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COINCIDENTALLY with the move in the Ministry occasioned by -the ,soccession of Lord Eliot to the Earldom of St. Germains, is another, somewhat unexpected, though not altogether...

Ireland furnishes us this week with a minor turmoil of

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the documentary kind. The subordinate clergy of both Churches are echoing their Prelates ; the Protestants in denouncing the na- tional system of education ; the Catholics in...

th a t he could hope to attain. On the other hand,

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M. Guizot is said to have made this John-Russell-like declaration—" I had previously resolved not to resign while I had a majority of even one : I have still an absolute...

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Two events of some interest are announced from Spain. Prim

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has been pardoned; Zurbano has been captured and shot. The pardon of Prim, who is restored to his liberty-and rank as a kind of prisoner at large ob1ied to live in Madri4, is...

When a Governor was sent out from this country to

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New Zea- land, it was understood that he was to act in the interest of his paymasters, the people of this country—to set matters in better order, and to rvern the colony—to...

abe _Metropolis.

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"%ere was a very full attendance in the Vestry at Marylebone Court- illistiie*s.Saterday, to witbess , the conclusion of the adjourned debate on the charge against Dr. Penfold,...

Zbe eourt.

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Tim week's history of the Court is nearly a blank. The Queen pursues her out-door exercise; varying it with horse-exercise under the shelter of the Riding-school. Prince Albert...

The accounts from Mexico tell nothing new in the way

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of in- cident, but make out more strongly the completeness of the re- volution. The power of Santa Anna is evidently destroyed : the new Government is accepted by the people...

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t bt Vrobintes.

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Sir William L. Sainsbury Trelawney has come forward as the Liberal candidate for the vacancy in the representation of East Cornwall occa- sioned by Lord Eliot's succession to...

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The clergy of the Established Church in the diocese of Limerick met on the 21st January and adopted an echo of the Bishops' protest against the National System of Education. The...

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Soriign antt Fiume—The debates on the paragraphs of the address

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in reply to the Ring's speech have proceeded in the Chamber of Deputies with much di- minished interest, Several amendments have been moved, tending to throw blame upon...

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It is now quite certain that the Queen intends to open the ensuing ses- sion of Parliament on Tuesday next in person. The necessary orders have been issued from the Lord...

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To a memorial from a meeting of general practitioners in

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the Metropolis, dated on the 14th January, requesting a charter of incorporation for their branch of the profession, Sir James Graham has replied, in a letter dated on the 27th;...

The Hull Advertiser reports an extraordinary high tide and flooding

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of the Humber, on Sunday evening. The water ran through many of the streets knee-deep: in New George Street it poured along like a river, eighteen inches in depth. Many...

"The Journal des Ihrbals of Thursday comes out with the

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second part of its appeal to the Conservatives—the "allegro con ispirito," after the mourn- ful "adagio." Having, when all but safe, talked for effect of Ministers re- signing,...

The Dublin Evening Post announces the death of the Marquis

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of Sligo, an account of which reached Dublin on Thursday afternoon. Lord Sligo was born in the year 1788; and married, in 1816, Lady Catherine de Burgh, eldest daughter of the...

The correspondent of the Times mentions a report current in

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Dublin on Thursday, "that the Right Reverend Bishop Denvir is about to proceed to Rome on the part of his brother Commissioners, (Doctors Crolly and Murray,) to lay before his...

" Railway Department, Board of Trade, Whitehall, 31st January.

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"Notice is hereby given, that the Board constituted by the minute of the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade, of the 24th August 1844, for the transaction of...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The rumoured changes in the Ministry are still the subject of doubt, -.curiosity, and speculation. The Times begins to think that Mr. Gladstone must...

The Colonial Gazette of this morning is full of interesting

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matter—intel- ligence and exposition—on the subject of New Zealand. We cannot make room for more than one little paragraph- " A private communication from Cook's Straits informs...

The well-written and temperate letter on the Game-laws, by a

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correspondent in the North of Scotland, will be inserted. All correspondents, however, should recollect, that, during the Parliamentary session, our columns cannot afford room...


