26 JANUARY 1962, Page 10

Stn.--We would like to call your attention to the dis-

crepancy in the facts which occur in the article en- titled 'Consumers, Unite!' by Victor Gordon in your January 12 edition. In the second to, last paragraph in the third column, which begins with 'Patent Medicine Advertising . . a statement is made-

'. . The chemical differences between, say, aspirin BP and branded products such.as Aspro and Dis- prin are comparatively small • ..'

. This statement is misleading to the user so far as Disprin is concerned. Unlike Aspro and aspirin BP, Disprin provides soluble aspirin (as calcium aspirin) which is more rapidly absorbed . and affords better gastric toleration.

Calcium aspirin was available before Disprin was marketed, but despite its benefits was little used, be- cause it was., highly unstable and manufacturing chemists would only provide it with a warning on the bottle about its instability. Disprin overcame this disadvantage arid made calcium aspirin (soluble aspirin) widely available in stable form.


, Director