12 NOVEMBER 1853

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Tim Turks have beaten the Russians, and are driving them back from the Danube : such is the news, accepted on all sides as au- thentic. It is not long since the wise in...

There is no question that certain of the natives of

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India are evincing an ability- to deal with political subjects which cannot fail to make its way., Amongst the Indian papers recently received, we have one which reports a...

Except the trial of the -prisoners charged with conspiracy to

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as- sassinate the Emperor at the Opera Comique, there is nothing in. the ostensible events 'ofParis - half So important as an expected movement in the direction of commercial...

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Tire Queen commenced the winter series of theatrical entertainments at Windsor Castle on Thursday, with Shakspere's play of Henry the .Fifth. Her Majesty had invited a...

The strike in the English cotton district is not yet

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closed ; and notwithstanding many signs of yielding in the outposts, the leaders of the main body at Preston still talk bravely of receiving large funds. Indeed, the working...

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The Lord Mayor's show went off in the usual style on Wednesday; the theatrical portion of it under the appropriate -control of " Mr. Cooke of Astley's Amphitheatre." A goodly...

London has this week presented one of the pictures in

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which our forefathers delighted, two or three centuries back, and in which several stories and several periods were combined in one view. Here we have the ancient past, the...

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'Or Vratiurto.

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Mr. James Wilson, the Secretary of the Treasury, has been at Liver- pool during the week, a guest at the house of Mr. William Brown M.P. Deputations from the Chamber of Commerce...

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The vacant seat in the Court of Session has been bestowed on Mr. Handyside, Solicitor-General for Scotland ; and the Solicitorship has fallen to Mr. James Crawford,...

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Fn&se cn .— The Emperor and Empress are about to visit Fontaine- bleau ; and it is remarked that althou g h M. Kisselef and M. Hubner, the Russian and Austrian Ministers, were...

IRELAND. Some time a g o, a person named Smith, employed by

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certain zealous Protestants in Dublin to distribute controversial handbills, g ave one to a M r . Brennan, a Roman Catholic schoolmaster. Hi g hly irritated, Mr. B rennan g ave...

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The general Metropolitan mortality last week slightly exceeded the average, while the deaths by cholera rose to 102. For the last four weeks, the numbers rose from 45 to 83,...


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The following four regiments have received orders to hold themselves in readiness to move from their present quarters to Ireland,—the 28th Regiment from Leeds to Dublin ; the...

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SATURDAY. M. Kisseleff, in presenting this note, verbally informed M. Dronyn de Lhuys, in the name of the Czar, that if a single English or French ship should pass into the...

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The Duke of Newcastle has offered the appointment of Lieutenant-

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Governor of the colony of Victoria to Sir Charles Hotham; who "only awaits the Royal command" to enter upon the duties of that office. Sir Charles Hotham, born in 1806, has...

Notwithstanding another week of unusually fine weather, which must have

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been worth millions sterling to the country at this critical season, the grain-market was quite as firm yesterday as it has been for several weeks. The prevailing impression...

It is understood that the vexed question of a Protestant

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cemetery at Madrid has been settled for the present. A letter from that capital, dated the 5th instant, states the conditions of the-concession- " Protestants may construct...

A series of lectures on Indian affairs, proposed by Dr.

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Buist of Bombay, challenges more than ordinary notice. Dr. Buist is well known to those who are acquainted with India ; but to such of our readers as are not so informed, we may...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOON. The English Funds at the commencement of this week exhibited renewed activity ; and, under the influence of purchases by the public, coupled...

The following letter has been addressed by Mr. Maurice to

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the Council of King's College, and laid before them at their meeting yesterday. " To the Council of King's College. " 21, Queen Square, Bloomsbury, Nov. 7, 1853. "My Lords and...

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The Sacred Harmonic Society have begun their concerts for the

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season at Exeter Hall. Their first performance, last night, consisted of Handers Coronation Anthem " Zadok the priest," the " Dettingen Te Deum," and Mozart's Twelfth Mass;...


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After a long interval, a piece of some importance has been produced at the Theatre Francais. This piece, which is in five acts and in verse, the two French conditions of high...


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Messrs. Jennings, of Cheapside, have on view, in preparation for the issue of an engraving, Mr. Le Jeune's picture, "The Parable of the Lily," which was exhibited last year at...


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The " Wednesday Evening Concert" of this week was the beat, as well as the most successful, yet given. It presented no novelty, for it is not at such concerts that novelty can...


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This week the National Gallery has reopened, after a recess prolonged beyond the usual period. The interval has been used to some purpose. More light is obtained ; the...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. John Everett Millais has been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy ; the vacancy which he fills being, if we ;recollect rightly, that caused by the...


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The misfortune that happened to the farce by which Mr. Wright was introduced to the Lyceum public is repaired by the substitution of a new piece, as a sequel to the very smart...

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twenty years, and he must be a wise man who can judge at the commencement of one generation from the w ho dates from Manchester, calls our attention to an apparent discrepancy...


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PARLIAMENTARY REFORM : PROGRESS OF THE DISCUSSION. Puntro discussion is proceeding rapidly on the probable, possible, and desirable changes to be attempted by the Reform Bill...

