22 NOVEMBER 1851

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The rulers of Germany appear utterly incapable of using the

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; Power they have reoonquered from the people. The Diet at Frank- fort has been going on since its restoration exactly as it did before it was tumbled down ; deliberating,...

The positive results of the debates and divisions of the

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French Assembly, since its meeting, may be briefly enumerated. The Pre- sident's electoral bill has been rejected by a narrow majority; the pro- posal of the Questors to invest...

Exit Kossuth : Enter Palmerston. It is a well-known rule

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of dramatists and novelists to postpone the appearance of their hero until the action of the piece is fairly on foot. Othello does not en- ter on the scene until Roderigo and...


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- Tam last of the sons of George the Third died on Tuesday, in the -ld German palace of his race. - the inanes of Ernest King of Hanover the Spectator has - little apology to...

It is confidently affirmed that the local rulers of British

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India are seeking to erect a fourth Presidency in the North-west, and to transfer the seat of government from Calcutta to "Lahore of Great Mogul." The necessity of the first of...

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• At 311ttrnpa1ts.

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In a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, Alderman Wilson moved the following resolution- -. Teat the thanks of this Court be presented to the Right Honourable Sir John Musgrove,...

tbe (nut.

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to Tire m Q :m ee a n cegd ra o a E ud n ie vo n y ees Ex o t n ra T or u d es ina day ry to an G d en m e inis ral P ter rin p ee le C ni aste pote lala ry , - the Neapolitan...

The cold of mid-winter has come upon us prematurely and

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with- out forewarning. That no appeals have yet been made to the public, as is usual in winter, in behalf of the poor, may be accepted, in part, as a sign of the abundance of...

One result of the discovery of gold in Australia has

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been to in- spire eagerness to promote steam communication with that region into certain City interests which have hitherto been not even lukewarm on the matter. There is no...

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fbt accruniurro.

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Louis Kossuth left our shores, for the UniMd States, on Thursday. He arrived at Southampton from London a little before noon, the train by which he travelled having been delayed...

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Mr. Sheriff Alison, the historian, was reelected without opposition, on Saturday, to fill the office of Lord Rector of Glasgow University, for ano- ther year. There was talk,...

forrign ant( Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The project of the Questors for defining the right of the Assembly to call out the troops necessary for its protection, and to dis- pose of those troops by naming its...


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The Lord-Lieutenant held a chapter of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, at Dublin Castle, on Tuesday, for the investiture of the Duke of Cambridge and Lord Carew with...

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Some changes are about to take place in the diplomatic arrangements of Brazil. Chevalier Marques Lisboa, after eleven years' residence as Minister at this Court, where he had...

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SATURDAY. The Royal Family left Windsor today, for Osborne, till the 24th of December, when they return to keep the Christmas holydays at Windsor Castle. The Aberdeen Journal...

In the French Assembly, the "Conservative Majority" received another defeat

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on Thursday, upon an issue deliberately accepted by M. Leon Faucher : but it is difficult to say from what quarter the defeat came— perhaps it was due solely to the party's own...

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fIjrntrr nnb 31ingir.

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From the manner in which the Haymarket opened on Monday last, it appears that opera is intended to form an essential feature of its season. Macfarren's pretty comic opera, King...

Miss Dolby began her very elegant Soirees Musicales on Tuesday.

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They are given in her own drawingroom, and have very much the plea- sant and comfortable air of a private musical party. The music is always well suited to the occasion ;...

The Gazette of North Germany, of the 18th instant, contains

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the royal patent of King George of Hanover, announcing the death of his father, and his own accession to the throne. The young King pledges his royal word to "the inviolable...


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Arrangements have been made for carrying into effect Prince Albert's suggestion of lectures at the Society of Arts, on the probable bearing of the Great Exhibition on art,...

The first concert of the Orchestral Society, which was to

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have taken place at St. Martin's Hall on Monday evening, was at the eleventh hour postponed sine die. The cause of this unexpected failure has not been explained ; but it is...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The altered state of the Parisian money-market, where the Public Secu- rities have undergone a material improvement, has been considered as...

