16 JANUARY 1847

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S/11. ROBERT PEEL'S pupil and follower, Lord Lincoln, has been making a declaration of his political views to the electors of Man- chester; some of whom have invited him to be a...

A fatal pettiness of action in the English Protectionist So-

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cieties evinces the actual decay of the party. The schism on the question of the Malt-tax is not only suffered to be visible, but members of the party have fallen to bickering...

The speech of King Louis Philippe; on opening the Oren&

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Chambers, judged by the general standard of royal speeches, is not a very satisfactory indication as to the state of official feeling in France. The hackneyed assurances of...

The committee of Irish landlords in Dublin has issued a

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sche- dule of resolutions, which were to have been submitted at a general . meeting on Thursday last ; and reports of the pro- ceedings will probably arrive in time for notice...

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It will suffice to enumerate some few points of interest

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in the Test of the foreign news. Russia has assembled a large army on the frontiers of Cracow and Austrian Gallicia ; and Austria shows a watchful alarm. Wallachia and the other...

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Tux Queen, Prince Albert, and the Royal Family, have spent a whole week-at Claremont. They returned to Windsor on Thursday afternoon. Lord John Russell visited her Majesty...


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Last Monday, being Plough Monday, a Court of Aldermen was held for receiving the presentments of the several Ward inquests, and for swearing lit the constables. A presentment...

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The form of electing a Representative for East Worcestershire was gone through on Monday, at Droitwich ; when Captain Rushout, a Conservative -and Protectionist, was returned as...

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The Reproductive Employment Committee met on Friday and Saturday, to arrange the business to be submitted to the great meeting at the Ro- tunda, fixed for Thursday. The...

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Sir Culling Eardley Smith has got into disgrace with the standing com- mittee at Edinburgh to promote his future election. He had expressed himself in favour of Sunday trains:...

jforrign an Golonfal.

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Fnexca.—King Louis Philippe opened the session of the Chambers on Monday. He left the Tuileries at one o'clock, accompanied by his four sons and a numerous cortege. Meanwhile,...

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The diplomatic despatches presented to the French Chambers have been published. In substance the documents add nothing to what was al- ready known, as the accounts in the...

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Parliament met, pro Jot-m8, on Tuesday, and was further prorogued lust- the 19th instant; then to meet for the despatch of business. Cabinet Councils were held on Wednesday...

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The usual notice has been issued from the Lord Chamberlain's

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office touching the reservation of places in the House of Lords for Peeresses on the opening of Parliament. Experiments have recently been made at the Excise-office, under...


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AartivErt — at Gravesend, 11th Jan. Lucknow. Lea, from Calcutta ; 12th, Bangalore, Aylon ; and Hugh Walker, Cameron, from China, and Plantagenet, Bird, from Calcut- ta ; and...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The general meeting of landowners convened by the Reproductive Em- ployment Committee, and held at the Dublin Rotunda on Thursday, ex- ceeded all expectation in...

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It is stated that Mr. Laing, ci-devant Police Magistrate at

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Hatton Gar- den, has been appointed a Magistrate in Australia, and that he leaves England next week to assume his appointment in that distant colony.— Globe.

A correspondent, who writes from Vienna on the 11th instant,

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supplies an interesting review of the actual state of the international questions in the North- . " The complication of difficulties which have gathered around the settlement...


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The managers of Sadler's Wells have taken considerable' pains with the revival of Beaumont and Fletcher's King and No King. It is evidently one of those pieces with which they...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FEIDAY AFTERNOON. The resolution adopted by the Directors of the Bank of England at their meeting yesterday, to raise their minimum rate of discount to 31, per...

The Achilles has arrived at Penzance, with adviees from the

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Cape of Good Hope to the 18th November. The only change on the frontier was *owe improvement in the state of the army, especially in the supply of provisions and of mules for...

Dr. Lovell, a physician of London, and Mrs. Betts, a

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respectable inhabitant of Enfield, have been found guilty, by a Coroner's Jury, of manslaughter, for causing the death of Martha Hobbs, the woman's niece, by subjecting her to a...

The Paris papers of Thursday report an event of some

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Parliamentary importance. At a meeting of the Opposition Deputies, on Wednesday evening, in the salon of M. Billault, that gentleman and M. Dufaure de- termined" to separate...

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" Be just, before you are generous." TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sia—After an interval of some weeks, I again appear in your columns. 'Those weeks, however, have not been...

M. Frederic Lemaitre has come to the St. James's Theatre;

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and made his first appearance on Monday, in Dun Cesar de Boson. If our read- ers do not know by heart the plot of that piece—clever in incident, monstrous in incongruity—it is...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Upper Hyde Park Street, 11111 January 1847. Sin—Notwithstanding the higti opinion I entertain in common with most of your readers of the...

An English version of Donizettrs Anna Bukna was produced at

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the 'Princess's Theatre on Tuesday, for the &bat of Miss Bassano. This young lady, originally a pupil of the Royal Academy of Music, was enabled, we 'understand, through the...

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iN the course of a discussion last week, on Mr. Trevelyan51 minute, an objection was started, that in carrying out improve- ments under its provisions, the landlords of Ireland...


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A GOOD JOKE. ) I WE who live, act, and suffer in this January 1847, are by those means, consciously or unconsciously, amassing materials for the future historian. He will find...

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Orin esteemed correspondent, "A Guardian," contributes another valuable letter on the Poor-law. He contends that national charity ought to be administered on the same principle...


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THAT we are undergoing a social transition, is manifested by no- thing more than by the state of the fine arts ; which having been divorced by the Puritanical movement from...

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Br AN AMATEUR. RIVALRIES, when they arise out of the force of circumstances, are not to be regretted. It is to be hoped that the competition now organizing be- tween the old...

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Titavuna, A Canoe Voyage up the Sources of the Minnay Sotor ; with an Account of some Lead and Copper Deposits in Wisconsin, and of the Gold Region in the Cherokee Country, &c....

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A130IIT ten years ago, such a speculation as publishing an English vor- lion of George Sand's works would have been impossible, so virulent Iva the prejudice against them in...

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Or the life of Jeremy Taylor, the poetical preacher of the Anglican Church, not many detailed particulars are known. He was born at Cambridge, in 1613; educated at an humble...


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Booxs. Travels in Peru, during the years 1838-1842, on the Coast, in the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests. By Dr. J. J. von Tschudi....

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7U."11 Cathedral Service, as used in the Festivals and Saints' Days of the Church of England; composed by Thomas Talus. Newly edited by Edward Rimbault, LL.D., F.S.A. TEE word...


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On the 17th September, at the Parsonage Ekuse, Little Sutton, Auckland, New Zen., land, the Wife of the Rev. J. F. Churton, LL.B., of twin sons. On the 23d December, at Malta,...


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WSO-OFFICE, Jan. 15.-Royal Rest. of Horse Guards-Cornet and Adjt. W. G. Sut- ton, from the 11th Light Drags, to be MX with the rank of Lieut. vice Brunt, pro- moted. 7th Light...


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Tuesday, Jan. 12. PARTNER5UIP8 DISSOLVED. Lees and White, Manchester, land-agents-Smith and Scampton, Leicester, cheese factors-Banner and Co. carriers out of a patent for the...

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BULLION. Per oz. METALS. Per tom Foreign Gold in Bars, Standard .. £317 9 Copper,British Cakes £88 10 0 .. o o 0 Foreign a oldin Coin ,Portugalleeces 0 0 0 Iron, British...