8 JULY 1848

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Tun result of Mr. Hume's Reform resolution will surprise nobody: 84 was about as good a muster of votes as be could have expected for what was in effect an abstract resolution,...

The gloomy characteristics of the Revenue-tables are soon told. On

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the year there is a decrease under every head, with the single exception of "China-money "; the whole decrease being 2,587,000/. On the quarter, there is an ostensible :increase...

Ireland shows some very pacific signs. Mitchel's successor in the

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written sedition line, Mr. Martin, of the _Felon, flinches from an Old Bailey martyrdon . • and being prosecuted, instead of e bravine• his trial, keeps out of the way. Mr. John...

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In Paris, the signs of reviving order are hopeful. Although

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some disapprobation' was shown on the announcement of General Cavaignac's Ministry, it has not encountered any actual obstruction. One or two offices remain in doubt : General...

The other centres of great political movement exhibit some important changes.

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The newest is a Carlist uprising in Spain, headed by Cabrera ; who has fulminated a proclamation against Queen Christina and her French intrigues, as formidable as it is...

Debates anbr Wroceebings in Vartiament.

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THE SUGAR-DUTIES. The House of Commons, on Monday, went into Committee on the Sugar-duties; and the Chairman read the Government resolution, that the duty on British Colonial...

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The debate on Mr. Hnme's resolution, adjourned from the 20th of June, was resumed on Thursday-. Mr. OSBORNE advocated the four points; mingling with his arguments historical...

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Ebe (Court.

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THE Queen gave a state ball at Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday evening, to a very numerous circle of guests. The invitations exceeded eighteen hundred, and included most of the...

trbt glattrop olis.

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The London University College held its annual distribution of prizes, at the College in Gower Street, on Saturday afternoon; Lord Brougham presiding. The report on the state of...

• The tbieseration of -the Roman Catholic chapel of St

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George, in St. George's Road, Southwarkj was performed on Tueselayyby D. Wiseman, before tin iasetablage of Roman Catholie gentry, and of the regular and secular clergy. Many of...

The South-western Railway Company have completed the construction of their

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branch railway from Nine Elms to the foot of Waterloo Bridge; and are about to open the station there. In preparation for this event, new carriages, of a peculiarly noiseless...

By a statement prepared on the 5th July in each

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year from 1842 to 1848 inclusive, the deposits in the Marylebone Savings Bank, Welbeek Street, appear to have increased progressively, from 13,1001 in 1842 to 18,5641. in 1848....

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At the Central Criminal Court, on Wednesday, Joseph Irenmus J.

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Fussell was tried, on the threefold charge of seditiousspeaking, being present at an unlawful assembly, and rioting, all at a Chartist meeting held in Clerkenwell Green on the...

At the Central Criminal Court, on Monday, William Girdlestone, Charles

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Swam, and John Saunders, were tried for conspiring to make a false charge of forgery against three gentlemen—Mr. Francis M'Gowran, Mr. James M`Gowran, and Mr. Barton. The...

A serious accident occurred in the Waterloo Road on Monday

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morning. Bransden, the driver of a Waterloo omnibus, was seized with a fit; and fell forward over the horses' backs where he was suspended by aleathem thong. The reins drop....

Vie Vrobinces.

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This has been the Commemoration week at Oxford. Our space allows little more than to name the successful prize candidates and the receivers of honorary degrees. The Convocation...

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The Lord-Lieutenant, accompanied by the officers of his household, assisted in the ceremony of opening the Great Southern and Western Railw ay, on Saturday. The line runs...

Mr. Thomas Devin Reilly was arraigned on Monday, before the

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Commission Court, on the true bill of a Grand Jury, charging illegal training and drilling, in Dublin, on the 21st of May last. A warrant was issued on Monday for the...

The remains of the late "Tom Steele, O'Connell's Head Pacificator,"

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were consigned to Glasnevin Cemetery, beside those of his chief, on Tuesday last. The funeral was announced as a public one; but the spectacle was of so little extent, and...


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A riotous disturbance, of an Anti-Church-rate nature, has broken out this week in Edinburgh. The Voluntaries have raised a considerable excitement on the subject of the...

Dr. Hunter, one of the Edinburgh delegates to the National

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Convention has summoned the treasurer of the Edinburgh Chartist Association for Si., the balance of expenses incurred by his attendance in London. Sheriff Arkley decided that as...

_foreign anb FRANCIL—The Moderate party in the Assembly asserts an

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increasing influence over the Government. A meeting was held last week in the Rue de Poictiers; at which it was resolved to require of any Government that should court such...

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Various contradictory rumours have been circulated concerning the Queen's visit to Ireland. Opinion seems to concur in postponing the intended visit till after the Parliamentary...

The Morning Chronicle has published a letter from the Conde

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de Mirasol, at Madrid, and one from M. Tacon, the Spanish Chargé d'Affaires in London, with a reply to the latter from Lord Eddisbury. The subject is the explanatory mission of...

The following suggestion of a mode of raising an emigration - fund

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is communicated to us by a gentleman of great intelligence and experience, who is practically acquainted with some of our most important colonies: high position enabled him to...

