16 AUGUST 1834

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We have thus seen the close of the second act

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:' the drop scene has fallen, and the performers have vanished from our sight. Let as reflect on the progress of the plot, and try to conjecture the vharacter of the future...


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• TEE Peers have signalized the last week of the session by an act which none but a faction utterly despurate, reckless of consequences , and bereft of reason, would have...

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Accounts from Persia mention, that the son of the late

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Prince Royal, ABBAS MIRZA, has been adopted as successor to his grand- father, the reigning Monarch. This is deemed a favourable settle- ment for English interests. It was...

The address from the French Peers, in reply to the

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speech from the throne, was voted on Saturday, by a majority of 81 to 9, end presented to Lo via PHILIP on Monday. The reply of the King Vas similar to the address itself,...

The address of the Spanish Proceres, or Peers, in reply

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to the Queen's speech, was agreed to on the '2d instant, and the vote was unanimous. MARTINEZ DE LA ROSA made an able oration on the occasion ; and the House adjourned after a...

Otbatcsi antr Vratectiingdfit Vadiament.

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I. THE IRISH CHURCH. On Monday evening, previously to the commencement of the debate on the second reading of the Irish Tithe Bill in the House of Peers, The Duke of...

The King and Queen of the Belgians are making a

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royal pro- gress through their dominions. Their reception has been uni- formly of the most gratifying kind. Even at Ghent, supposed to be the head-quarters of Orangeism, they...

An arrival from Lisbon has brought accounts to the 2d

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instant. The elections of members to the Cortes were in progress; out of 84 whose return was ascertained, 69 are stated to be decided Ministeralists. CARVALHO, the Minister of...

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Ebe itictropolift. The Cou:t of Common Council met on Saturday

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; and, on the mo- tion of Mr. Richard Taylor, an 4dress 11115 voted to Earl Grey on his retirement from office. It was couched in terms of high admira- tion for his Lordship's...

ne Court. TITE King reviewed the troops in the qttadrangle

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of Windsor Castle on Sunday morning, and afterwards attended divine service in the chapel. On Monday, his Majesty had a small dinner-party. On Tues- day, Lord Abhor') arrived at...

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ebt Crittittrta.

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It is stated the King will visit Staffordshire in the ccurse of a few days; and that he will be guest of the Earl of Lichfield, at Shag- borough.—Lcaniington Courier. The...

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At the Chester Assizes, two men, named Mosley and Garside,

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were indicted for the murder of Mr. Thomas Ashton, on the 3c1 of January 1831. At the period in question, there was a dispute at Werneth, Ashton, and Stayley, between themasters...


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The Commissioners are actively engaged in obtaining returns of the different religious parties in Ireland, and several parishes are already completed. No serious difficulty is...

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General Mina arrived at Bordeaux on the 10th instant. At

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mid- night, a serenade was performed under his windows, at the Hotel de Rouen, by the band of the ptincipal theatre. The Tribune has reappeared in Paris, after a suspension of...

Mr. Frankland Lewis has accepted the situation of Chief of

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the Central Board of Commissioners under the new Poor-Law Bill. This will cause a vacimey in the representation of Radnorshire. The other appointments—of Air. Lelevre and Mr....

SC( MLA N It is said that Sir Daniel Sandford's

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health has suffered materially by his short Parliamentary campaign, and that he will probably resign his seat for Paisley. His friends will not regret his retirement from the...

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A company has been formed at Amsterdam to conatract a

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railroad front that town to Cologne, with a subscribed capital of twelve millions of thwin The distance is one hutalsed and eighty miles. In the prineimility of Neufchatel,...


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S ATURP.M The debate in the French Chamber of Deputies, on the address in reply to the King's Speech, was unexpectedly closed on Thursday. The :Ministers suffered every...

Mr. CoanErr is quite delighted at the demand for gold

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occaaioned by the financial operations of President JACK5.0N and Don lanotto ; and anticipates the speeay fulfilment of all his prophecies ilhout the downfall of the shiny. Tile...

