6 JANUARY 1849

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NEWS. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Africa, Western-Slave-trade, 77. Mis- sion to Dahomey, 338. Expedition up the Gambia, 678. America-Slavery, 6, 31, 126, 316, 773. California, 6.31....

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Numbers would be disappointed in the search for gold ;

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but how many could return ? Few. California therefore will be colonized impromptu—settled by a community of gold-finders: a happy family ! There has been some talk of...


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ALTHOUGH far too little for judgment, the demeanour of Presi- dent Louis Napoleon is quite enough as ground for apprehension, quite enough to disturb the hope that anything like...

Doubt hangs over the state of other countries. Although the

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position of contending parties in Hungary is in the main under- stood, the actual situation of military affairs is not so well authen- ticated. Windischgriitz is converging upon...

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Zbe litttropoi is.

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A preliminary meeting was held, at the London Coffeehouse, on Wednes- 41ay, to consider a proposition to be laid before Parliament by Mr. Charles Pearson M.P., for establishing...

"John O'Connell" again signed by living hand ! O'Connell minor,

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it seems, is still extant, and not an exciseman, but pro- vided for—so it is said—in some "commercial situation." Mean- while, he varies the labours of penmanship with a...

The death of Lord Auckland removes another statesman of the

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steady-going Whig school, and occasions more perplexity in filling the vacancy at the Admiralty than might have been anti- Opated from the unmarked character of the departed...

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Some two hundred of the Liberal electors of Cockermouth gave a public dinner to their Members, Mr. Aglionby and MT. Horstnan, on the 29th re camber; and were entertained in...

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Tnn visiters at Windsor Castle continue to be numerous and distinguished. The Dutchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary, and Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar, arrived on...

The intelligence from the Punjaub tells of victories for the

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British arms, but tends to confirm the belief that the conspiracy of the insurgent Sikhs had very extensive ramifications. At Moulton, General Whish's troops had successfully...

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According to the Dublin correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, a mea- sure to establish a new county franchise in Ireland will be introduced early in the next session, and also...

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SCOTLAND. • A great destruction of property has been caused

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at the Caledonian Railway station in Edinburgh, by a fire which broke out early on Wednesday morning and was not subdued till noon. Two of the new sheds connected with the...

jforeign anb Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The MinisterialTcrisis last week has resulted in some resig- nations and replacements. The Monitetsr of Saturday announced the de- finitive withdrawal of Messieurs...

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The Earl of Auckland was struck with paralysis on Saturday last, and died on Monday. He had been on a visit at Lord' Ashburton's seat, the Grange, in Hampshire; and was seized...

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The Reformers of Bradford, an unparliamentary borough in Wiltshire, gave

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a public entertainment to Mr. Roebuck, on Thursday," as a tribute of admiration for his independent conduct in Parliament, and strenuous advo- cacy of public economy and...

The death of Mr. Pryse, reported this morning, occasions a

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vacancy in the representation of the Cardigan Boroughs. Mr. William Williams, the late Member for Coventry, is spoken of as a candidate. Mr. Crowder was elected yesterday,...


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SATURDAY. The Revenue-tables for the year and quarter just ended are so far satis- factory that they present the critical branches of the revenue in a state of decidedly upward...


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It is due to our readers abroad to make them aware that we have been compelled to adopt the rule of not taking in unpaid letters by foreign posts, from correspondents unknown to...


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On the 24th December, the Lady of the Rev. H. M. Scarth, Prebendary of Wells, and Rector of Bathwick, Bath, of a daughter. On the 26th, at Weilleford House, near Wellington,...

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Notwithstanding the continued emigration, the flight of farmers, and the

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consequent neglect of the land in various districts of Ireland to the South and West, the preparations for next harvest are generally in a forward state. In the Northern...

The Paris advices of yesterday announce that the Spanish and

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Portu- guese Governments have made a proposition, in common with the French Government, with a view to the holding of conferences as to the present position of the Pope and the...


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The performance of Mr. Charles Kean in the character of Shylock at the Haymarket confirms the opinion that he is much more the man of na- tural feeling than the finished artist....

