26 MAY 1855

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A KALEIDOSCOPE is not more surprising in its shifts and new as- pects than " the situation," as it is the fashion to call it, of the House of Commons during the week. At the...

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The aspect of' the war is brighter and more cheering

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than at any period since the landing at Old Fort. Not that there has been anything more than preparations in furtherance of the renewed siege ; but the encouragement arises from...

A further light has been thrown upon the animus of

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Russia by the circular which she has addressed to foreign Governments on the subject of the Conferences at Vienna. The paper is signed by Count Nesselrode, and professes to give...

undeveloped beings, conceived in sin but never reared, the Fo-

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m r t ? • soldiers with the same pay, the same pensions, the same disci- ' . 13 • •

- The Order in Council which was issued to the

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pubh rather an incentive to the perseverance of the people in the Ad- good men, and likely, it is understood, to exercise an independent ministrative Reform movement than a...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Hones or Loans. Monday, May 21. Charitable Trusts Bill referred to a Select Committee-Customs-Duties-Bill read a second time--Spirit-Duties Bill...

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THE Royal Family left Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon, for the Isle of Wight. At the Farnborough station, Prince Albert, who had gone down previously to inspect the camp...

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Finsbury has been beforehand among the Metropolitan boroughs in gathering to support the City movement for Administrative Reform. Mr. Thomas Duncombe filled the chair at a...

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An election will shortly take place at Bath for the choice of a successor to Mr. Phinn, now Second Secretary to the Admiralty. Mr. Whateley, Queen's counsel, an unfortunate...

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Tits Onnars.—Accounts from the seat of war do not reach beyond the point at which they had arrived last week; the details of facts al- ready known have been brought in the us...


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A large emi g ratioil is now g oin g on from the North of Scotland to Canada : in two months no fewer than 6000 persons have left Aberdeen and other Northern ports ; last week...

The LorctLieutenatit by no means confines tdmseitt to the in-door

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vo- cations of his office. He seems to be constantly about among the people, visiting this society and that institutioh) hot forgetting delicate attentions to the wounded heroes...

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At the Council held on the 21st instant, the following order on the ad- mission of candidates for the Civil service was passed. " Whereas it is expedient to make provision for...

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SATURDAY MORNING. Although the debate last night was closed by a decision upon Mr. Disraeli's motion, the debate on the amendments stands adjourned over the recess • a result...

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Active measures are still in progress before Sebastopol. A message

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from Paris, dated this morning, says that General .Pelissier has for- warded the following- " Sebastopol, May 24.—A very lively combat, directed against our im- portant...

The official list of the Division last night exhibits some

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crossing, but not to the extent anticipated. There were confident expectations that some individuals of the Conservative Opposition would vote with Minis- ters ; and accordingly...

The Queen and his Royal Highness Prince Albert will, we

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understand, arrive in Paris on the 16th or 17th of August, as the guests of the Em- peror and Empress of the French, and to visit the French Exhibition.— Morning Herald. The...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The various circumstances enumerated last week which imparted buoy- ancy to Government Securities have been again in operation, and the Funds...

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64r Opra.

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We are having "more last words "—or rather more last notes—from Grisi. After ber leave-taking of last year, so affecting and even tearful on her part, and so enthusiastic on the...


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Based upon mud, I saw it built, A palm tall and fair. The rooms at the top were carved and gilt, And the chosen few lived there. It shone and it steam'd in the eyes of men With...

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From a picturesque point of view, it is generally admitted that the great national fête on Banstead Downs has not this year reached the ave- rage; but from a sporting point of...

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ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM—THE ADMIRALTY. .Aranonan the Administrative Reform movement is still

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strug- gling ostensibly in the stage of an embryo public agitation, inar- ticulate and unooncentrated, it is evidently becoming too strong to be slighted by the Executive; and...


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THE QUESTION. THE grand debate of the week, of the session, indeed of many a year, took place in the House of Commons with nothing but a formal question before it—virtually, it...

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Casitrrv, for certain purposes, sets to itself the rule of not letting its right hand know what its left hand Both; but Industry will never get on with the same principle of...


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THE Peerage, according to Earl Granville, has ceased to grasp the power of the state. The head of the Cavendiahes is content to cultivate the amenities of society—to encourage...