The financial arrangements of the Spanish Government wire laid before

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the Cortes on the 7th instaitt, by Coma TORENO. The parti- culars will be seen by reference to our report on the Money Market. From these it appears, that a national bankruptcy...

THE atlialY.

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31 Ttegt. 1.i :10. Cra;:s.---Livut. NV. .1. Dov.tcs to ly Adjt. -.1at A■:.pitatte only. ti 1,ight .,1 Of:MS.-4'01111g Who0111S; T. 11:1!.111:1 to • . Ila g art ; It. from...

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A comic piece, written by PEAKE, under the fearful title of The Dead Guest, with MUSIC by ALEXANDER LEE, was produced at this theatre on Monday, with success beyond its merits ;...

Mr. THOMSON'S opera of Herman is postponed till October; when

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Piertnies, who has a principal part, will have fulfilled his provincial engagements. The next musical novelty will be an operetta called the Sylph: the story is that of the...


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SOME recent proceedings of General THORNTON, Lieutenant-Governor of the island of Jersey, are well worthy the attention of Lord DUN- CANNON. The conduct of that person since lie...

Tug NEW POSTMASTER - GENERAL. — With all the faults of the Duke of

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Richmond, whom have you got in his stead ?—The Marquis of Cunyngham. " The who?" I hear you say : you never heard of him—nor anybody else out of the drawing-rooms of London....


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The Renown, Gordon, from Mauritius to London, pat back on the 34 May, having experienced a severe hurricane, and was discharging her cargo in a damaged state. Arrived—At...


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STUCK EZMIANOS, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, El The closing price of Consols is higher this afternoon than it has been all the week ; viz. 90i 7. Money has also become more abundant; and...

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MAJORITY AGAINST THE SECOND READING. Vcry.1 Prr#rut. Calthorpo Melross Colville or Culross harucliffe Hay Southampton Bayning Itiarvborough De Tabley Ravetiswort lr Pe...


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REFORM OF THE PEERAGE. CANNING used to say, that a real and substantial Reform of the House of Commons would destroy the Peerage. Mr. CANNING knew that the theory of the...

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MR. BUCKINGHAM, who is fund of scribbling and figuring at fitli length in print, seems to have had work enough on his hands this last week : he has been carrying on an active...


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IN the Minority who voted with Ministers on the Irish Tithe Bill, we mark the name of the Commander of the Forces. No one sup- poses, however, that this is any evidence of the...

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The South Australian Colony Bill was one of ilsose that

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yester- day received the Royal assent, communicated Ly the King in person. It has passed almost without alteration. The only mate- rial change was sugeested by the Doke of...

The Chancellor's laudation of the Peers, on Thursday, has ex-

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cited no surprise; for who can be surprised at any thing said or done by Lord Bstououssi ? but it has produced a general feeling of disgust, and no small irritation. Every one...

It wr.04 he !le stela smcivil to receive tills Oa'

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}orate lectute withoitt sume lt ne ;sow lode nw.it. Fenced at onee te a eswer no . um - selves. Mr. Erten:Nen set sass that tle• niele•Ittluc " Committee" was " easy to...

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"Yesterday afternoon, about three o'clock, a most tremendous riot, for

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the time it lasted, took place in Great Chapel Street and the Broadway; West- minster. One of the constables of the B division seized a basket of cucumbers belonging to a poor...


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TRAVELS, Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine. Sw:tzeland, and a Co.nex of Italy. 2 vols. .r.colin-m an I CO; TOPOGRAPHY. Guide to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland,...


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Is a book of travelling impressions—such impressions as are likely to be made on the mind of an elegant woman, fashionably edu- cated, fashionably read. Whatever she sees that...

"There is a prejudice amongst the common people of Paris,

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that it is against the law to touch the body of a person making an attempt upon his life, but in the presence of a peace-officer. Hence many suicides, which might be inter-...


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TO THE EDITOR or THE SPECTATOR. Leadenhall Street, 15th August 1934. &Ur— As an enemy to abuses, I beg to call your attention to one that I cannot but consider a most...