At Westminster Hall, 'yesterday, Baron Martin committed another person to

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be tried at the Old Bailey for perjury in his own cause. Hornigge, a solicitor, brought an action for his bill against Hawkins, the same person who sold the collection of...

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"THE deputation withdrew, highly gratified with the warm re- ception they had received from the noble Viscount." Of course ; when did a deputation ever wait upon Lord Palmerston...


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THE HIRELING PRESS. LIE Times has thought it right to protest, in its own name and that of the Metropolitan press generally, against certain ridiculous imputations which have...

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IN pleading for a repeal of the tax on railway passengers, Mr. Lang, the author of a pamphlet now before us, discloses a state of railway property which ought to inculcate a...


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To the Doge who has just departed civic life in London - the Court of Aldermen has all but refused the compliment of a picture—has all but refused that vote of thanks which...


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A swat is _reported to be threatening the commercial world, in- cluding the eontingent that, in the language of the Stock Ex- change is called "the Public "; and mining is said...

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TIIE readers of the Spectator will require no apology for the intro- duction into its columns of a brief statement of the principle and operation of a provincial institution...

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17th November 1851. Sm—As you have taken up the subject of a new building for a National Gallery, I venture to address a few lines to you, in hope of calling through you the...

Tttttro to t4t Cain.

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FATHER NEWMAN. Sin—Allow me through your columns to ask of " W. M." who writes from "Glasgow," to refer me to tho date of the Times newspaper men- tioned in his letter...


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Liverpool, 17th November 1851. Sza—The article in your paper of the 15th on the "Present Plight and Prospects of Lawyers" is written in a greater spirit of fairness, and...

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KAYE'S HISTORY OF TETE WAR IN AFGICANDSTAN. * IT was remarked by Voltaire, that the advantage of the ancient over the modern historians consisted in this—the ancients confined...


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Son—It is said that great oecasionsproduce great men. How far this rule is true it is not necessary here to inquire ; but, accepting- it to be so, certain it is that it forms no...

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when a og turns across a narrow rapid or above a fall, And, acting as a dam, prevents the logs behind it from passing. "Thousands upon thousands form one dense breast-work,...


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FOR some years past Mr. Pickering has been engaged in the publica of waggons the readiness and resources of a quartermaster - tion of , a series of books which have the air of "...

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BlIBBIDGE'S HOURS AND DAYS. * Tins pamphlet of verses involves a

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question more extensive than itself; for it is published with a definite, indeed a national pur- pose. The present age, says Mr. Burbidge, is distinguished for the use of art as...

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Boosts. .Reminiscences of 17wmas Chalmers, D.D., LL.D. By John Anderson, Esq., Author of "Sketches of the Edinburgh Clergy," &e. Physiological Researches. By Sir B. C. Brodie,...

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Tuesday, November 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISPOLVED.—Ayars and Hamilton, Lower Shade:ell, wharangers- Evans and Nicholson. Manchester, merchants- 31•Vitie and Sliankland, Liverpool,...

MILITARY GAZETTE. wAR-orricp..ov. 18 . -10th Regt. Light Drags.-Brevet Col. F. C.

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Griffith!, from half-pay 11 natt. to be Lieuta-CoL,withoith purchaae. 3d Foot-Brevet Lieut.-Col. C. T. IIJI 8 tranbentee, to beLieut.L - Col. Without purchaee, vice Sir J:DenhD,...


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On the 12th November, at Starston Rectory, Norfolk, the Wife of the Rev. Augus- tus M. Hopper, of a daughter. On the lath, at Broome Park, the scat of Sir Benjamin Brodie,...


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ADMIRALTY, Nov - 12. - Corps of Royal Marines-Col. and Sec. Commandant D. A. Gibsone to be Col. Commandant, vice Parke, promoted to the rank of Major-Gen. Unatt. ; Capt. and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (closing Prima.) tamed. Yeaday. ruasday. Weans'. Thurs. Frid,,y. 994 9,1 9111 99 981 sat 119 so 91 98a 99 97 98 971 981 98 991 981 In 951 en 991 999 951 — 7 7...