8 APRIL 1848

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The turbulence of London, the rebellious movement of Dublin; have

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been the subject of questions in Parliament. At first, touch- ing . Dublin, Lord John Russell maintained a reserve that tended to provoke a feeling of mistrust in the resolution...


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Tim close approach of tumult to our own capital, although it as- sumes no very alarming aspect, makes domestic affairs once more take the first place in public regard. So much...

Society in Ireland is in a state so thoroughly disorganized

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and depraved, that, happily, we have no parallel to it here, in spite of Chartist turbulences. Its people are arming, not for self-defence, not for any definite object, but...

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Debates an Vonettlings in parliament.

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GOVERNMENT POLICY IN IRELAND. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Jocerria drew the at. tention of Government to the present seditious and treasonable juncture in Irish...

The Revenue accounts are slightly less mournful than those published

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last quarter. There is a decrease of 2,200,000/. on the year, an increase of 400,000/. on the quarter ; the decrease being anticipated from the deplorable aspect of the accounts...

Madrid has had its insurrection ; a poor affair, that

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means no- thing. Spain resembles the state of Europe in the dark ages,— possessed by military bands : sometimes one faction gets the upper hand, sometimes another ; and...

In Germany two Diets are sitting—one at Berlin, and one

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at Frankfurt. The Prussian Diet, so recently created by Frederick William, is engaged, in the last sitting that it will hold, to con- sider a thorough reorganization of the...

The complimentary dinners to Lord Hardinge are not tributes of

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an ordinary kind : the concurrence of statesmen from all sides, their earnest manner, the eloquence which they derived., one and all, from their subject, convert a form into a...

While the Austrian General Radetsky possesses no more than the

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ground which his army occupies, all Italy is uniting against him. An alliance, offensive as well as defensive, is said to have been formed against Austria by the Princes of...

M. de Lamartine has received the tremendous deputation from the

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Irish Confederates, sent over to greet the Republicans with sympathy and to ask succours for the Irish rebels. The reception was comparatively cool ; the succours were expressly...

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g be QD0Utt.

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Tau QUeen was well enou g h on Wednesday to take an airin g in the Palace g ardens ; and on Th u rsday she went out with Prince Albert in an open carriage. The ceremony of...

Vlb„ ,Attropotiii.

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A courplimentary ent e rtainment, upon an unusually ma g nificent scale, was g iveu, to Lord liardin g e by • the East India Company, at the London Ta- vern, on Wednesday, as a...

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gin Vrobinces.

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At the close of the poll for Harwich, on Saturday last, the numbers were —for Hobhouse, 131; for Manners Sutton, 127: Sir John Hobhouse is therefore returned, by a majority of...


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The Government is taking decisive means to suppress outbreak by mili- tary force. Dublin swarms with soldiers, and every spot is made available for habitation as a barrack or...

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foreign anti itolonfal.

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FRANCE.—The Government has taken into its hands the Paris and Orleans Railway, reserving the rights and interests of shareholders and- third parties. The excuse made for the...

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Intsttilantous. -

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Lengthened Cabinet Councils have been held at the Foreign Office this week. The Reverend W. Jecobson, MA., is gazetted to the office of Regius Profealpar of Divinity at Oxford....

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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, Sir GEORGE GREY introduced his bill "for the better security of the Crown and Government of the United Kingdom "; but some...

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The following information on Swedish politics, written at Stockholm about

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a month ago by a resident of distinction, thoroughly well-informed and trustworthy, proves a very timely contribution- to our columns. "You want to know how we are getting on...

Accounts from Paris to yesterday evening . kring ..no news of

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very striking interest. ' The French army of observation on the AtpRie frontier is to consist of three divisions of infantry, one of cavalry, and a brigade of artillery and of...

Last night's Gazette notifies the appointment of John Romilly, Esq.,

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to be Solicitor-General; of the Honourable Henry Fitzroy, to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the Artillery Company of London; also, of Joseph Howe, Esq., to be Provincial Secretary and...

At the meeting of the Chartist Convention yesterday, the proceedings

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in the g o ese of Commons on Thursday night, and the intentions of Government, were canvass ed. The Convention was unanimous in its determination to disregard the pro clamation...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has bvn heavy during the whole week. The price of Consols, which closed on Saturday at 81*, has been as low as 80;...