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TEE efforts made by Government to expedite the formation of a Militia do not overcome the obstacles with any magic celerity. By dint of exertion, and of zeal in particular...


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Ix is the custom to advocate the election by ballot, or secret suf- frage, with exaggerated truisms, and to oppose it with truisms misapplied. According to one extreme, English...


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Outer has followed the course of most retired favourites, and " reappears" ; and Tamburini is to follow. Many rejoice ; those who regret are steeled against disappointment. It...

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Glasgow, 21st May. 1855. Sta—In this city, we are now on the eve of that most repulsive of all human spectacles, a public execution. A poor wretch, named Kelso or " Collier"...


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1 Adam Street, ittlelphi ' 21st May 1865. SIR—The experience of the difficulty of transport over the few miles from Balaklava to Sebastopol has, I imagine, ended in the...

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POST-OFFICE REFORM. 22d May 1855. Sin—In your last Topic of the Day, headed "Administrative Reform," you give great praise almost solely to Mr. Rowland Hill for the reform of...

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On the 15th _May. atChettle Lodge, Blaodford, Dorset, the Wife of Captain Dou- glas Curry, R.N., of a son. On the 18th, at Augusta House, Worthing the Lady of General Sir John...


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WAR-OPPICR, May 2l.-Staff-Copt. J. Swinburn, of the 18th Foot, to be Assist.- Adjt. of a Depth Battalion. Orrice OF ORDNANCE, May lt.-Royal Regiment of Artillery-Lieut. R. W....


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Tuesday, May U. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Fothergill and Salmon jun. Northampton Place, Old Kent Road, hay-dealers-Plant and Son, Stafford, curriers-Moss and Co. Chester,...

[For- Boons and FINE ARTS see the accompanying Supplement.]

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BRITISH F 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents . Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Bills, 211....

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Leaden; Printed by Joszen CLavroa, of 320, Strand, In the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Joseen el.sx TON, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Duastan'a In the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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ALISON'S EUROPE FROM 1815 TO 1852.* Ting fourth volume of Sir Archibald Alison's History of Europe from the fall of Napoleon the First to the accession of Napoleon the Third...

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MAY 26. 1855.

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MAJOR BUTLER'S ASSAM. • THE subject of the author's former work

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on Assam and its hill tribes, published eight years ago,t is continued in this volume. Like that book, its principal features refer to the manners and customs of the natives...


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is an American Protestant clergyman, with a great aversion to Popery, a considerable dislike of Puseyism, and a strong sensitiveness about the " peculiar institution," which may...

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THE author of this Narrative, Lieutenant Peard, of the Twentieth Regiment, embarked for the East in last duly; he landed at Con- stantinople; sailed thence to Varna ; and served...

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PHILOSOPHY OF THE BEAUTIFUL. * IF it is no small matter

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to form a theory of the Beautiful, equally is it no small matter to criticize one when formed. The man who does the second effectually must be potentially the man to do the...


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THIS fiction is a tale attributed to the late Sir Walter Scott; the authenticity of which, and the story how the manuscript came into the possession of the present "...

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Boons. Eustace Conyers : a Novel. By James Hannay, Author of "Singleton Fontenot' , ' &c. In three volumes. Clete Hall. By the Author of "Amy Herbert," &c. In two volumes....


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been noticed months ago among our "Publications Received"; but it was laid aside to be treated, with any other kindred books that miv'i t turn up, in an article of greater...

J'AILVES'S ART-HINTS. * Ma. IARVES is an American gentleman—of affluence and

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leisure, it may be presumed, for his book indicates an addiction on an ex- tended scale to art-amateurship, without, so far as appears, the in- terruption of any professional or...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: GENERAL SUBJECTS. The admissibility and the right treatment of exceptional incidents as subjects for art are questions of considerable importance....

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Ever on the alert for scenes of prevalent public interest, and prompt at producing them full and complete when it occurs to one that he may be about setting to at the task, Mr....


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We have received in a lump four parts of Mr. Simpson's Crimean lithographs, ending with Part VI ; and are glad to see that the series rather increases than diminishes in spirit,...


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The Panorama of Sebastopol is not the only war-item in the week's art. A bust of General Sir De Lacy Evans, the work of Mr. Pepper of Bright- on, and bearing a distinctive...