24 DECEMBER 1948, Page 15

Sta,—May I correct a mis-statement in the article on University

Awards? The proposal of the working party was not " to set up a central clearing- house for state scholars " only, but for all applicants for entrance to universities. The report says, "The fundamental problem, in our view, is not the distribution of state scholars, but the selection Of students as a whole for admission to the individual universities and university colleges." This obviously involves a different principle from that implied by your contributor's statement. The working party went on to suggest that " this larger question calls for careful study." Is it too much to hope that in the national interest as well as that of individual universities this study will be-undertaken as a matter of urgency and by the universities themselves? A dispassionate investigation of this whole problem of

admission is urgently needed.—Yours, &c., H. M. DOWLING. County Grammar School, Crewe.