26 NOVEMBER 1842

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The Indian news is scarcely less imposing. The paths which

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our betrayed warriors lately trod in bloody rout have now been retraced in triumph. The native tribes, who perhaps fancied that because they had massacred a few thousands of...

The forced peace with China is too grand a subject

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to be over- looked by the French newspapers ; and, true to the genius of their country, they regard it on broad and abstract principles. Already they view it as an European...


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MANY years have passed since the Tower-guns thundered forth, as they did on Wednesday last, the proclamation of victories and a peace important enough for that mode of official...

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Spain is again in trouble. There is a Ministerial crisis

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: all the Parliamentary offices have been delegated to Opposition members ; and the Regent alters his Cabinet, rather than dissolve the Cortes and risk an election where there...


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The overland Indian mail has arrived with news from India and China, all triumphant. It left Bombay on the 15th October. The first intimation of the news reached London on...

The home news not only sinks to insignificance before the

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intel- ligence from our distant armies, but is in itself unusually meagre and stale this week. The old heads are kept up,—increasing desti- tution in Paisley; the strike in...

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In India, "the progress of our arms" has displayed a

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double series of victories, in the lines of simultaneous march from Jellalabad and Can- dahar to Cabal. We left General Pollock with Sir Robert Sale and the Jellalabad army at...

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Lord Ellenborough had ordered the resumption of the works to

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con- struct the Great Dooab Canal. The Marquis of Tweeddale had reached his Government at Madras. Another ship, the Eleanor, was burned by Lascars on board, at Alepee, on the...

One detachment of General England's force reached Dadur, on it s

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way back to India, on the 19th September : the second would proceed through the Bolan Pass on the 21st.

In a public notification issuing from the Political Department, dated

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"Head-quarters, Simla, 21st September 1842," to announce the victories of Nott at Gonine on the 30th August, of Pollock at Jug- dulluk on the 8th, and of the Chinese expedition...

A letter from Jellalabad of the 20th September renders an

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account of the remains of several of the slaughtered Cabal army- " On Sunday last, seven officers and about twelve Artillery-men, with some of Thomas's lihyburries, went as far...

gbt (row.

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Tem victories in India and China were communicated to the Queen at \Palmer Castle, by special messengers despatched from Downing Street on Wednesday morning. In consequence of...

The Chinese were carrying on a warm contest with the

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Sikhs in the neighbourhood of Ladakh. Both parties, it is said, appeared willing to conciliate the British Government. Captain Cunningham remained at Upper Kenawar, near...

The rumour of General Nott's successful assault of Ghliznee, current

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st Jellalabad on the departure of the previous accounts, proves to have been well-founded. He had not reached the place unopposed. On the 28th August, a body of the enemy...


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A letter to the Lord Mayor of London from Lord Stanley commu- nicated, on Wednesday, the intelligence, that " it has pleased Almighty God to crown her Majesty's arms in China...

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Zbe Wrobintts.

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The news of peace with China has already given a stimulus to trade in the manufacturing-districts. It was received at Liverpool with firing of guns and ringing of bells ; and...

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At the meeting of the Commission of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, on the 16th, Dr. Cunningham moved that the ma- jority of the Presbytery of Garioch be served...


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A London Gazette Extraordinary, published on Wednesday, con- tained this formal announcement- " Foreign Office, 2341 November. "Despatches have been this morning received, at...

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The Chronicle publishes this morning a long letter from Lord

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Kin- naird to Mr. Sidney Smith, on the new agitation. The point of the communication lies in some facts respecting the cheapness of agricul- tural produce, which the writer...

Last night's Gazette contains a notice from the Speaker of

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the House of Commons, that he will, in fourteen days from the 24th of November, issue a writ for the election of a Member of Parliament for the county of Caermarthen, in the...

Pressure on our space obliges us to postpone Mr. ilAYDON'S

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Letter, and oiler matters of Fine Art.

An "occasional correspondent" of the Morning Post at Paris avers,

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that the representatives of England, Austria, and Prussia, have for- mally declared to the French Cabinet that the commercial union be- tween France and Belgium would be...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Intelligence from Madrid to the 20th, and from Barcelona to the 19th, show that the disturbance in the provincial city had assumed a very serious complexion ;...

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Certain mysterious announcements appeared in the Chronicle yester- day respecting

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"a hitch" in Covent Garden Theatre ; which has been closed for three nights this week, on account of Miss Adelaide Kemble's indisposition. Today it is no longer concealed that...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The intelligence brought by the overland mail on Monday produced a favourable effect upon the price of the English Funds; Consols for Money...

In touching upon the Canada Corn question, this week, the

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Morning Chronicle, passing by the seven articles of its own City oracle, affects to regard our humble attempt to clear up the actual state of the case as information : " the...

The Leeds Mercury of this day says, " The-market at

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our White Cloth Hall, on Tuesday last, was the best that has been known for two years." But there are large stocks on hand, manufactured for the Chinese market.


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Arrived -At Gravesend, Nov. 20th. Lydia. Brunton, from Bombay; 21st. Artemis, Goulding, from Moulznein ; Latta Rookh. Henry. from Calcutta; 22d, Abbotts. Crawford, from Chins;...

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On the 5th November, at Naples, the Lady of the Hon. Joust JOCTLYN, of a son. On the 10th, at Leicester, the Lady of the Rev. Jon a Baowx, Vicar of St. Mary's, Re., of a...


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THE TREATY WITH CHINA. I may be doubted whether the often misapplied epithet " glorious" was ever so prostituted before as it is when applied to the success of the British arms...


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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. London, 29th November 1842. Sm—Tbe effects of the gratifying intelligence from China are already visi- ble in the changed tone adopted by the...

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The speedy submission of the Chinese Government as soon as Ching-kiang-foo was taken and Nankin threatened, is perfectly intelligible when we consider the relation of these...

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THOUGHTS ON PUNISHMENT. OCCASIONALLY we meet with sharp rebukes to

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remind us—like the verdict of the Coroner's Jury on the man killed by the practice of the Northleach prison—that, blundering about from usage to ex- periment and from nostrum to...

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Xanvoenos has preserved a plausible argument of SOCRATES in support of the vulgar belief of' his day that the future might be learned from omens—sneezes, the flight of birds,...


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DRURY LANE, on Saturday, presented the edifying spectacle of an audience trying hard to be pleased with a play in which they could not feel the slightest interest ; "assisting,"...

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THE third of a set of concerts, alternately given at the Hanover Square Rooms and the London Tavern, "came off" on Monday night. These performances are said to be under the...


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newest Domestic Residence in Switzerland. By Elizabeth Strott, Author of 'Six Weeks on the Loire," " Chances and Changes." lac. In two volumes Newby.. FICTTON, Widows and...

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Luca Mrs. THOMSON'S former works, this fiction displays a good deal of social observation and reflection, as well as a rare knowledge of manners and character in the days of our...

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THE advance of the gloomy season has brought forth, as usual, its crop of Annuals ; and though they are not now looked for by the reading public with the eager expectation which...

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WAR-OrrCE, Nov. 22.—Ist or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guanls—Lieut. R. Lloyd, from the Rifle Brigade. to be Ensign and Lieut. vice Lon' Kilmaruock. a In, ex- changes; the Hun. E....


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Tuesday, Nov. 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Baker and Cholwich. Great Portland Street, grocers—T. and J. G. Roily, Old Brant- ford. farriers—Rigg and Wheeldon. Hulme....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sehirday Holiday. Tuesday. Wecbses. 3 per Cent. Consols ........ Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced 34 per Ceuts Reduced New 34 per Cents...