A spacious cattle-market, which has for some time past been

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in course of erec- tion at Islington, is to be opened with much ceremony on Tuesday next. Several of the mail-bags brought by the Northern mails were detained yester- day...

The contract between the Admiralty and the Peninsular and Oriental

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Steam Navigation Company has been definitively renewed, on the terms of the offer made by the Directors. The contract is to last for a period of four years, and afterwards until...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTEANOON. The English Stock Market has been very firm, and continued so till Wednes- day; Consols for Account having reached 89i. A downward reaction...

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BRAHAAL The veteran Brehm emerged from his retirement to appear

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at the last "Wednesday Concert" in Exeter Hall. The announcement of his name attracted an overflowing audience; many persons were unable to obtain ad- mission. Braham's...

- A tiny melodrama, called The Headsman—showing the unpleasant situa-

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tion in which an executioner may be placed who holds his office by lineal descent—has been written by Mr. Albert Smith, and produced at the Olympic. As soon as the humane...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Camberwell, 361 January 1849. SIR—It is at all times an easy enough matter to pick holes in a person's gar- ment, but in Mr. Cobden's case it...

IRELAND. Roscommon, December 301k.

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The balance against industry, shown in the statement of a landlord's finanoes with which I concluded my last letter, may be taken as a sufficient explanation of the unfavourable...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Shetutone, 3d January 1849. Sut—I have published books of which I was the author, at my own expense; and have very many copies remaining...

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THE QUEST OF THE TRUE BUDGET. JUDGIAG by such signs as can come before the public in the re- cess, we incline to hope that the discussion of" finaticiel reform " will take much...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th January 1848 and 1849, showing the Increase or De- crease thereof. YEARS...

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OF all helpless creatures "the Public" is the most impotent. Poor Public can do nothing for itself: it cannot assert public rights, but depends for that office upon Mr. Wakley,...


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THE embarrassments for the legislator which are presented by the actual state of the factory question can be distinctly traced to a redundancy of interference by law—to the...

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SOME case occurs every now and then to remind us of the slow progress made in reforming the law of Lunacy. The Fishponds Lunatic Asylum, near Bristol, has been an hereditary...


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OuT of all the prisoners in the Queen's Bench prison on Monday last, one was selected for discharge—because he was a Peer ! The spectacle is one of the same kind with several...

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](IMBLE'S SAXONS IN ENGLAND. * SPECIMENS of history by means of an exposition of society and its in- slitutions, in place of a narrative of events and a delineation of...

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IN 1842, Mr. Charles Terry left England for Calcutta via Egypt and Ceylon; and resided some three years in the city of palaces, either on private business or as a servant of the...

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Tan manifold inconveniences of age have furnished a fruitful theme for the moralists and satirists of all times. " Multa senem circumve- niunt incommode," said Horace, when his...

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MONTGOMERY'S CHRISTIAN LIFE. * MONTGOMERY and Pollok are remarkable examples of

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the popularity at- tainable by poetical sound and common ideas. Strictly examined, there will hardly be found a trace of true poetry in "The Course of Time," or in the more...


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[The increased number of printed wares sent to the Spectator, many of them of a trivial or merely trading kind, obliges us to modify the treatment of the classified list of...

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grund Sonatas for the Pianoforte and Flute Concertante. Composed by M. Hauptmann. Edited by J. Clinton. Ifr. Clinton has done a good service to the English amateurs of the flute...


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Captain Smsdhe's Drawings of the Captured Sikh, ataiS. Befbre us are two volumes, a quarto containing some sixty pages, and a broad folio of thirty pages. The latter is filled...


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Tuesday, January 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hill, Brothers, Riga, merchants ; as far as regards J. H. Hill-Hills and Whishaw, St. Petersburg, merchants ; as far as regards B....


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Jan. 1.-Gent. Cadets to be See. Lieuts. Royal Regt. of AT- tillery-F. Miller, vice Govan, promoted ; It. W. Haig, vice Ingilby, promoted; C. H. Owen, vice...

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&turd. -- Monday. -- Tuesday. -- 1Vednes -- Then. Priddy. 3 per Cel,t Consols shut Ditto for Account 165 ex d 59 89 89 89 89 8 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents 86/ eel...