18 OCTOBER 1856

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A conflict is going on in Belgium, between the Bishops

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and the Universities. After the separation of Belgium from Holland, a system of education freed from clerical interference was esta- blished in Brussels. This has been eminently...


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BEFORE 'WO have yet got rid of the old war with Russia ' the whole question of which seems to be reopening—before we have taken the slightest step in the new war with Naples, if...

In little more than a fortnight, that is on the

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4th November, the great contest for the office Of President of the United States will be decided. It is believed that up to the last moment the issue will be doubtful. Mr....

Another Russian encroachment also gives renewed uneasiness to our Government

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; it is neither more nor less than the en- croachment of Russia upon the Danubian Principalities. This looks very like the news of 1853; yet the best-informed of the jmumals are...

The elevation of Narvaez to be Prime Minister of Spain

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is no news. It has been long foreseen as the natural consequence of O'Donnell's coup d'etat. That mere soldier possessed enough capacity to undermine his colleague and superior,...

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The Metropolitan Board of Works held a special meeting in

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the Coun- cil Chamber, Guildhall, on Monday, to consider certain proposals for street improvements. The first proposal was, that anew street should he made commencing near the...


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Mr. Meehi was entertained at Woodbridge in Suffolk last week, at a dinner where Mr. Archdeckne the High Sheriff presided. Mr. Mechi discoursed copiously on agriculture ; on the...

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Tam Queen and her family returned to Windsor on Thursday, after an absence of seven weeks. Her Majesty left Balmoral on Wednesday, and proceeded to Edinburgh. She slept at...

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A vacancy in the representative Peerage of Ireland has been caused by the death of Lord awarden, a stanch Conservative. His successor in the Peerage is Lieutenant-Colonel of the...

forrigu net (rennin'.

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Prourc—The Emperor has returned to his wonted avocations when "at home " ; reviewing large bodies of troops, sporting, receiving no- tables from foreign parts, and holding...

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The Gazette of Tuesday notifies that the Queen has issued a conge d'elire to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's to elect a Bishop for the see of London, made vacant by the...

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A telegraphic despatch, dated " Hamburg, Saturday," states that "the Ministerial

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crisis in Denmark is at an end. All remain except M. Bang. M. Andrae is appointed Premier; M. Unsgaard, Minister of the Interior of the whole Monarchy; M. Krieger, hitherto in...


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SATURDAY. The Free-trade tendencies of the French Emperor are shown in a brief notification published yesterday by the lioniteur. The official journal states that the result of...

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A successful meeting was held at Birmingham last night to

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support the Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society,—an association intended to give a friendly hand to prisoners on leaving gaol, and thus to keep them out of the reach of the...

The most novel item of news is the riltaniaait of

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Lord Ernest Vane Tempest and Cornet Birt, of the Fourth Dragoon Guards, from the Army. It appears that a Court of Inquiry was held yesterday morning at Brigh- ton, under General...

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On the subject of Midsummer Night's Dream, revived at the Prineess's on Monday with all the anticipated splendour, Mr. Charles Kean and the rigid Shaksperians may fairly shake...

The revival of Tinwn of Athens at Sadler's Wells is

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on the same prin- ciple as when it was first produced there four years ago. Decoration, according to the prevailing fashion of the day, is extensively used to give additional...

We are reqested to state, on the best authority, that

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the Board of Health at Funchal have officially certified the entire cessation of the terrible epi- demic which has recently ravaged the island of Madeira. It is desirable that...

The Queen has been graciously pleased to direct that the

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corps of Royal Sappers and Miners shall henceforward be denominated the corps of Royal Engineers, and form one body with the existing corps of Royal Engineers.— London Gazelle,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The excitement in the English Stock Market regarding the specie move- ment continues unabated, owing to the diversity of opinion upon its pro-...

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We have inspected several specimens in wood-carving by Mr. W. Perry, an artist not yet known to the public, though he appears to have already attained some distinction. He has...


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A posthumous work by Madame Emile de Girardin, entitled Use Femme qui days& son Mari has been produced at the Gymnase. The wife, who is played by Madame Rose Cheri, does not...

The programme at the Lyceum has been at last varied

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by the produc- tion of The King's Musketeers, a dramatized version of M. Dumas's well- known noveL It is scarcely necessary to state that the action takes place in the time of...

The piece brought out at Drury Lane with the title

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of The Adventurer, is another instance of a novel being flung upon the stage with all its narrative attributes sticking to it in its dramatic character. In this case the novel...


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SPAI N. WHILE Spain has undergone two changes of government—one of them a military coup d'etat—in the course of three months, Europe proceeds without being influenced by the...

The Olympic reopened on Monday, with the favourite pieces Still

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Waters Run Deep and The First Night.

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IT is a discouraging fact, that what our fathers were wont to call the "experiment" of Republican government in the United States of America, in the sense originally intended,...

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TEE-Bank of England stands firm in resisting the pressure of speculative demands for money : the disappointed cry out for " relaxation " ; and the "full Currency" sect, seeing...


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Ix my preliminary article, after remarking that all classes of the community are alike interested in promoting every financial re- form which is calculated to cheapen articles...

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Tin question between the Bishops and the Universities of Belgium is one that agitates every country more or less obviously, and with varied success for the two sides. In...

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Tam Belgian and French Governments have taken the first steps towards mitigating the passport nuisance, by an agreement be- tween them that persons who are simply passing...


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TEE interference of the British Government with the Colonies is reduced to a minimum, yet at no time has 'the connexion between the Mother-country and the Colonies been closer,...

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BOORS OF TRAVELS. ° VALUE and interest alike depend upon rarity. If diamonds were as plentiful as pebbles, their brilliancy would. not sustain their price. A subject, or a...

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MATTHEW ROBINSON. * Mx. Mezon is already favourably known to the

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public by the two interesting Lives of Nicholas Ferran which he edited with scholarly care and copious illustration in the early part of last year. He now contributes to our...

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"finishing-touch" for the young practi- tioner. When books, lectures, and "the subject' have taught all that he can (or will) learn he is taken to the bedside and there sees the...

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Booxs. THE autumnal slackness of the publishing world still continues. Be- yond Captain Osborn's narrative of M'Clure's Discovery of the North- west Passage, Dr. Robinson's...


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On the 24th September, off Dungeness, on board the British steam-ship Peninsula, bound for Gibraltar, the Wife of Professor Ansted, of a son. On the 8th October. at Portrush,...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 14. WAn DEPARTEENT, Pall Mall, Oct. 14.-Infantry--45th Regiment of Foot- Gen. T. B. Aylmer to be Col. vice Gen. Sir C. Halkett, G.C.B....


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FROM ME LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 14. Partnerships Diseolved.-Sloper and Holliday, Coleman Street, auctioneers-Silani and Co. Villiers Street, Strand, bookbinders-Hill and...

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Sigurd. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 92 913 911 911 911 9111 Ditto for Account I per Cents Reduced 921 91 ex cl. 92 91 918 904 914 661 911...