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IF to be admirable is to have the quality of being looked at, then the Lord Mayor's Show is admirable, and the show of Wednesday last, the most admirable that we have had these...

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TIIE obtrusive guest who, out of time, proposes a toast which when proposed everybody must drink, takes advantage of the hour to drag others after him in a mean adulation. He...


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" LUSTY-TWO shillings for Wall's-end coals !" exclaims " Pater- familias,"—" and I only paid twenty-two shillings last year !" So he writes to the Times, to know how the price...


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ONE plan for improving the Thames, designed by Mr, .11,3 114 1 Gieborne, has received a considerable degree of official sanction; and is now before the public. The water-way of...

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AtrarnAtu'llas under consideration the modes of its own self- governinent, which it is arranging in ways that vary according to the different genius of its colonies. Van...


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NO. II. THE great Oriental revolution is nearly complete. The days of the Tar- tar dynasty are numbered. Step by step the representative of the old house is advancing to the...

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REPRESENTATION OF CLASSES. II. Sin—If the educational franchise is at first only an experiment, and is not broken up into local constituencies, there is no necessity for making...

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London, 3d November 1853. See.—In August last I happened to be travelling by railway to Paris : about five o'clock on a fine morning, I was aroused by a smart shock ; and upon...


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Sin—Among the multitudes who annually flock to our National Museum, how many know that it contains a single coin or medal ? That many would desire to see them, if aware of...


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1 Adam Street, Adelphe, 7th November 1853. Sts,—The streams and rivers of a country being the natural drains where- by surplus fluids are conveyed from the highest levels to the...

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MASTERS AND MEN IN PRESTON. Preston has always borne a highly respectable character among the manufacturing towns of Lancashire. "Proud Preston" is the name by which it is...

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Menaleons, BIRTHS, AND DEATHS.—The last quarterly return of the Registrar-General

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gives the same evidence of the prosperous condition of the mass of the people up to that date as we obtain from other Sources. The number of marriages in the quarter ending 30th...

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Tai; BOARD or TRADE RErunxs.-These returns, relating to the month

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ending October 10, may be supposed to afford some slight indication of what effect the-dearness of bread has had in lessening the consumption of ether commodities. With the...

BRITISH AND Fonsieti SHIPPING.-The accounts lately published of the amount

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of shipping employed in the foreign trade of the United King- dom, distinguishing British and foreign tonnage, would in former years have furnished the shipowners with the most...


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Tuesday, Norember 8. PARTNEILSIIIPS DISSOLVED.-Adams and Co. Dudley, soda-water-manufacturers- Adams and Culverhouse, Birmingham, sods-water-manufacturers-Broughton and Akers,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Nov. 11.-2d Regt. of Drags.-Lieut. J. A. Freeman to be Capt. by purchase, vice Scobell, who retires' Cornet W. T. Prentis, to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Freeman....

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On the 27th October, at Bayswater Hill, the Wife of the Lord Bishop of Cape Town, of a daughter. On the 28th, at Wilton Hall, Norfolk, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Thornton Wode- house,...

COLONIAL Exrrxnrrrax.-The large expenditure required for the Goveriiment of our

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Colonies at the present time has frequently been con- trasted with the moderate amount expended for the same purpose a cen- tiny, ago. But it is not very easy to make a fair...

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BRITISH FUNDS Mooing Prices.) Selsrd. Mons*, 2uroday..1rothur. 3 per Cent Consols 3 per Cents Reduced Ditto for Account 941 s6 94} 94 941 94 93 96 9 9 3 951 941 31 per...

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London: Printed by JOSEPH exarrox, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Josarn CLAYTON, 100. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dunstan inthe West, in the City of London; and Published by the...

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CREASY'S ENGLISH CONSTITUTION., Exeunt liberty has been in all ages of a very practical character, and, as Burke remarked in his Reflections, hereditary. The Great Charter...

e7 2,uppirittritt fa tbr gwvatator POE THE WEEK ENDING No. 132-1.]

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WESTGARTH'S VICTORIA. * A LARGE portion of this volume, though appropriate

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in " an his- torical and descriptive account" of the colony of Victoria, is not very new in its topics. The foundation, rise, and wonderful pro- gress of the late Australia...

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THE Natural History of &Thorne shows what may be done with an apparently unpromising subject, by untiring industry, close observation of nature, and a mind so possessed with its...

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a tried and a scholarly Liberal, of more self- independence than Liberals always display, has brought toge- gether in this volume a variety of exercitations. Dialogues of the...

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RAYMOND DE MONTHAULT. * Mii MonoArt in Raymond de Monthault rather

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exhibits acquire- ments advantageous to the novelist than qualities essential to the production of a fiction. He has a knowledge of Welsh and Eng- lish history, especially of...


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Booxs. Lectures on Ancient Ethnography and Geography ; comprising Greece and her Colonies, Epirus, Macedonia, Illyricum, Italy, Gaul, Spain, Britain, the North of Africa, &c....

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IN a paper on " Public Libraries in Europe and America," which ap- peared in the Statistical Journal some years ago, the inferiority of Eng- land to other countries in regard to...

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lurtign airmurattha.

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Louis Philippe's Queen, Marie Amelie, with the Duke de Nemours, Prince de biuville, the Duke d'Aumale, and their families, after staying a few days at Turin, left that city on...