21 FEBRUARY 1852

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Fr would undoubtedly have served Lord John Russell's inte- Teats better if he - could have carried his new Reform measure without putting forth his bill : " the bill, the whole...

President Bonaparte, it is reported, is to do something tomorrow

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whielk will astonish the world. But that is impossible; he has worn out his power of rise : his proclaiming "the Empire" would astonish no one. M. Bona pparte has been running...

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Vtitatto ma( Vrarttilittgo in Varliatatut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. Norsk OF Loans. Monday, Feb. 16. Rangoon ; Conversation raised by the Earl of Ellenborough, and returns ordered—Megnra Frigate ; Conversation,...

Lagos has been chastised for daring to resist English dictation,

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and has been destroyed. In the fulness of philanthropy, the mis- sionaries and the officers of the British Government had called upon the potentate of that African town to...

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Ctr Court

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Tux Court chronicler has had scarcely any incidents to register this week. The Royal Family remain at Buckingham Palace. The Queen held a Court yesterday afternoon. Her Majesty...


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A deputation of delegates from the large Metropolitan parishes, on the subject of the mismanagement of the sewers under the present Metropolitan Commission of Sewers, bad an...

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till Vrinium.

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A public meeting at East Grinstead, at which Earl Delavrarr, Colonel St. Maur, Lord Colchester, Mr. R. Trotter, and the Reverend T. P. Hut- ton, took leading parts, lately...


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The first step in an endeavour to recover the prestige lost by the failure of the Monaghan Special Commission ' was made by the Government in Dundalk, at the end of last week....

iartigu nub tulanial.

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FRANCE —The Afoniteur of Wednesday published the " law of the press" : the following are the chief provisions. Journals and periodicals treating of political matter or social...

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The Queen holds levees, at St. James's Palace, on Thursday

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the 26th instant, and on Wednesday the 3d of March, at two o'clock. Tuesday's Gazette notified that the Queen has appointed Lord Stanley of Alderley to be her Majesty's...


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SATURDA Y. The country is again without a Government : Lord John Russell has resigned on the question whether or not the title of his Militia Bill should contain the word...

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The Paris journals of yesterday state that M. Bocher, one

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of the execu- tors of Louis Philippe, had been arrested, and was in prison or on the road to exile; and that there was a similar rumour about the Count Mon- talivet, another of...

A Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office today

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at two o'clock. Lord John Russell had an interview shortly before eleven o'clock this morning with the Marquis of Lansdowne, at Lansdowne House; after which he proceeded to...

Broken down, every public " question " and " cry

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" spoiled by them- selves for their own use, Ministers are relieved by being definitively beaten, and slink out at the first welcome sound of dismissal But it was not Palmerston...

t4ratrto hub 311uoir.

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Miss Vandenhoff's new play of Woman's Heart, produced at the Hay- market, gives evidence of a sympathetic appreciation of the old Eliza- bethan period, together with a...

The election for East Kent was contested on Thursday and

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Friday, by Sir Brook Bridges and Sir Edward Dering ; both Conservative candi- dates, but the former was against, and the latter was in favour of, the Maynooth endowment. The...


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STOGY EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Parliamentary proceedings of the week and the recall of the Lisbon fleet caused a momentary decline in the prices of the Public Securities...

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The French season opens gloriously at the St. James's, with

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Mademoi- selle Dejazet and M. Lafont. The lively piquante Dejazet, who was always the delight of London and Paris, now receives new laurels on the ground of her perpetual youth....

A. new musical association has just been established under the

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title of the "Musical Institute of London," which promises to be very agreeable to its members as well as conducive to the progress of the art. Ita object is the cultivation of...

The harlequinade, with its compound mass of action, and an

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extrava- gant intrigue confined to a small knot of conventional personages, is not indigenous to the French nation. Now and then, to be sure, a transient Anglomania causes an...

A slight ordinary farce, produced as the sole supplementary recreation

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after a long opera like Robert the Devil, and supported by two or three un- prominent actors on the dreary expanse of Drury Lane stage, is an odd spectacle. A spirit of...

Mr. Neate has commenced a series of six chamber concerts,

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the first of which was given on Wednesday evening. It resembled entirely the other concerts of this class which we have already described ; consisting of quartette and...


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THE NEW MILITIA PLAN. Nurruira the Ministerial proposal for strengthenintifts INAS' 0 21 defences, nor the counter-suggestion thrown out by Lord Palmer- ston on Monday, so far...

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THE wording of Mr. Adderley's intended motion about the Cape* is open to objection on the score of inappropriateness and meanness. But, turning from the slipslop of the...


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Loan jollies Bill is not likely to alter very materially the com- position or the conduct of the House of Commons. Perhaps half a score gentlemen of extreme Democratic opinions,...

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vigour, when they get wrong, grasp wrong with an admirable tenacity, and hold it forth with a hardi- hood of which faith alone is capable. Thus, an intelligent cor- respondent...

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IT would seem that, however Mr. James Coppock may be a mem- ber of the Government for certain purposes, it is " unattached." The connexion is one of that kind which can be...


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FEW men of so much ability have in a given space of time made so many political mistakes as Mr. Cobden : in a brief letter to the Bores, this week, he has perhaps supplied us...

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Sts—If you are satisfied that your attacks on a friendly power are justifi- able, you will not be offended with correspondents who, by raising objections, give you...

Itttrrg to t i nitur.

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PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF THE CAPE COLONY. Sm—In your review (Saturday 14th instant) of Mr. Cole's Cape and the Sa,firs, you quote the following passage. "The idea of the...


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THE INVASIONS AND DEFENCES OF ENGLAND. THE grave public interest on the state of our defences has given rise to a variety of publications on the subject ; the popular interest...


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Montreal, 1st February 1852. Sra—I beg most distinctly to contradict the information of your Quebec correspondent of the 12th of last December, with regard to the manner in...

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MEMOIRS OF MARGARET FULLER OSSOLI. * THESE volumes contain the life,

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letters, and remains of an Ameri- can authoress and social lioness. The name of Margaret Fuller,, be wever, is better known to certain sets than to the world at large, for her...

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Boors. A Gratnntar and _Dictionary of the Malay Language ; with a Pre- liminary Dissertation. By John Crawfurd, F.R.S., Author of the " History of the Indian Archipelago." In...

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On the 11th October, at Birksgate, near Adelaide, South Australia, the Wife of Arthur' Hardy. Esq, of a son. On the 10th February, the Wife of the Rev. Sir George L. Glyn,...


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WAR-orrice, Feb. 13.—lst Regt. Life Guards—F. D. Magens, Gent. to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Wyndham, promoted. let Drags.—J. W. Cannon, Gent. to be...

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Tuesday, _Feb. 17. PARTNIMsHres DrasoLvEn.—Mackirdy and Co. Calcutta ; and Paterson and Co. Glasgow—Blythe and Co. Little Britain, feather-dressers—J. and T. H. Harrison,...


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- BRITISH Friday, 60 234 41 91 " 361 20 49 281 78 sei 234 BULLION. Per oz. Foreign Gold in Bars, Standard £3 17 9 Foreign Gold In Coln,Portugal Pieces 0 0 0 New Dollars...