19 NOVEMBER 1859

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EVENTS in Italy continue to show the common accord that rules amongst the Italians, and the very great discretion with which their united movements are guided. The Prince of...

The most conspicuous fact in France during the past week

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has been the controversy going on in the Press between M. Jourdain on the one side and M. Peyrat on the other, in sequel to a more embittered controversy between M. About and...

Three important incidents have occurred this week in relation to

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national defence and the better management of the army. The conditions and regulations under which the scheme for obtaining a Naval Reserve is to be carried out have been...

While Spain is still slowly preparing for the attack upon

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Morocco delayed by some reason not explained, both countries have made their appeal to Europe by means of diplomatic eirou- lars. The Spanish paper tells us nothing more than we...

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The following important General Order has been made public this week. It will be read with interest "Horse Guards, S.W., November 9. "His Royal Highness the General...


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At the end of October some gentlemen met at Spence House to con- sider the propriety of forming a National Association to promote the Volunteer movement. They decided that it...

A deeply interesting lecture by Captain McClintock besides apparently establishing

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the fact almost with mathematical cer- tainty, that none of Franklin's expedition can have survived, also draws attention to a point of the gravest interest. It seems probable...

The attempted demonstration of Roman Catholic laymen of Dublin in

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favour of the temporal power of the Pope, has turned out a significant failure. The clerical promoters of the meeting had to telegraph at the last moment to the O'Donoghue, M.P....


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Her Majesty's Government having, with the sanction of Parliament, determined on establishing a Reserve Volunteer Force of seamen trained to the use of arms, this is to give...

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council on Thursday, a resolu- tion proposing to give 100 guineas towards the funds of the London Rifle Brigade was -agreed to. . There was...

Or Court

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Besides visiting Portsmouth to be present at the launch of her naval namesake, Queen Victoria has driven and walked abroad in the neigh- bourhood of Windsor Castle. She has also...


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One of the largest meetings of the Royal Geographical Sooiety ever held took place on Monday in Burlington House, Sir Roderick Murchi- son in the chair. It was drawn together by...


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The inquiry into the corruption practised at Wakefield during the last election was resumed on the 12th. Four missing witnesses appeared. The first WAS Mr. John Barft...

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The annual dinners at Bristol in aid of the funds of the Colston Charities Were g iven on Monday. The Neutral Society collected 5861. ; the Liberal Society, 5241. ; the Tory...

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The Earl of Carlisle has been on a visit to Cork, and has opened a new railway in that district. He attended, while there, a meeting held to distribute prizes to the students of...

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,11 TS rp.-Th e Emperor still entertains distinguished guests at Corn- pieg-ne with hunting, shooting, and theatricals. It is recorded, that on Sunday at Compiegne the Senators...


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The University of Edinburgh has chosen Mr. Gladstone to be its Lord Rector. At first many names were mentioned, but those on the list of candidates were finally reduced to...

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The following circular has been addressed by the Poor Law Board to the clerks to the guardians in all the northern boroughs :— " Parliamentary Borough of —. Sir—I am directed...

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We have received, through a recently-returned visitor in Northern Italy,

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the substance of a conversation with an illustrious statesman, which throws considerable lighten the present position of affairs. From the mode in which the communication...


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SATURDAY MORNING. "Paris, Thursday, 17th November. "Although England has not yet been formally invited to join the Con- gress, within a very few days the invitation will be...

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A Mortara case has been dealt with by the Belgian

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tribunals. A M. Moonens, living at Lendelele, near Courtrai, was robbed of his daughter Catherine (aged ten), on the 4th April this year, and as the father belongs to a body of...


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Swat EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTER:ZOOS. There has been a steady demand for money all the week, and the Bank rate has been fully supported. It was thought that at the sitting of...

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" sare-ntow." Sm—In your last week's number you have an article on "Boat Plates." I have something to say on the practice now prevailing among ship-builders of obtaining the...


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The adaptation of machinery to household purposes, and the minor services of life, is a distinctive feature of the present time ; and we have more than once recorded in these...

The Head Mastership of Harrow School, rendered vacant by the

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resig- nation of the Reverend Dr. C J. Vaughan, who has held the appointment during the last sixteen years, has been conferred upon the Reverend Henry Montagu Butler, M.A.,...


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Mr. W. M. Smith, an American gentleman recently in this country, exhibited to us an invention introduced from America, for the purpose of transferring reduced copies of plans,...

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IS IT PEACE? M. Jotrun.tri has been at it again,—writing his " prose" ; and the Times thinks there is really something in it ! He has made a discovery, that we English do not...

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THE independence of the Bench is sustained, not compelled, by public opinion and its direct agent, the press. No Miles could have made Jeffreys a decent Judge, but the great...


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national defence should be built up on founda- tiobs lying deep in national habits and institutions. It is for despotic Governments to recruit their standing armies and militia...

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WITHIN the last three weeks several complaints have been made, at the different police courts in the metropolis, against workhouse authorities. In two cases brought under the...


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IN a preceding article we have touched upon some anomalous proceedings in our law courts. The case of Smethurst opens rather than settles a question, not more important than...

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PALLESEE'S LIFE OF SCHILLER. * LOVING and admiring veneration of human merit is a perennial characteristic of our common nature. If this instinct recede be- fore the growth of...

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IN the battle of the Church Mr. Hansel and Mr. Maurice have come forward each in vindication of his own views of Revealed Religion, and in opposition to those of his...

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A GOOD BOOK FOR mt TOT - NG. * Mn. SAMUEL 13narzs, who

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has already gained a solid position . by his able Lffe of George Stephenson, presents the publk 'ORR p. new work, on a cognate subject,—&J'-Help. Stephenson stands in the...

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NEW NOVELS. * TIEBRE is no living writer of fiction who

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might not be proud to have produced such a novel as Mu:representation, but there is not one amongst them all who could have written it except Mrs. Drury herself. This is not...


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Two volumes published simultaneously by the Hakluyt Society are valuable contributions to the history of geographical discovery. The text of EARLY VOYAGES TO AUSTRALIA comprises...

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Additions to the long lists of books for the next season still continue to come forward. Thus "The Archmology of Berkshire," by Lord Car- narvon, is announced by Mr. Murray; The...

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WINTER CABINET EXHTBITIO.N. Another small collection of pictures is opened at the French Gallery in Pall Mall, of Cabinet Pictures by British Artists ; and a pleasing...


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Several trifles, produced this week, serve to fill up the theatrical record, and it appears we may expect such accessions for some time to come. Save at the Adelphi no success...


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The old battle of love and honour against fortune is fought anew in a comedy written by M. Leon Lays, and recently produced at the Theatre Francais with the title Le Due Job....


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We mentioned last week that Miss Louisa Pyne had obtained some relief from her excessive exertions, caused by the uninterrupted run of Dinorah, by the production of an opera in...

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On the 21st of September, at Buenos Ayres, the Wife of Frank Parish, Esq., 11.111.'s Acting Consul General, of a eon. On the 8th of November, at Flowerfield, Garvag,h, the Wife...


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BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, rap. St, forthe week ending on Wednesday the 16th day of November 1869. lases DEPARTMENT. Notesissued...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, arerzminte. 15. Banlarupts. — CHAntass wiciaas Frrsaraaares LinndS,

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Nell Gwynne Tavern, Bull Inn Court, Strand, victualler—Fa/acts Wallnatz, Herne Bay, miller—Jostx SIMMONS MORIUS and Jamas Bnooge, Earl Street, Blackfriars, stove-grate-manu-...