19 FEBRUARY 1972

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Mr Heath's administration, having set its face against an incomes policy from the beginning, having rejected overtures from the Trades Union Congress a year ago, having declared...

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Be ye men of honour A ' Conservative ' It is now widely accepted that the economic case for entry into the EEC is substantially a matter of faith. Certainly, those opposed to...

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Misusing the files Patrick Cosgrave P eCIPp for Our Time: Munich

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. to Dunkirk: -.e Story Roger Parkinson (Hartriti sh • 0 ) Policyin the Second World ( 1- 4,4'0 V° iLiMe II Sir Llewellyn Woodward £4.50) Til es disu e two books are...

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Three or four weeks ago, this column suggested that a few hardback publishers might be thinking of cashing in on the part-work market. Macdonald"s are unlikely to be among them,...

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Intercepted letter

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The following letter addressed to Mercurius Oxoniensis has been intercepted and passed to the editor of The Spectator: My Dear Oxoniensis: Alas, we have not had communication of...

TV Samaritans

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Sir: Who is this that darkeneth counsel by wisdom with knowledge? Will Waspe? (February 12) The Befrienders television series is not sponsored by the Samaritans, it is entirely...

Welcome back !

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Sir: It is nice to be missed by Mr Rodds, and, perhaps, by other readers too. And though my absence from your columns may seem lengthy to them, it would have been shorter had...

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Sir: Will Tom Puzzle tell us, please, how he knows that it is elevation which Canon Edwards patiently awaits% Sarah Henderson Drax, Selby, Yorks.

Worn-out horses

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From Mrs Iris Coombs Sir: An answer to Mr Skinflint on his paragraph in The Spectator (February 5). I may be "an old trout" (probably am) but I'm a mother and grandmother so...

Liverpool sophist

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Sir: Your critic writes (February 5) of Alpha Beta at the Royal Court that Ted Whitehead's portrayal of the Liverpool "common man" is based on "Sloane Square illusion" and that...

Doctors and patients

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Sir: I was pleased to see John Rowan Wilson's sensible and understanding article on confidentiality in large group practices (January 22), but I cannot agree that the one-man...

Science and religion

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Sir: Mr Dixon bases his interesting article (January 29) on the assumption, which he nowhere questions, that the principles of the ideology or religion by which a human society...

Thomson Publications

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Sir: It has become necessary for me to reply to the irresponsible and inaccurate column under the pseudonym Bockbuyer ' on page 161 of The Spectator of January 29, at least...

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Will Waspe's Whispers

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What odds a shake-up in the ITV team coverting horse -racin g ? Persistent rumours of changes f . e , the line-up g et no official support, but they clearly overdue. The chances...

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Faces value Duncan Fallowell In July 1969, and fairly modestly, Warner/ Reprise Records arrived in England. Later they were taken over by Kinney National Services, a large...

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Devaluation Kenneth Hurren Even those devout Brechtians who amusingly believe that their idol's collaboration with the composer Kurt Weill on The Threepenny Opera in 1928...

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0a Journalistic Clan Irving— Clifford, vi cl and Clive — are related only through bility to lurch into literary squalls. Atnerican Clifford Irving claims to lleward Hughes's...


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Clive Gammon I have just realised that by starting to write this piece I have put myself in an extremely vulnerable position vis - à - vis Mr Avery Brundage who has been...

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S outh-West and North-West Carol Wright MY impressions of the South-West are r t n sehueri Somerset ~ ,-,Y memories of childhood visits t e a oonierset farm. Then we...

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Invest more? keg Freeson About eighteen million people greeted ! h e New Year in two million slums and 'our million obsolescent homes. These total about one third of Britain '...

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A dog's life John Rowan Wilson „ If rrtY dog were a human being, he would "ave been locked up years ago. He is, let's e it, an incorrigible sexual delinquent. i., r()Irl the...


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I intend to devote all my space this week to an examination of the extremely underreported speech on the National Heath Service made by Sir Keith Joseph on February 8 last to...