17 JULY 1847

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A strong feeling of apprehension is manifested in divers quar-

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ters, that at the next election the constituencies are likely to go wrong for want of some guiding principle. Lord Brougham' fears, from the want of the usual party motives, a...

Sir Robert Peel's address to the Tam worth electors possesses

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a substantive interest. It is composed with painstaking ela- boration, and with a workmanlike skill, displayed in its lucid- ity, its calmness, and its extreme plainness. There...


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THE penultimate week of the session has been characterized by the usual multifariousness of the remainder measures to be poked away somehow,—hurried forward, set aside, deferred...

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Two journals, one thoroughly Ministerial, the other Ministerial in its

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foreign policy, put forth dissertations on the state of Switzerland, of such a nature as to have the appearance of indi- cating a British intervention in the turmoils of the...

Dtbates anb iprottefings in Varliament.

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Cntinco-ErePAkitott. In the Hosts, of Commons, on Tneedey, Lord Jonx RUSSELL moved the wend reading of the Bishopric of Manchester Bill; which recites the expediency of opting...

The great trial in France has terminated in an explosion,

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for which even the strange history had not prepared the public : the truant M. Pellapra had sent in documents unequivocally estab- lishing the guilt of M. Teste : on retiring...

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be (Court.

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TEE Queen held a Chapter of the Bath on Monday, at Buckingham Palace; at which the Earl of Dundonald was invested with the insignia of Knight Grand Cross of the Order; and Sir...

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Sir Robert Peel has issued an address to the electors of Tamworth, of peculiar interest, and also of peculiar length: it reaches us in the form of a pamphlet, published by Mr....

Vrbe Inctropolis.

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There has been considerable activity amongst the prospective candidates for the City and Metropolitan districts; meetings having taken place almost daily, though the proceedings...

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A fifth candidate has come forward for Dublin University, in the person of Mr. Edward S. Power, of Belville Park, a graduate of the University. The Honourable Robert Gore has...

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Iforegn an (Colortfal.

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FRANCE.—The all-absorbing trials of General Cubieres, Messieurs Teste, Parmentier, and Pellapra, commenced before the Court of Peers, in the Palace of the Luxembourg, on...


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The Earl of Lincoln has consented to stand again for the Falkirk Burghs. Viscount Drumlanrig is announced as a candidate for Dumfries. Reports of disease on the moors are...

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jFfl Istellantous.

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It is generally understood that Parliament will be prorogued on Thurs- day the 22d, and that the dissolution will follow immediately upon the prorogation. The Ministerial...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Among smaller matters, early in the evening, Mr. Huxe again moved for papers respecting the Rajah of' Sattarah. The motion was supported by Mr. Waxixr; and...


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On the 8th July, at Sussex House, Hammersmith, the Wife of Dr. Winslow, of a son, Who died a few hours after his birth. On the 10th, in Belgrave Square, the Lady Louisa Douglas...

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The following extraordinary paper, bearing the title, "Birkenhead Docks Bills—Statement

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of Parties affected by these Bills not Passing," has come to us in a printed form, apparently for circulation in Parliament. It will cause some surprise to detect "Her...

The French Court of Peers were in deliberation on their

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verdict all Thursday It was understood that a decision had been come to in the case of M. Teste; though judgment was not expected to be pronounced before Saturday. Later...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTEINOON. The English Stock Market has been more buoyant during the last few days than for some time; and the advance in the price of Consols since our...

At a meeting of City electors yesterday, in the Commercial

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Hall, Mr. Roebuck appeared as an effective supporter of Lord John Russell. Mr. Roebuck did not waive his own objections on particular points of Lord John's conduct; but took a...

The House of Commons had a short sitting this morning.

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A number of private bills were read a third time and passed. Some public measures were also advanced a stage. The Consolidated Fund Appropriation Bill was read a third time; and...

Lora John Manners presented himself before the electors of Liverpool

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yesterday. He went on 'Change in the morning, and afterwards addressed the electors. He told them frankly and plainly that his political sympathies are with Lord Stanley and...

The inquest on the body of Thomas Staples ' the engine-driver

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on the Ely and Peterborough Railway, adjourned from Friday last, was brought to a close yes- terday. Staples was killed by the accident in which the train ran off the line. The...

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The two Operahouses—still as crowded as at any part of

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the season— have done nothing this week but work up their old stock. At Her Ma- jesty's Theatre, Jenny Lind appeared in the Sonnandada on Tuesday, and the Figlia del Reggimento...

An Adelphi farce is completely a thing sui generis. Its

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great character- istics are a free use of Cockney drolleries, and a general laxity in two senses of the word. In the first place, the dramatis personre have those remarkably...


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The extraordinary success which has attended the performances of Mademoiselle Jenny Lind, at Her Majesty's Theatre, is now matter of notoriety . ; nay, her at- traction seems to...


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To the list of characters by which she is known in London, Mademoi- selle Rachel has this week added that of Agrippine in the Britannicus of Racine: and although in all...

CONCERTS M. Rousselot gave a soirée on Monday, in the

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Beethoven Rooms in Harley Street, as a finale to the season of the Beethoven Quartet Society. Several of the finest stringed-instrument Quintets of Beethoven and Mozart were...

However trifling or meagre a French play may be, it

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generally leaves the pleasing impression that it has been written by a man who understands his business. The French vaudevilles are often deficient in colouring, but they are...


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ARRIVED — At Gravesend, 10th, George, 3PVicar, from Sydney ; 11th, Indian, Eng- lish, from China ; and Success, Adams, from Calcutta; 12th, Kyle, Boyd, from Singa- pore ; John...

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THE dissatisfaction which has been manifested both in and out of Parliament since the appearance of our remarks on the Pension- list, together with the reasonable...


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CONSTITUTIONAL LEADERS. A enuirisro paper in the Times, on the miserable session of Par- liament now closing, commences in this fashion— " The melancholy fact of a session...

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Horse Guards profess great anxiety to raise the moral feeling of the Army ; the country professes no less anxiety to prevent degrading and cruel punishments from being inflicted...

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IT must be admitted, that with every disposition on the part of Lord Morpeth to do his best as Commissioner of Woods and Fo- rests for improving the streets and parks, no...


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IT is a premium on the perpetration of official injustice, that those who do justice after a long course of the reverse, are sure to meet with censure from some quarter ; not...

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'num MILLAR is among the social reformers of the day. There was at one time a disposition to measure his labours too exclu- sively by the technical rules of musical criticism :...

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THE formal autobiography of Hans Christian Andersen loses somewhat of freshness by the manner in which he has already used its inward feelings and outward incidents in other...

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The Admiral's Daughter, in " The Two Old Men's Tales," first intro- duced this writer to public celebrity, and has never been surpassed by her in fiction. After various efforts,...

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BOOK.8. Narrative of a I?.ecent Journey of Six Weeks in Ireland, in connexion with the subject of Supplying small Seed to some of the remoter Districts; with current...

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WAR-OFFICE, July 13.-3d Drag. Guards—R. C. Bourne, Gent, to be Assist. - sarg. vice Mapleton, promoted in the 40th Foot. 9th Light Drags.—Lieut. the Hon. C. Powys to be Capt. by...


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Tuesday, July 13. PARTNERSHIPS DUISOLVED. Ingham and Hart, Red Lion Street, Holborn, linendrapers—Tomlinson and Thipson, Dog Pool Mill, Birmingham,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Cloeing Prices.) &turd. Monday. -- Tuesday. Woriess. Tkurs. Friday,. -- 3 per Cent Console Sal ex d. SS 861 88e 88k 89* Ditto for Axeount . 884 8 $ i 681...