15 JANUARY 1859

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The Prince of Prussia has kept up the series of

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speeches which have been accepted at present as marking the position of the several Governments in Europe. The Prince reports a " favour- able " state of finance, a sound moral...

If continental travel is good for the ordinary young English

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gentleman, d fortiori must, it be good for a Prince of Wales. The country will, therefore, see with pleasure Albert Edward going abroad, even as far as Rome, and seeing with his...

The first chapter of the negociations between the Protecting State,

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Great Britain, and the Ionian Federation has been brought to a close by Mr. Gladstone's report, followed up, it is announced, by the retirement of Sir John Young and the...

A fresh sensation has been created in the United States

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by an adventurer not unlike that of the Echo, only that in this case the adventurer was much more successful. A fast vessel called the Wanderer has succeeded in making the...


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BEFORE the authorities in Paris have left off explaining away the memorable words ascribed to the Emperor Napoleon on the 1st of the year, -- inThit - ve,new portents - of a...

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In conference with his friends at Birmingham Mr. Adderley has

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added to the number of his earnest appeals in favour of re- formatory institutions, and he now calls for action, rather than mere legislation ; yet at the same time he shows...

It Curt.

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ME Queen held a Privy Council at Windsor Castle when it was ordered that Parliament should be further prorogued, and the day was fixed for the opening of the session of 1859....


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The appeal of the Times on behalf of the homeless poor has resulted in the raising of no less than 79171. 14s. 3d. in less than three weeks ! Of this large large sum 5500/. goes...

The formal prorogation of Parliament in the Gazette fixes the

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day for the meeting of the two Houses on the 3d of next month. We are not entirely without grounds for believing that the Re- form Bill is in existence, and has been Abjected to...

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When the 100th,. or Prince of Wales's Royal Regiment, arrived in 3Angland, just complaint was made that Liverpool had somehow over- looked their landing, and had not received...


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A few further meetings on the subject of Parliamentary Reform have been reported this week. Mr. John Abel Smith at Chichester and Mr. Kekewkils at Honitou have both declared the...

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Sir Stafford Northcote delivered a lecture last week at the Exeter Literary Society on the system of administration in France. It is of importance that the English should get...

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LORD PANIICHE ON WHIG PRINCIPLES. The good town of Brechin presented its Provost on Monday with a piece of plate as a testimony of the respect of Brechin for Provost- Guthrie....

fortigu nut( ulouint.

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f ThUr.—The excitement caused by the remarks of the French Em- peror to M. Hubner has been rather increased than allayed by subse- quent events. The journals, notably the...


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An influential deputation from Belfast, in furtherance of the move- ment set on foot there to found intermediate schools, waited on Lord Eglinton on Thursday. It included the...

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EY THE QUEEN.—A TROCI,A.MATION. VICTORIA, R. Whereas our Parliament stands prorogued to Thursday, the 13th day of- this instant tannery, we with the advice of our Privy...

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SATURDAY. The impression is growing stronger that after all there will be no war. Whatever may be the purpose of those in high positions, who have al- ternated incitements and...

The Times gave prominency this week to a "report" that

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"Sir John Young has been recalled, and Mr. Gladstone, the present Lord Com- missioner Extraordinary of the Ionian Islands, has been appointed Or- dinary Lord Commissioner in his...

The Gazette of last night contained a list of new

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Consular appoint- ments. Mr. Rutheford Alcock, moves from Canton, to be Consul General in Ja an. Mr. Daniel Brooke Robertson moves from Shanghai to Canton. Mr. Harry Smith...


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Proprietors' Capital Rest £14,053,000 3,214,101 Government Securities (Inch'. ding Dead Weight Annuity). £10,898,807 Public Deposits' 5,518,742 Other Securities 10,561,194...


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DEATHS. On the 19th December, at Alexandria, on his way home from India, Orlando F. C. Bridgeman, Captain Sd Dragoon Guards, youngest son of Vice-Admiral the Hon. C. 0....

The Prince Regent of Prussia opened the Chambers on Wednesday,

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in a speech remarkable for the omission of any allusion to the Italian difficulty. The Prince invokes Prussian patriotism, talks of the glorious history and traditions of...

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The love of novelty begets improvement, and especially in all

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those ar- ticles of personal use which are recognized as clothing for the body. The Persigny scarf lately patented by Messrs. Welch and Margetson, is no- ticeable from the...

The Council of King's College will give a soiree on

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the 22d (this day week) to a large party of men eminent in literatere and art. The invita- tions are not fewer than 1500. The contributions of art which are to grace the rooms...

That worthy tradesman, the tailor, who is responsible: for first

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impres- sions, and is to be commended or banned accordingly, reports rather a brisk season. Overcoats and overeloaks vie with each other for the public convenience out of doors....

For some two or three years past the shawl trade

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has been in rather a languishing condition, which is attributable to the very general adap- tion of the use of mantles by our fair countrywomen. Some years back made up garments...

