11 DECEMBER 1880

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Mr. Parnell made two speeches at Waterford on Sunday, in

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which he declared his intention of obtaining the soil of Ireland for the people of Ireland, and this without any breach of the Constitution,—at least, so long as "it suited"...

Mr. Parnell and the rest of the accused Land Leaguers

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applied on Saturday to the Queen's Bench Division for a postponement of the trial. The arguments were very lengthy, but they all amounted to this,—that if Mr. Yarnell were...

Mr. Parnell also declared his belief that the present Govern-

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ment would not be able to pass any effectual laud measure, and his satisfaction at that prospect. He rejoiced that Mr. Forster's Compensation for Evictions Bill did not pass...

NEWS OF THE WEEK • T HE European Fleet received the

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order to leave Cattaro and disperse on Saturday, its immediate duty having been per- formed. It is demi-officially stated, however, that it has not been broken up. Admiral Sir...

Nobody gives us any fun. The Opposition are bitter and

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the Ministerialists are argumentative, and the speeches of the Recess are as heavy as lead. Mr. Stanhope tried to be an ex- ception at Huddersfield on Tuesday, but he only made...

Mr. Justice Fitzgerald, in the charge delivered on the opening

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of the winter assizes for the province of Munster, on Tuesday, kept clear of partiality, but made some forcible re- marks on the cases for trial. In Clare county there were 43...

4 ** The Editors cannot undertaketoreturnManuscript in any ease.

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Colonel Stanley made a speech at Over Darwen on Thurs-

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day, in which he maintained that the late Government had nothing at all to do with the present state of Ireland ; and proved it, as he said, on the evidence of Mr. Justice...

Mr. Clare Sewell Read on Monday made a speech to

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the Farmers' Club, Holborn, in which he rather deprecated exces- sive fear of American competition. He denied that American wheat could be laid down in the Mersey under 40s. a...

President Hayes sent in his final Message to Congress on

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December 4th. He congratulates the Union upon its prosperity, an account of which we have given elsewhere, and which is cer- tainly marvellous ; advises that negro suffrage...

There is a kind of murrain raging among the Judges,

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the last death being that of Sir James Colvile, the virtual head of the Judicial Committee of Privy Council He was one of the men who, from some inner hauteur or other defect of...

The French Senate is- still most reluctant to pass the

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Bill upon the Magistracy, which affronts all Conservative feeling. The Committee appointed to discuss the details of the Bill is decidedly hostile, and has elected M. Jules...

The India Office has made a considerable financial experi- ment,

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and has had a great success. The Department wanted three millions, and offered 3t per cent, in gold in London, pro- mised not to pay off the loan for fifty years, and fixed 98...

A report is being diligently circulated upon the Continent that

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the German Government has proposed to compromise the Greek question, by asking the Porte to surrender the whole of Thessaly and the island of Crete, while retaining Epirus.. The...

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The telegrams received in London as to the health of

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the Viceroy of India are by no means satisfactory. It was at first reported that Lord Ripon had been seized, at Ponnah, with a slight attack of fever; but he recovered from...

Ooneole were on Friday 98: to 991, ex dir,

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Monsignore Cotton, the Bishop of Valence, appeared yester- day week

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before the Court of Appeal, sitting as a Court of First Instance, on a charge of insulting a public functionary, M. FalliZtres, the Under-Secretary of the Minister of Worship....

The Bishop of Rochester, in a letter published on Tuesday,

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states his side of the case in relation to the appointment to St. Poore, Walworth, with a certain frankness and manliness, though not without acerbity. He says no delay would...


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Sir Wilfrid Lawson, speaking at a - large public meeting at Leeds on Wednesday, stated his intention to call on the Govern- ment to give effect to the resolution in favour of...

Mr. Shaw-Lefevre made a good speech at Reading on Wed-

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nesday, dealing chiefly with the position of the Government in relation to the Irish question. He pointed out that the Com- mittee he had moved for and obtained to inquire into...

Mr. Evelyn Ashley, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of

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Trade, has addressed two letters, one to the Work- men's Committee for the Abolition of the Sugar Bounties, and one to the West-Indian Committee formed for the same purpose. In...

We are told that Mr. Justice Watkin Williams's mysterious allusion

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to the many "delicate and invisible springs" which would be touched by the abolition of the Chiefships in the Common-law Courts, and the other "indirect but inevitable...

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E VERYBODY ought to be very much pleased at the splendid success of the Indian 31- per cent. loan offered on Tuesday, but everybody is not. The India Office wanted three...


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MR. PARNELL AT WATERFORD. NI 1 R. PARNELL now avowedly agitates for a great measure of territorial confiscation. He boasted at Waterford that the Land League had five millions...

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W E hail not pretend to feeling much interest in the proceedings in the Queen's Bench in Mr. Dale's case. They are, unavoidably, in the nature of a dilatory plea. If the plea is...

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TT is hardly fair to smile at the slight tone of self-congratu- lation which runs through the last Message of President Hayes. It is not in human nature for the Chief Magistrate...

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W E have never asserted with any confidence that it would be wise or practicable to meet the foreign bounties on the export of Sugar by a countervailing duty. The policy of such...


