27 MAY 1843

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THE week in Parliament began with what both friends and enemies seem to have considered a triumph for Ministers, though it is hard to say what about : the first step in bringing...

The most remarkable event of the day is the New

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Secession from the Scottish Church—a secession so large as to leave something like a skeleton-church behind it. At the meeting of the General Assembly, on the 18th, the...

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Spain is still under its Ministerial crisis ; for it

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can scarcely be said to have ceased during the existence of the feeble Ministry of LOPEZ. The new Minister insisted on the dismissal of General LINAGE and General ZURBANO from...

A " settlement" of Servia has become almost a weekly

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affair, whose greatest value seems to be to justify an " express" and third editions for the daily papers. According to the new version, the Porte succeeds in carrying out its...

Debates anti Tirocubinp in VarliantEnt.

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CANADA CORN BILL. In the House of Commons, on Monday, was resumed the adjourned debate on Lord Stanley's motion, that the Speaker do leave the chair in order to a Committee of...

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Zbe Qrourt.

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THE Queen has entered upon her twenty-fifth year this week ; and re- tired to the quiet of Claremont to pass the auspicious day. Her Majesty, with Prince Albert and the Princess...

Zbt AlittropoUs.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Saturday, to swear in Sir William Heygate as City Chamberlain. Sir William also gave in the resigna- tion of his Aldermauic gown. A vote of...

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Zbe Vrobtntes.

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The Carlisle Journal denies a rumour which has appeared in the Tory papers, to the effect that Mr. James was likely to retire from the representation of Cumberland, and that Mr....

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In our last Postscript we reported the main facts of the opening of the General Assembly, on the 18th instant, and the secession of the Nonintrusion members. The following were...


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Dr. Murray, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, has addressed a letter to the clergy of his diocese, to contradict the statement of Dr. Hig- gins, that the Catholic...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Some important business was transacted in the House of Commons last night. In the first place, Sir JAMES GRAHAM stated that he should not proceed with the...


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A paragraph in the Belgian papers, dated Hanover, May 15th, couples with the statement that King Ernest's departure for England is adjourned sine die, the statement that M....

The Malabar, 74, arrived in Plymouth Sound yesterdaT, having on

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board Mr. Ellis, the British Envoy to Brazil, who left Rio de Janeiro on the 1st April. The news received by the last packet, that the Emperor had appointed a special mission to...

_foreign Naas.

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FRANCE.—Ministers were again defeated in the Chamber of Depu- ties on Friday ; the Chamber adopting the arrangement recommended by the minority of the Committee, that the duty...

The Irish papers enumerate six Magistrates, besides those named above,

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who have been or will immediately be dismissed from the com- mission of the peace for attending Repeal meetings ; and it is said that ten others are to follow.

Mr. O'Connell had another great display of physical force at

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Cashel, on Tuesday, for the South Riding of Tipperary ; the Freeman's Journal reckoning the Repealers present at 300,000. The chair was taken lg the venerable Archdeacon Laffan....

The Dublin Evening Post contains the following paragraph--

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" It is with great delight we have to state, that we have seen a letter from India, which flatly contradicts the report of the murder of Messrs. Connolly and Stoddart by the...

A letter from Hanover, dated May 19th, says that King

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Ernest is ill.

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On the 15th April, at Antigua, the Lady of the Hon. Sir ROBERT HORSFORD, Sol • citor-General of that island, of a son. On the 7th May, at Farehana. Hants, the Lady of the Rev....


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AaarvEL-Off Hastings, 24th May, Wm. Abrams, Hamlin, from Calcutta ; and Tare. Ilubback, from Mauritius. Off Portsmouth, Ditto, Prince of Wales, Denny ; and Earl of Hardwicke,...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 25th February to the 20th May 1843- rassir.rrres. ASSETS. Circulation 219,853,000 Securities £22,696,000 Deposits 11,154,000 Bullion 11,291,000...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The alarm noticed in our last report as having existed in the Money-market appears to have entirely subsided : the defeat of the Ministry upon...

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Laws are made to compel people to behave as they ought ; prison discipline and other modes of punishment being the means of forcible compulsion ; and education teaches people...


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THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND CRISIS. MORE than four hundred ordained ministers, with a great part of their own Kirk-sessions and congregations, increased by adherents from the...

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THE object of laws of debtor and creditor is twofold—general, to maintain the credit of the commercial body ; and particular, to protect the creditor from injury. The limits to...


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HOLY Tnurisnar was a stirring day in the Metropolis. It was just such a day as the Charity-boys, whose high holyday it is, would have made if they had had the making of it. The...

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IT seems to be Mr. LUMLEY'S policy this season not to aim at a succession of novelties, but rather to revive those well-known operas, of the fashionable class, which develop...


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As we expected, the fifth Philharmonic concert fell short of the preceding one in its aggregate sum of excellence, while it also bore evident marks of hasty and ill-considered...

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EPISTOLARY CORRESPONDENCE, George Selwyn and his Contemporaries ; with Memoirs and Notes. By John He- neage Jesse, Author of " Memoirs of the Court of En g land durin g the...

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THE earlier route of Mr. PARIS, and part of his Pyrenean wander- ings, were not different from those of Lady CHATTERTON. He reached Bayonne from Paris by Orleans and Bourdeaux ;...

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Tins volume treats of Morals, Manners, Accumulation, Consump- tion, and Colonies; Production being incidentally noticed under the heads of Consumption and Accumulation ; as...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From May 19th to May 2515.

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Boors. Austria : its Literary, Scientific, and Medical Institutions. With Notes upon the present state of Science, and a Guide to the Hospitals and, Sanatory Establishments of...

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Orrice or ORDNANCE. May 22.—Royal Keg*, Artillery—First Lieut. D. Airy to be Second Capt. vice Wingfield, appointed to the command of the Riding Troop; Second Lieut. C. S Henry...


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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. THIRD NOTICE. IN looking through an exhibition, there are found some pictures that repel rather than attract attention, and others of less positive...

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FO (Last Official Quotation Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct . Arkansas (1863) 6 - Austrian 5 - REIGN during the — — _ FUNDS. Week euding Friday Evening.) Mexican 5 p. Ct. Ditto...


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Tuesday, May 23. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Joy and Driver, Leeds, clotlemauufacturers-R. and M. Satterfield, Manchester, coal-dealers-Turner and Waddington. Luddendenfoot....