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The Archduke John may be termed the Duke of Sussex

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of the Imperial Family of Austria. His life and character present numerous points of resemblance to those of that late member of the Royal Family of England. A simplicity of...

The celebrated German writer Henry Zschokke died on the 27th

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June, at Aarati in Switzerland, in the seventy-eighth year of his age. His name fills no mean page in the annals of German literature and Swiss history. A native of Magdeburg in...

The bathers at Hunstanton, on the Norfolk coast, have had

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an escape from an unpleasant rencontre. A fisherman, employed in catching crabs near a place where bathers are carried in the machines, observed a large fish approaching ;...


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The House of Commons proceeded last night with the consideration of the Sugar-duties; the state of the finances also being discussed incidentally. The House went into...

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The candidates for Great Yarmouth were nominated yesterday. The show

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of hands was in favour of Mr. Sanders and Mr. &phew. The poll, demanded on behalf of Mr. Rumbold, was fixed for this day. Riots among the disfranchised freemen are feared; and...

A deputation of Peers and Members of the House of

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Commons connected with Ireland waited upon Sir George Grey at the Home Office yesterday, and presented bun with an address on the state of Ireland. It called the attention of...

The duty of 20s. on Foreign Muscovado sugar, under the

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old law, fell on Thursday to 18s. 6<1.; and the new law not having come into operation, merchants have paid the duties upon nearly all the stock of sugar in the port of London,...

Advice.s of yesterday evening's date state that Paris was then perfectly tranquil.

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General Cavaignac, however, has announced that the state of siege must continue for some time. - The funeral procession for the victims of the 23d of June, reduced to the...

News from Hamburg, of the 4th July, announces the conclusion

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of an armistice of three months between Germany and Denmark; on these terms—the Swedes to withdraw to Sweden and the Germans to their own territory; Schleswig to remain neutral...

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The Italian Opera season has reached its zenith of summer heat, crammed houses, and flagging variety. To make good the expectations raised on their behalf, both establishments...

The Queen reappears in the theatrical world as a patroness

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of "native talent." Not only did she attend Mr. and Mrs. C. Kean's benefit at the Haymarket., on Monday last, but herself selected Money and The Wonder as the pieces for the...


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Our musical readers, in London at least, scarcely require to be told that this Society was formed, six or seven years ago, by the late Mr. Alsager, an amateur whose ardent love...

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Tun National Assembly of France is accused of being "reactionary" : it was created by the universal suffrage of the nation, and yet it is "reactionary"! This amounts to a...

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WHAT a charming spirit of faith and hope animates all the subofficial races—from court newsmen to court newspaper-men ! The court newsman turns every act of royalty "to...


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Fon a chivalrous people—and are they not chivalrous I—the Irish have strange ideas as to the employment of their women. The Irish Felon, descanting on war with England, finds...

" N'arcissa's nature, tolerably mild,

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To make a wash would hardly stew a child": whereas your "gentle bashful Nora Creina " will cook a whole company of soldiers. At least her countrymen say so ; but we don't...


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- VARIOUS modes have been discovered for carrying on religions controversy : the denizens of Modern Athens show favour to a very piquant kind. Two gentlemen entertained scruples...


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Iv is discovered that the Railway Commission has more pay than work, and Lord John Russell talks of reducing salaries : yet there seems plenty of work to do, in the way of...

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THE Antigallican riots in Drury , Lane Theatre succeeded in driving a French company from that "national" establishment of England ; and some attempt is in progress to get up a...

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THIS is one of the most amusing and useful books that has been published on Russia. Without yielding to Custine, the author of the "Revelations," or Golovine himself, in a...

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MR. SOAMES is well known for some works on ecclesiasitical history or antiquity, especially in connexion with the independence of the Anglican Church. Dr. Lingard, in the last...


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COLONEL STACY is a veteran of the Indian Army, of nearly half a eentnry's standing. Having volunteered his services at the commencement of the Affghan war, he was first employed...

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Tan volumes of fiction that some time since appeared under the name of Bell, with three several prtenomens, had such a generic resemblance to one another that several reviewers...

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Bocnes. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. By Acton Bell. In three volumes. Madonna Pia, and other Poems. By James Gregor Grant. In two volumes. Adventures on the Road to Paris,...

The State of Man before the Promulgation of Christianity.

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[The precise end of the author of-this essay is not very clear, unless it be to urge upon mankind the necessity of improving their laws upon Christian principles, in compliance...

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On the 51h May, at Aurungabad, the Lady of Captain Hercules Skinner, Fourth 2Z1zam's Cavalry, of a son and heir. On the 24th Jane, at Edinburgh, Lady Blantyre, of a daughter....


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WAR-Orrice., July 7.-2d Dra g . Guards-J. G. Price, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, Vice Saunders, who retires. 4th Dregs.-J. Glasgow, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice...


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Tuesday, July 4, PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Howell and Motley, Lienelly. Carmarthenshire, timber-merchants-Rogers and Sen, Southampton, nurserymen-Dempster-and .Wilson,...