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The critical position of the French Ministry, in conjunction with the pressure for money occasioned by the speculation in Railway Shares, has caused the market for Enghsh...

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Two new products of the English stage have appeared this week, curiously exemplifying what opposite effects may result from the different nse:of similar means of exciting an...


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ARRIVED— At Gravesend, 26th Jan. Mary Harrison, from Madras; 28th, President, -Granby, from Calcutta; Britannia, Gellatley, from Bombay ; and Derwent, Steel, from , Allanritins;...

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- The'French performances at St. James's Theatre commenced on Mon- day.

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One preliminary remark on the English and French schools of his- trionic art. The aim of the French comedian is to impress and delight by-representing finished pictures of...


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THE HOPELESS SESSION. WHAT a change has come over the public within these few years! Where be all the eager conjectures regarding the great measures with which the coming...

A laughable farce at the Adelphi, called the Corporars Wedding,

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brings into play the promising talent of a new low comedian, Mr. Munyard; who is droll without buffoonery, and appears absorbed in his part, never stepping beyond it. This is so...


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IT is remarkable how much in the main the most different parties agree as to the morak of the present struggle for office in krance. The supporters of M. Guizot of course vaunt...

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THE report of the gentlemen appointed, pursuant to the recom- mendation of the Huse of Commons Committee on Shipwrecks, to inquire into the most eligible situations for a...

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THE real danger which poetry runs in our most matter-of-fact age is that of being outdone by this same matter-of-fact. The wonders of the Arabian Nights are realized ; President...


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- Socf=v is in a state of transition and doubt as to corporal punishment, and individuals suffer for its inconsistencies. Mr. Michael Donovan, a schoolmaster in St. Aloysius...

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reiatiataStleAL HISTORY, The ituttory and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church; containing an Account of Its Origin, Government, Doctrines, Worship, Revenues, and Clerical and...

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is the editor of Sminburne's Letters, the author of an account of the Belgian Revolution ' and, if not a diplo- matist himself, has a diplomatic connexion. For the last three...

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THE subject of this fiction is the civil war in La Vendee, the most ro- mantic and not the least sanguinary phase of the great French Revolu- tion. The scene of the principal...

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From January 24th to January 301h. BOOKS. Three Years in Constantinople ; or Domestic Manners of the Turks in 1844. By Charles White, Esq. In three volumes. St. Etienne ; a...

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QUARTET CONCERTS, THRONE-ROOM., CROSBY HALL. OW Monday, Mr. Dando commenced his Quartet season with a banquet of classical music of the most recherche kind, and most...


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Orm recent notice of the new-formed Classes for Model-drawing has in- duced two correspondents to remind us of the existence of the oldtst Drawing Academy in London—the one...


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The second soiree of the Society took place on Thursday, at Emt's Harp Saloon, Berners Street. The novel features of the entertainment were a Tritt MS. for Pianoforte, Violin,...

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Rome, January 1845. Sin-As considerable interest is attached to the sale of the late Cardinal Fesch's collection of pictures, at Rome, perhaps the following information may be...

At a meeting of the Decorative Art Society, on Wednesday,

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Mr. Crabb read a valuable paper on the application of colour to decorative purpoees, as exemplified in Persian, Grecian, Roman, and modern Italian edifices. Another paper is...


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WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 31-1st Drags-Lieut. Sir C. W. C. Buxton, Bart. from 44th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Noake, who exchanges. 12th Foot- Gent. Cadet A. De Vera Tiset. Malden, from the...


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Tuesday, Jan. 28. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Leathers and Attwater, Palace Row, St. Pancras, grocers-Powell and Ttnustall, Liverpool, pawnbrokers-West and Pearson, Selby,...


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On the 25th January, at Baldovan House, Lady Jane Ogilvy, of a daughter. On the 25th, in St. George's Place, the Lady Ernest Bruce, of a sou. On the 25th, at Tooting, the wife...

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64 78 SHARES. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week...