26 DECEMBER 1947, Page 13

Year - end Flowers Among Christmas flowers, which seem likely this year

to include the Mermaid briar, best of all the climbing roses, one humble specimen is worth the fond attention of those who enjoy cut flowers. It is nearly always possible, even within the most carefully weeded pales, to pick a good bunch of the white dead nettle, and with some delicate removal of obscuring leaves the flowers are as comely as the most fastidious could wish. It is a pity that this plant is called a nettle, to which it has no likeness whatever except superficially in the leaf, and its tribe is full of beauty. I have often thought, for example, that the Archangel would be worth the attention of the florists. Perhaps this year the gardener has no incentive to seek any wild flower. The out-of-door chrysanthemums have not surrendered to the date, and the naked-flowered jessamine was flowering freely while the month was still young, but it has climbed into a bush of fragrant guelder that promises to be smelling sweet by Christmas morning.