26 DECEMBER 1947, Page 16


Sin,—Mr. Scott writes: "Unity on the lines of the South India United Church is regarded with much displeasure among Anglicans." It would be more accurate to say that some Anglo-Catholics take this line. It is easy to project one's own prejudices into the minds of others. But such opinions only represent a section in the Church of England. Others, for instance Modernists who are increasing steadily in numbers and influence, are delighted to see the Christians of South India uniting in fellowship and common worship. Parochial experience in various parts of the country suggests that the majority of Anglicans desire to see good- will predominate in Christendom over the technicalities of Catholicism when these obstruct union. St. Paul wrote: "faith, hope, charity," and not: "Mass, Rome, Catholicism."—Yours, &c., R. GLADSTONE GRIFF1 LH, Hon. Secretary, The Modern Churchmen's Union. Steeple Claydon Vicarage, Bletchley, Bucks.