originated with the Society of Arts about ten years ago, when collections of the choicer works of W. Etty and W. Mulready, were...


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The Exhibition of the Old Society, which was opened on Monday, is one of unusual interest ; there are abundant signs of thought and ac- tivity shown in the works of the members,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Segura. Nowdoy. taudoy.I IfOrloaa. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 Bank...


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'Prinkrhiltby Anniillth - Joss HEtrrrr, junior, Halceigate, Norfolk, miller. :-.8aNkrtfpta,-EDWIN Hester SPARK, Heatheete Street, Gray's Inn Bead, jeweller - mix...


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On Friday evening, the 20th instant, Dr. T. Spencer Cobbold de- livered a lecture " On the Scope and Tendency of the Natural-History Sciences." The speaker referred to the...