24 DECEMBER 1948, Page 4

I am glad to see that The Times in a

recent leading article, both discusses the importance of the work of almoners in the new National Health Service and makes reference to the excellent monthly, The Almoner, which thi Institute of Almoners began pub- lishing some eight months ago. The Almoner has well established itself as an authority on medical social work generally, and it is very well that it should, for that side of hospital work, which is largely the responsibility of the almoners, was always important, and is it present circumstances' more important than ever. The almoner. whose business it is to inform herself discreetly of a patient's home conditions and make all arrangements that may be needed for after- care subsequent to discharge, can do what no one else has an oppor- tunity of doing in the same way to keep the machine human. Thai makes a career, interesting and reasonably remunerated in itself,

most valuable public service. * * * *