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A i r R. FORSTER'S Circular of December let to the Magis- 1 tracy of Ireland proves, what many experienced Irish- men have recently been asserting,—that it is not the law...

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TN the exquisite little sketch which Mr. Myers has given of JL Wordsworth, in Mr. John Iforley's series of "Men of Letters,"*—as a piece of English at least, the gem, we...

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1 INDIAN stories, and especially Indian mythologic stories, are usually very tiresome reading, the thoughts being as obscure as the personages are shadowy or monstrous ; but men...

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T HE Isle of Man is but little known to the higher classes of holiday-makers, though it is annually visited by many thousands of strangers. Those who flock thither are almost...

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JEWS AND GERMANS. [To FHB EDITOR OF TH1 " SPECTA1OR:1 Sin,—Henry von Treitschke opened this year's tirade against the Jews, in " Prenssische Jahrbiicher," with the following...

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[To MR EDITOR OF TEE "SPECTATOR."( SIR,—The 8Critii76 de lists has been tried in England on a small scale, with the results you anticipated in your article. A con- ference was...


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(TO TRH EDITOR OF TUB 'SPECTATOR.') SIR,—Many unprejudiced readers of last week's Spectator must have wondered at the somewhat universal condemnation passed on the attitude...

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THE LOVE OF THE PAST. As sailors watch from their prison For the long, grey line of the coasts, I look to the past rearisen, And joys come over in hosts Like the white...


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MR. WHISTLER'S "VENICE," AT THE FINE-ART' SOCIETY, NEW BOND STREET. THERE are artists of many kinds and every rank, and there are painters of many kinds and every rank, who are...


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fro THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") Sin, — The daily papers are full of accounts of outrages in Macedonia. The correspondent of the Daily News says :— " From Macedonia we...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.") Sia,—Dissatisfaction has been lately shown in England at the brevity of time which elapses between arrivals and departures by the Indian...


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You ask me, dare I dream a part of me Has right of converse with the Infinite Mind,— I, a dull creature of dull flesh, confined In this mud cabin of mortality, To converse...

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THE DUKE OF SALDANHA.* BELONGING to a family which, on his father's side, traced back its descent to the celebrated Spanish champion, Bernardo del Carpio, and being, through...

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AMONG the curiosities of Irish art, literature, and antiquity which were brought to light by the energy and research' of the late Sir William Wilde, there is, perhaps, not one...

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Hustas life is fall of controversy. It seems to be the only possible way of arriving at truth, and of attaining to clear views on any subject. In no sphere of thought is this...


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THE preface to this book tells us that its aim is twofold, viz., —"To give English readers unacquainted with foreign lan- guages some insight into the writings of the best...

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Ludlow ?" is a question which a good many readers have been asking during the last few years, and with which we have been ourselves somewhat exercised. Shrewd observation, a...

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THE Magazines, of course, are full of Ireland. The Nineteenth Century, for example, has no less than three papers, one by Mr. Justin McCarthy, clear in style and moderate in...

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CHRISTMAS BOOKS. The Ere of Saint Agnes. By John Keats. Illustrated by nineteen etchings by C. 0. Murray. (Sampson Low and Co.)—The splendour of Keats's poetry, with its...

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Desert Life. By B. Solymos (B. E. Falkonberg). (Allen and

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Co.) —It is extremely difficult to imagine the class of readers who can be supposed to take an intelligent interest in this weighty volume. The writer really has something to...

Aunt Judy's Magazine, for September, October, November, and December, 1880.

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(George Bell and Sons.)—We bare been amused to find that our uncomplimentary criticism, last August, of the group on the Aunt Judy cover, was a criticism of a copy of Flaxman....

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MAGAZINES, ANNUALS, ETc.—We have received the following for December, and

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the coming Christmas season :—The Magazine of Art, the frontispiece in which, "A Charge of Witchcraft," is a good specimen of the highest style of wood-ongraving.—No. 1 of...

Strictly Tied Up. 3 vols. (Hurst and Blackett.)—The entangle- ment

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of the plot is not a very complicated one. Mrs. Fertile, on her marriage, has her property very "strictly tied up," that is, in the usual way, to her and to the children that...

The Clerk of Portwick. By George Manville Fenn. 3 vols.

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(Chapman and Hall.)—This novel begins with some pretty pictures of rural scenery. The rectory by the side of the trout-stream is an attractive scene, which impresses itself on...

We have to notice the stately library edition, in two

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volumes, of Romota, by George Eliot. (Smith, Elder, and Co.) Outside, we have a dignified simplicity. The binding is without ornament, design, or even colour, plain calico, with...

Messrs. Marcus Ward and Co. have sent us a very

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pretty selection of Christmas cards. Their birds, and dogs, and animals generally are beautiful, as well as their flowers ; and we confess that we prefer them to the...

De Is Rue's Pocket-books and Diaries for 1881 show that

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even in what seemed nearly perfect, there may be improvements, for the waist- coat pocket Red - Letter Calendar, enclosed in a sheath of white metal, is a very happy conception....

Messra. Ward, Look, and Co. have published a new edition

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of the well-known Crwlen's Concordance, a work which has been liberally used by subsequent compilers, but never superseded. This, indeed, in the very nature of things, it could...