A patent whisk or churn which any body may use

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has lately come into the cook and confectioner apparatus. It is avowed to be more rapid and certain in its action than any other method, and is manufactured of all sizes, so as...

Two novel descriptions of collars have been introduced. They are

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made with or without a corded ornament running round the edges, the ends or points being deeper than the back of the neck, so as to lie readily and easily under the neck of the...

Rstful i fa54inno, grahr, kr.

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Tut cooperation of both town and country members of the Society of Arts, has been solicited for the Evhibition in 1861, by a letter from the Council—observations upon the best...

A new ink is about to appear, called the Waverley

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Ink, to the excel- lence of which Dr. Hassell certifies. It flows freely from the pen does not injure or corrode those of metal, is unaffected by heat or moisture, never...

Sir W. C. Trevelyan has offered through the Council of

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the Society of Arts 1001. for the best essay, illustrated with specimens, on the appli- cations of the marine algce and their products, as food or medicine for man and domestic...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FaxsAv Arreaxoos. This has been a week of rapid and extremely violent fluctuations in the value of English securities ; such a degree of excitement has scarcely...

The Court of Queen's Bench has granted a rule calling

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Mr. Vincent i Scully to show cause why the verdict found in his favour n the case of Scully versus Ingram, should not be set aside, and a new trial be had. A poor servant...

Mr. Barnum repeated his lecture on "Humbug and the Art

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of Money Making," in St. James's Hall last, night, with no abatement in effect,—lus audience "assisting" as jovially as ever, he is to reiterate his exposition a fourth time on...

Messrs. Arrowsmith's solid Swiss parquetry is being much employed as

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bordering for floors. The new assembly room at Manchester, eighty-five feet long and thirty-five feet wide, is to be floored with this neat and durable mosaic-work.

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A WAR, OR A CONGRESS? THE speculators in war prices have kept the ascendant in the public market; and outward assurances of continued peace have scarcely strengthened since we...


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Tax fact that a cargo of slaves has been landed in ono of the states of the Union has, as an American paper justly remarks, imparted to the question of slavery and the...

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THREE new appointments have elicited this week some rather in- discriminate praise and in some quarters censure very wide of the mark. Sir Charles Trevelyan has been appointed...

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THE discovery that Ireland has not passed out of that chronic dis- affection which has been one of the greatest obstacles to her pro- gress has not attracted sufficient...


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added to the political topics of the day. A young girl, not five years old at the Revolution of 1848, is brought from school to be united to a Prince of the new dy- nasty which...

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As a curious contrast to the famous problem—Ought a man to marry upon three hundred a year P—The Times has now elicited a controversy as to the best method of conducting rich...

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No. I. INTRODUCTION.—Easy Chairs—Montaigne and Scaliger—Title of these papers—Alarms of Europe—Existing Vices and Miseries and the consolatory Thoughts to oppose to them—The...

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S4t Intatrti.

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The important event of the now concluding week is the revival of Hamlet at the Princess's Theatre. The principal character in this tragedy has always been one of the most...

The admirers of Sir Sohn Pakington in Worcestershire, are about

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to give him a substantial testimonial—" a superb and costly shield, of the diameter of about forty inches, on which will be represented, symbolically, the duel features...

On the same evening, a chamber concert was given at

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Willis's Rooms by Mr. Howard Glover, the author of the admirable and successful Can- tata, "Tam O'Shanter." On this occasion Mr. Glover brought forward several of his own...


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The music of the past week affords little room for remark. The French company at the St. James's Theatre have produced Le Domi- no Noir, another joint work of Scribe and Auber,...


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The reviles this winter are not so numerous as on some former occa- sions. However a brilliant spectacle of the class, written by • two vete- rans in this department, MM....

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THE EARL OF DUNDONALD'S SERVICES IN CHILI, PERU, AND BRAZIL.* THEERE is a growing opinion that the "trade of war" is only le- gitimate when national; that a man is not...

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Mrs. Crowe's Ghost Stories is a species of tentative philosophi- cal experiment, in the direction of mesmerism, clairvoyance, and apparitions, which tested by the old...

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A very important addition has been made to our original stores of modern historical information by the appearances of the Marquis Con- wallis's Correspondence, in three ample...

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Last summer, it may be remembered, a public meeting was held to found a Dramatic College, the object of which was to support a certain number of decayed actors and actresses,...

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3Lm 1gusir.

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:HOGUE'S SACRED SONGS. The great house in "the Row" are erecting a monument, me peren- nius, to the memory of Thomas Moore, by their complete and elegant editions of his...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 11. BankrOpfa. - Txt.ngs Camara/Ls, Sheerness, coal-merchant-Eat Wansweicurr, Earl Street, Kensington, corn-chandler-HENRY Boorais, Bradford,...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) per Cent Commis Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New Spec Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1883 Bank Stock, Spec Cent India Stock, 101 per...