15 APRIL 1882, Page 22

The Egypt of the Past. By Erasmus Wilson, F.H.B. (Kegan

Paul,. Trench, and Co.)—This is a very convenient manual of Egyptian history, of what remains of the country's architecture and arts, and of what we know of the religion and the literary activity of the Egyptians. Mr. Wilson would hardly claim to rank among the great Egyptologists, yet he has in a peculiar way made the subject of Egypt his own ; he has studied its vast remains in situ, and knows

at least a very considerable part of all that is to be known about them. Mr. Wilson takes the dynasties, beginning with the first, and its mythical hero, Mena, the first that bore the name of Pharaoh, and ending with the thirty-first, when the last of the native princes of Egypt was vanquished by Artaxerxes III. (Ochus), about the middle of the fourth century B.C., a few years before Persia itself fell under the power of Alexander. The history so arranged is copiously illustrated from the almost inexhaustible storehouse of the Egyptian remains.