12 MAY 1855

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PARLIAMENT is moved by several Members to a direct interference with the Government on the conduct of the war. If the proposi- tions which are promised for next week and the...

At last we have the whole story of the Vienna

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Conference, in the "Papers relating to the Negotiations at Vienna on the Eastern Question," giving the proceedings from the 15th of March to the 26th of April, in protocols...

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There has been a change in the French Ministry. In

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the course of the thirteenth conference, it became evident that M. Drouyn de Lhuys was sliding into Count Buol's hopes of an accommodation; andlhe received story is, that he...

The great London meeting on Administrative Reform resulted in the

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appointment of a Committee to carry out the objects of the meeting—in fact, to lay the foundation-stone of a popular asso- ciation banded to obtain those objects. The...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEBB. Hoesz or Loans. Saturday, May 5. Royal Assent to the Loan Bill. Monday, May 7. Conduct of the War ; Lord Ellenborougb'a Notice of Motion-...

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The Papers relating to the negotiations at Vienna on the Eastern Question have been delivered. They comprise the Memorandum of the Allies to the Russian Ambassador on the 28th...

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(Or 3littrapolis.

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The Administrative Reform meeting, held in the City on Saturday afternoon, (a brief notice of which appeared in a part of our impression on that day,) was certainly successful...

At (Lauri.

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THE records of the Court this week tell more of gayeties than business ; the chief incident being a state ball at Buckingham Palace, on Wednes- day. Upwards of sixteen hundred...

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The Senate of the University of Cambridge, feeling a just dissatisfaction with the Lord Chancellor's University Reform Bill, assembled on Mon- day, in the Arta School,—the...

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FRANCE.-A sudden change has taken place in the French Ministry M. Drouyn de Lhuys has resigned the office of Minister for Foreign Af- fairs, and Count Walewaki, late French...

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The Enterprise, Captain Collinson, arrived at Portsmouth on Sunday evening, on her return from the exploring expedition in the Arctic re- gions, from whence she returned via...

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SATURDAY. The first important proceeding in the House of Commons last night was an announcement from Mr. MILNER GIBBON that he should, on the earliest day afforded by...

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That Austria is quietly concentrating her troops is undoubted. A

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private correspondent of our own, writing from 'Florence on the 5th instant, supplies the following illustration- " The whole of the Austrian troops have now left this city,...

During a thunder-storm that yesterday broke over the Metropolis, light-

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ning struck the cupola of Trinity Church in the Borough, at a moment when the Bishop of Winchester had just concluded the ceremony of confirmation and was about to preach a...


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Verdi's latest work, II l'rovatore, was produced at the Royal Italian Opera on Thursday evening. The great success of this opera, not only in Italy, but in Germany and France,...

We have much gratification in announcing that her Majesty will,

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on the 18th instant, present, on the Parade at the Horse Guards, the Crimean medal to the officers, non-commissioned officers, and three men of each regiment serving in the...


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STOCK EXcitAROS, FRIDAY ArrEaliocci. New Bonds under certain conditions. proved owing to the arrival in 'London of a Special Commissioner from that been rather dull, but is...

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[AFTER 'WORDSWORTH.] " Wellington is gone, and where is his successor I" 'Spectator, 28th April. Wellesley ! thou shouldst be living at this hour! England bath need of thee !...

In its new character of operahouse, Drury Lane was closed

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on Wed- nesday evening, quite unexpectedly ; the performance of Don .Pasquale having been announced in that morning's papers. No explanation has been given ; and the...

With the acting of Miss Cushman in the principal character,

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and with the aid of such splendour in apartments and upholstery as befits the dig- nity of an Italian Podesta, M. Victor Hugo's drama, Angelo, Tyran de Padova, though by no...


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It seems as though something must always happen to keep the Demi- Monde of Alexandre Dumas fils before the public. The editor of one of those exclusively theatrical journals of...


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THE MOVEMENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM. IT would be curious if the war, whieh was to stop all legislative action not imperatively called for—which hail stopped a wise and large...

The reappearance of Mr. Wright at the Adelphi on Monday,

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after two years' absence, was the signal for the heartiest demonstration of good feeling. An Adelphi audience is a sort of nation apart, with its own peculiar likes and dislikes...

Dignified by the presence of the Queen, who with the

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Prince Consort and the Royal Children occupied her Majesty's box at Drury Lane Theatre last night, the amateur pantomimists, who gained such laurels at the Olympic, repeated...

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THE Paris Exhibition is about to open, and the alliance with Eng- land is cemented by the interchange of hospitalities. As London sustained the friendly invasion of Paris in...

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No one can rise from the perusal of the Eastern Papers without a strong conviction that the troubles of Europe, and the labours if not the difficulties of this country, are...

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GENERAL CANROBERT gives his testimonial to the fine condition of the English army : the Commissariat now works admirably, and the soldier can fight. It is a grand improvement;...


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THE death of Dr. Hector Gavin, Sanitary Commissioner in the Crimea, is one of those deplorable accidents that awaken sudden interest and sympathy. After having undergone the...


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THE Speaker was indisposed on Monday, and obliged to retire from the House. This occasioned no inconvenience, since an arrange- ment had already been devised for supplying a...

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CONGRRVE t S ROMAN EMPIRE OP THE WEST.' THE selfish and factious spirit which distinguished representative government in France, not merely under the Republic but from the...

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Lord Cloneurry, was an honest, im- pulsive, Irish politician, of extreme " national " or Anti-Union views, but more sober in his language and a good deal more practi- cal in his...

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B00103. Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third. From Origi- nal Family Documents. By the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Volumes III. and IV. History of Europe...

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,MILE 3tto.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY SEHIIIITION. We noticed last week, though without attaching much importance to the. fact, that the general iinpression of the present Academy exhibition was...


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On„the 4th May, at Fetch= Rectory, Leatherhead, Ihe Wife of the Rev. E. Graham Mood: of a eon. On the 6th, at AldercarHall, the Wife of Charles Scott Jessop, Esq., of a...

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Tuesday, May 8. PARTNERSUIPS DISSOISE.D. -Andrews and Mayston, Great Cambridge Street, Shoreditch, gas-fitters-Williams and Co. Worcester, grocers ; as far as regards J. J....

NAVAL GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY, May 5.-The following promotions, dated the 2d

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inst. have this day taken place, consequent on the decease, on the 1st inst. of Rear-Admiral of the White A. L. Corry-Rear-Admiral of the Blue the Hon. R. S. Hondas, C.B. to be...

MILITARY GAZETTE. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, May 7.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Lieut.

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C. H. Seclley to be Second Capt. vice Crofton, died of wounds before Sebastopol. WAII..OFFICE May 11.-1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards-Regimental Serg.-Major D. Wale to be...

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BRITISH 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents. Long Annuities Bank Stock,8 per Cent India Stock, 10i per Cent Exchequer Bills, 21d- per diem...