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To save the party

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To save the party Mr Arthur Scargill, attacking Mr Prior's Employment Act at the Trades Union Congress meeting in Brighton this Week, said: 'All our freedoms and laws have been...

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The writing in the hall

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Political commentary The writing in the hall Ferdinand Mount The banners sa\ onx -2,0()01,208'. All around the Brighton Conference Centre, the TUC propaganda people have...

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Notebook Brighton IT I am getting tired of a meaningless phrase Which, with slight modifications, is now de rigueur for any supporter of the Labour Party speaking from a...

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The end of the beginning

The Spectator

The end of the beginning Tim Garton Ash Warsaw At his coronation in 1572. the first elective king of Poland was obliged to swear a solemn oath guaranteeing freedom of...

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Remember Kronstadt

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Remember Kronstadt Christopher Booker WVvhat happens vX hen the proletariat is sick t) death of the dictatorship \ hich acts in its name'?'. - Robert Payne. Tnhe Lift' and...

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The campaign begins

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The campaign begins Nicholas von Hoffman 'rL _ - Washington TFhe 3(0th day of captivity for the American diplomatic personnel in Iran was marked by the Secretary of State,...

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Out of the wilderness

The Spectator

Out of the wilderness Peter Ackroyd Reykjavik The moon was like an arc-light, so close you could brush it with your hand. as though it had been attracted to that land on...

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Boats and boatmen

The Spectator

Boats and boatmen Richard West Woodbridtie. Suffolk riere is another small town in Suffolk where People appear to be satisfied with their life, not eaten away by envy or...

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Dearly beloved abroad

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Dearly beloved abroad Bernard Croft As expected + John Fulham and Gibraltar (The Right Reverend John Richard SattcrthwNaite) has become John Europe - if that is the signature...

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[Sir: Mr Hilary Rubinstein's assertior.]

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Hilarn Rubnllstici's assertior. (Letters. 28 August) that he has never spoken to me was clearl based on a lapse of memory. I telephoned him at around I lam or Nlonda IS...

[Sir: In his sad little letter (30 August) Mr...]

The Spectator

Sir: In his sad little letter (3() August) MIr Brocklebank claimis that Anthorin Blunt severed ties \ith the National Trust 'months ago.' Would indeed this Were true....

No Marxist

The Spectator

No Marxist Sir: Clearly TLed Honderick cannot possibl\ be a Marxist. because his letter rebuking me for calling him one is gentle. witt\ and short. All I can add, by was ol...

Sex and the Synod

The Spectator

Sex and the Synod Sir: Peter Nichols's article 'Sex and the Synod' (3() August) is far behlo' the standard usually maintained by that fine journalist. Its wron-lieadcdness is...


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Miracles Sir: I find Richard Ingrams's easy acceptance of 'miracles', as evidenced in his review of Mr Marnham's book on Lourdes (29 August). rather distasteful. If it is true,...

[Sir: In his article.]

The Spectator

Sir: In his article * hubris of Anthony I unt' (23 August). Max Hlasthngeerl nt) the charismatic influence that exercised over several generastudents both heterosexual antid...

[Sir: Max Hastings is right in his excellent...]

The Spectator

Letters A question of hubris Sir: Max Hastings is right in his excellent lticle 'The hubris of Anthony Blunt' (23 August) to draw attention to the support Which Blunt has...

A port for willing workers

The Spectator

, A port for willing workers I Sir: I was pleased to read Richard West's article on FelixstowNe. but a little sorry that I he did not mention bv name (unless I missed it) the...

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Master of Deception David Mure Special Operations Europe Basil Davidson

The Spectator

Books War games and gamesmanship Andrew Boyle Master of Deception David Mure (Kimber £9.95) Special Operations Europe Basil Davidson (Gollancz £8.50). If all is fair in...

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The Scramble for South Africa 1877-1895 D.M. Schreuder

The Spectator

Sub-imperialism Hobert Blake Th~e I,,e, Scramble for South Africa v1"'fi895 D.M. Schreuder (Cambridae (fn the second page of his book Professor kShreuder quotes lord...

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The Siege of Derry Patrick Macrory

The Spectator

Siege and symbol John Biggs-Davison The Siege of Derry Patrick Macrory (Hod- der £9.95) Hilaire Belloc belittled the defence of Derry. Those Protestants could surel\ have...

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The Best Short Stories of John Buchan Ed. David Daniell

The Spectator

Buchaneer Benny Green The Best Short Stories of John Buchan Ed. David Daniell (Michael Joseph £7.50) David Daniell is the academic who five Xears ago published The...

The Ancient Spartans J.T. Hooker

The Spectator

Spartan ideal bUth Padel ne Ancient Snartans I T. Hooker (Dent Ll 2) rate had her imagination out when she Invented Sparta. astonishing crucible of a 1tldscapeb lemon-groves...

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Nuns and Soldiers Iris Murdoch

The Spectator

Geometric Paul Ableman Nuns and Soldiers Iris Murdoch (ChattO Well, it's t better book than Thre Sea, VTi Sea, which captured the Booker Prize tW'O \ ears ago. but I felt...

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The Cunning Little Vixen and Wozzeck

The Spectator

Arts Epic performances Rodney Milnes The Cunning Little Vixen and Wozzeck (Scottish Opera at the Edinburgh Festival). Just thirteen months separate the first performances of...

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The Spectator

Cinema Breaking out Peter Ackroyd McVicar (IX' Rialto, Leicester Square) The most powerful scene, in this otherwise sardonic and brutal film, occurs after John MeVicar has...

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Sacred Cow (Phoenix)

The Spectator

Theatre Over the top Bryan Robertson Sacred Cow (Phoenix) You find just as many reprovingly wagging forefingers as rudely dismissive gestures with two fingers in Australian...


The Spectator

Satisfaction John McEwen The most exquisite art exhibition of the OnMent is, without doubtJ(aalfsIct' Prints: 300 Vears ofalbaihis i/ll bxooks at the Britishi Museum (till 5...

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Potato chip

The Spectator

Television Potato chip Richard Ingrams With the I1V franchises up for grabs agzain. X ic%\ crs may notice a distinct change in the nitiure of somc of the material in the...


The Spectator

High life Fakes Taki lqretflet Ever since I decided to teach the French a sharp lesson and move my hcadquarters from Regine's in Paris to Annabel"S in London. I haven't much...

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The big sleep

The Spectator

Low life The big sleep Jeffrey Bernard Did You read or hear about the man who killed himself while trying to commit suicide e Other day? Apparently this man, in an ttempt to...


The Spectator

Postscript Beastly Patrick Marnham Recently while eating in a small restaurant in Tuscan\ I was moved by the gaictv of the occasion to break a vow of ten vears. I ordered the...