13 NOVEMBER 1841

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The suggestions of what might be done to improve two

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import- ant ilepartinents of the public service, upon which the Ministerial papers have ventured, prove to be the harbingers of deeds. The Conservatives are goitr , to do...

In Western Europe, overt violence subsides; yet a perturbed and

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dangerous feeling but too plainly ferments. The Belgian conspi- racy has not reared its head after the first detection ; LEOPOLD barely alludes to it in opening the Senate for...


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ON Tuesday last began the life of the Prince, who will most probably, the perils which beset infancy averted, be the next King of Great Britain. The event was undoubtedly looked...

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THE Court history of the week is the history of the Country, since it tells the birth of Queen Victoria's first son, the future ruler, in all human probability, of the empire....

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The Times gives the most distinct account which has yet

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appeared of the Queen Dowager's condition ; with a pleasing anecdote of the. sick chamber— " The private accounts which have reached town wherein reference is made to the...

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The ordinary Court news is both scanty in itself and

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eclipsed by the larger events of the week. The chief incident is that the Duke of Cambridge returned to Kew from Sandhurst on Tuesday, and again departed on Wednesday, for...

Zbe X11 tro}lotis.

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Tuesday the 9th of November was "Lord Mayor's Day," and Al.' derman Pirie's term of office was ushered in with the usual show. On the previous evening he had taken the oaths at...

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'be Vrobinces.

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Mr. Wigram having been appointed Vice-Chancellor, a vacancy occurs in the representation of the borough of Leominster. Mr. George Arkwright has issued an address to the...

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Mr. Solicitor-General Jackson will be returned without opposition for Dublin University ; Dr. Longfield and Mr. George A. Hamilton hav- ing resolved not to press their claims....


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From the Dundee Courier we learn that the municipal election in Dun- dee, last week, has just turned the balance of Town-Councillors chosen against the Nonintrusion party. On...

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Her Majesty has just presented the liberal donation of five hundred pounds towards the funds now being raised by subscription among old Etonians and others who feel an interest...

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The Paris journals of Thursday, and those of Toulouse, disclose

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a monstrous fact. Eight citizens of Toulouse, arrested as implicated in the recent troubles, and three of them as writers in the Emancipation, a newspaper of that town, were...

The Chronicle of this morning makes the following ominous asser-

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tion— " Having failed to obtain the young Queen of Spain in marriage for one of his own sons, we understand that Louis Philippe is now using all his influence to promote a...

Last night's Gazette formally repeats the notification that Parliament is

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prorogued from the 11th November to the 21st December. Last night's Gazette formally repeats the notification that Parliament is prorogued from the 11th November to the 21st...


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STOCK EXCRANOZ, FRIDAY AFTRRNOON. There has not been much fluctuation in the Public Funds since our last re- port, and the business transacted has not been important. The...

From Sudbury Hall the following bulletin has been received this

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morning- From Sudbury Hall the following bulletin has been received this morning- " The Queen Dowager has had some sleep during the night. Her Majesty's complaint has undergone...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The bulletin issued from the Palace this morning tells the same tale as those of the past days- The bulletin issued from the Palace this morning tells the same...

The newspapers this week record the death of Mr. Peter

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Burrowes, one of the oldest and best patriots of Ireland. A correspondent, who enjoyed his friendship, supplies the following obituary notice- " On Monday last, aged...

The intelligence from Barcelona at once shows the fierce energy

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of the Liberals in that town and their deference for Espartero : on the 2d. instant they published the subjoined decree- " Barcelona. 30th October. "Two Commissioners of the...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 17th August 1841 to the 9th November 1841— Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the Bank of England, from the 17th August 1841 to...

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•• Unfettered Commerce reaps her wines and corn, And Plenty springs with her redundant TO THE EDITOR OP TILE SPECTATOR. Roscommon Street, Liverpool, 11th NGvember 1841. SIR...

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BIRTHS. On the 28th October, the Lady of Lieut. Davrsow, of her Majesty's Eighty-fourth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 28th October, at West Square, Lambeth, the Lady of...


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AN Ambassador of France, in the days of Queen ELIZABETH, is reported to have written home on one occasion, that on the preceding evening he had enjoyed the distinguished honour...


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THE REPORTED REMEDY FOR TAE DISTRESS. In glancing at our Money-market report from the City, we are struck with the mention of a rumour conveyed in these words- " Among other...

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OF late the balance of miracles has been rather in favour of the Protestants. Since the Pope found it expedient to put an end to Prince HOBENLOBE'S miraculous cures by getting...


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IT is the case with most of those combinations among workmen called "strikes," for exacting certain conditions from their masters, that they are obscure in their history and...

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Ioarirrotoor. A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-water Fish, with a view of makin g them • source of profit to landed proprietors. By Gottlieb Boccius Van Voorst. A History...


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WILL not the restoration of the Conservatives to power loosen the tongue of the Laureate ? In case it should, the following hints for an ode to the young Prince, expressive of '...


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OF THE SPECTATOR. Sue—Now that orders for new muskets are being issued, the officers of the Ordnance are probably thinking where they are to be deposited. If a civilian may be...

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Ma. BRIGHT is a surgeon, who left England some years ago to settle in Australia. The colony he selected does not appear ; but he speaks of the population of New South Wales as...

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From October 29th to November 11th. Boors. Peace, Permanent and Universal: its practicability, value, and con- sistency with Divine Revelation. A Prize Essay, by H. T. J. MAC....

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Tuesday, Nov. 9. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Duncan and Bolsover, Mauchester. bakers —Haukinson and Orme, Macclesfield, cheese-factors—Harrisou and Brown, Manchester,...

Our correspondent B— is informed, with regret, that the Society

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for the Encouragement of British Art no longer exists : it died of sheer inanition and neglect, aided by mismanagement. Five of Mr. BuartErr's (not small, though cheap)...


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VIEWS OF THE TOWER. Amosc the multiplicity of prints, there is, strange to say, a great de- ficiency of good views of the fine public edifices of London on a large or even a...

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BR IT 1 SH ISaturday FUN D S. Monday. Ever Cent. Consols 89 69 Ditto for Account 8) 894 8 per Cents. Reduced 87 1 881. di per Cents. Reduced 971 874 New 31 per Cents. 93...