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Thockfititig of the Paris Italian Opera has set at liberty:the 'nowhere of its company who belong also to the one and the - weber ofestr riyal esta- blishments, ,Lableehe is in...

The Brutus of Mr. Macready is a 'highly finished performnnce;

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cha- racterized by the prominence which he gives to the ,recorded mildness of the Roman patriot. A wore amiable version could not be imagined. It is to be regretted that...

Something like a century and a half had elapsed since

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the last produc- tion of Fletcher's Double Marriage, before Mrs. Warner brought it out at the Marylebone Theatre; and, seriously speaking, if it had been allowed to repose on...

Mr. Webster, of the Haymarket, seems now moving in his

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proper sphere, and devoting himself to parts of marked character. Lasater, already noticed, furnished a case in point; andwe have another in a new piece, likewise from the...

The - Light Dragoons, which failed at the Lyceum, its Lunch

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More winning in the original French; td - Afoirsquetaire qry. 'Phis' pleocr,vvas selected for the first night of Sit'-F..editkit".4 reappearat4;i' , and he 4 - played in an ele-...

SIdgcl_ , fg I AKVIT BLIC fiV§024,: :" ' OB , ,..e- ,

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F . : •a , ' TO THE EDiTcHt OF THE SPRCTATOTR“. - - Stu—Permit me to men r ' - ii'on . "'soM 7 /Po i t i ti reinnter cansea' :14446a isgir,her,oi§ A ch P ie i l i to 18 w a...


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The Princess Royal, Sewell, from tho Mauritius, was totally wrecked in the Bristo Channel, 31st March ; crew.and Part of cargo.saved, The 31101/eld, Bienkin. from London to...

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' to Tint' qJ lLJ iii • 4 . . k r y - trffiltf l Ek4'9 1 • Z " Sui-In my last n Ilet ql 93,4 ,pegneions conseouenoe of our "laisSei faire" pohiç , aa p g ,f0P110;...

THE REVENUE: , io,sisstit

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Total 'Income Deduct Decrease 425,760 11,031,379 829k35 I 40,7110 Abstract f the Net Produce of the Revenue Of Or:la't Ilt 4 Aio, in the tears and . Q"uareets ended 5th April...

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DIRECTION OF THE EUROPEAN WAR. IT is scarcely a question any longer of peace or war—war must come, unless some very unexpected change should take place in Europe; but an...


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IT is an ill wind that blows nobody good : the third French Revolution has furnished for our Quarterly Reviews a political topic that is not stale, is too large to be exhausted...

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WILL the people in this country go without their share in the European revolution? That is the question to be raised next Week, on the presentation of the Chartist petition. It...

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Poetic meeting-is a right whichAnay become a wrong; but the line between right and wrong is . tint to' be settled by bandying conventional dicta about, the constitutional rights...

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1116TORICAL MATERI 41.5, Xemoirs of the Reign of George the Second. from his Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline. Hy John Lord Hervey. Edited, from the original Manuscript...

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WITH a sounder judgment and much less of unchecked impulse, the Eng- lishwoman in America would have been more successful than Mrs. Maury's previous book, if not in sale, at...

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Boous. Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second, from his Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline. By John Lord Hervey. Edited, from the Original Manuscript at Ickworth, by...

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On the 26th March, at Berlin, the Lady of the Hon. Henry Howard, Secretary to her Britannic Majesty's Legation, of a son. On the 29th, the Lady - of J. F. Borten, Esq., Manor...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 7.-14th Light Drags.-Troop Sergt.-Major G. Shenton to be Quartermaster, vice Palmer, dec. 16th Light Drags.-Brevet Col, G. Baker, from half- pay Unatt. to be...


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Tuesday, April 4. PARTNIMIMPS DISSOLVED. Richardson and Cooper, Derby, *butchers-i. and C. Tennant, Liverpool, shar e brokers-B. and A. Pilkington. Perceval Street,...

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AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN. DUTY ON FOREIGN COEN. Per Qr. (Imperial) of England and Wales. For the present Week. Wheat 300. 74. i Bye ae, 5d. Wheat 74. Od. 1 Rye 20.601. Barley...