28 MAY 1859

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THE event of the week in Italy is the death of the King of Naples, the import of which is rendered more obscure than we expected it to be, before it happened. There were some...

At home, our Government has been still put under double

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pressure from the public,—to maintain a strict neutrality in the present European conflict,—but also to interpret that neutrality .favourably to commerce. It must be...

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Intelligence of the first serious combat in Italy reached London late on Saturday, in a brief telegram. On Monday information of a more intelligible kind came to hand, and...

The volunteer movement continues to extend. It is taken up

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by local authorities and local notables ; distinguished gentlemen, with or without titles, send letters to the Times, recommending various kinds of uniform ; and the public...

The Executive and certain local authorities have been rather at

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cross purposes on the subject of Royal patronage and dignities ; but we anticipate that the ultimate result will not be ill for any party. Certain leading gentlemen at...

One step which Ministers have taken will be hailed with

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ap- probation from every quarter—it is the appointment of Mr. Sidney Herbert to be the chief in a Commission authorized to consider the proper sanitary arrangements for the...

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There is every sign that the volunteer movement is general. Day after day the morning journals are full of letters, giving advice, pointing out shortcomings, suggesting costume...

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A deputation, headed by the Lord Mayor, carried up to Lord Derby on Wednesday the memorial adopted at the City neutrality meeting. The spokesmen were Lord Mayor Wire, Mr....

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THE Qrsex, the Prince Consort, and their children, quitted Bucking- ham Palace on Saturday for Osborne. On their way from Gosport to Osborne they met the Victoria and Albert...

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The Free-Trade Hall at Manchester was the scene of a great neutrality meeting on Tuesday. Mr. George Wilson occupied the chair, the chief spokesman was M. Louis Kossuth ; but...


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The General Assembly of the Established Church of Scotland WS* opened on the 19th with the forms and ceremonies usual on the occasion. The Moderator was Dr. John Cook, Minister...


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The Irish Orangemen seem infuriated by the successes which what is called the Derby Wiseman Alliance have won in the counties. It is now said that Mr. George's election in...

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The leader of the House of Commons scents the battle from afar. The following circular, dated "Treasury, May 23," has been issued to the supporters of the present Government- "...

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,f1 ant —On Thursday "the Empress received the Members of the great bodies of the State, and addressed a speech to the presidents of each body. Her Majesty said to Count...

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We are obliged to Philobiblos for his note. The circumstance to which he refers we believe, a coincidence ; but the observation is good.

Our Paris correspondent sends us a lively letter on matters

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financial and political, especially as regards the attitude of Germany. " ThursdayEvening. "There has been a complete stagnation at the Bourse during the past week ; not even...


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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Some uneasiness has been created in this country by the absence of Prince Frederic William, who has not arrived with his wife, our Princess Royal. The...

- The Times correspondent in the Austrian camp in a

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letter dated Pavia, May 21, gives this account of the battle of Montebello. "The French having been seen to the east of Voghera, it became ne- cessary to find out in what...

An interesting lecture, " On the Ossiferous Caverns and Fissures of

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Devonshire, " was given by Mr. Pengelly at the Royal Institution last evening. After a short notice of the principal Devonshire caverns, the lecturer minutely described the...

The following enigmatical telegram has been forwarded from Frank- fort,

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dated yesterday. • "At the sitting of the Federal Diet yesterday, the minor German States voted that in certain eventualities military - measures should be taken. Prussia...

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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAT AFTERNOON. The Markets generally present a more favourable appearance all round ; English securities having advanced 1 per cent upon the quotations of...

Ritful Arlo, 5aibinu5, tt rah, &r.

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Tax City people in the Manchester and general trades, having expe- rienced so many flat days lately, now the fine weather has recently visited us, are hoping for an improved...

(From our own Correspondent.)

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At length the lovely weather has come, and the season of airy muslin toilettes, so sweet, so short, has begun in earnest. White, will soon be the order of the day, at least...


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A very interesting invention has lust been brought effectually to bear, for further utilizing the raw material of indiarubber. It VMS in 1843 that the discovery was made of the...

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[An esteemed correspondent comes from a visit to Lamartine and Ristori, and gives us his "confidences."] Lamartine as usual was full of kind words for his guests ; I enjoyed my...

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REFORM IN SAVINGS BANES. Weston-super-Mare, 23d May 1859. San—As there are already in existence seventeen acts of Parliament on savings banks, as the Continuation Act for...


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On the 17th of May, at Orton Longueville, the Marchioness of Huntly, of a son. On the 18th, at Ham, Surrey, the Hon. Mrs. Hamilton Forbes, of a daughter. On the litt,h, at...

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THE CRUSADE OF TODAY. .Nsaions like individuals are commonly great and happy in pro- portion to the nobleness of the motives that mainly actuate them. A simple and distinct...

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WE believe that Lord Malmesbury's neutrality proclamation, Irowever well intended, is what they call a brutum fulmen,—a thunderbolt, calculated more to alarm than to enforce ;...


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IT seems unfair to press upon the English Post-office further re- duction in rates, and to object to an increase in the rate of the extreme Eastern postage when it is raised...

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Tax Government having declined to do anything to compensate the Rajah Brooke for his losses in connexion with Sarawak, a public committee has taken up the subject. The case is a...


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ARTISTS of real tact as well as distinction are discussing the not unimportant question, how to dress the volunteer. They only ..se4n) to forget the sage precept of the immortal...


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WR see that the Lord Chamberlain has interdicted the play of lack Shep- pard at the Victoria Theatre, and we can well understand the motives of the prohibition, yet we doubt its...

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No. X. THE LATE XING OF NAPLES. Nis family 00/tHerions—Miss Smith and EU bfinim—Ferdinand's personal appearance—Quevedo's gentleman and coach- man—Characters of...

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Ready, aye ready ! Gunboats and rifles, Silently, swiftly, we'll fill up the roll; Red Tape is fumbling, Diplomacy trifles ; Hark! Is Peace dead ? Did you hear the bell toll ?...

At the last struggle between Austria and France, half a

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century ago, the names of the dramatis persona who performed on the European boards tally so wonderfully with the corps driunatique displayed to public view when the curtain...


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ITALY SINCE 1815. THE historical information requisite for a clear understanding of the whole case at issue between Italy and Austria has hitherto been a rare possession among...

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"Turn law which it has been my effort chiefly to illustrate," says Mr. Ruskin, "is the dependence of all noble design,in any kind,' on the sculpture or painting of organic...

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are about to notice is one on which we have already said a few words, intimating a wish that some explanation should be given of its ambiguous title. None having been offered,...

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of writing biography," says Dr. George Wilson, "that it is vain to inquire which is the best. One canon, however, may be safely insisted on namely, that the record of a man's...

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Two books of tue.vel in the United States are on the eve of publication. Some portions of Dr. Charles Maekay's "Life and Liberty in America" have appeared from time to time in...

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A new farce, brought out at the Olympic, with the title Retained fir the Defence, has about it this great element of attraction, that it exhibits Mr. Robson in a fresh comic...


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The literary veteran, M. Viennet has lately manifested his existence by a. drama in one act, produced at the Odeon. It is called kialona, the action takes place in the Crimea,...


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War abroad, dulnessi of trade and tightness of money at home, are producing their usual effect on the fortunes of literature. Complaints of the unprofitableness of the present...

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Madame Frezzolini is in town en route for the United

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States. The great cantatrice has refused the most liberal offers at Paris, at St. Petersburg, and at Rio Janeiro , preferring a more independent and less laborious career in...

Don Giovanni has been produced at the Drury Lane Italian

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Opera with deserved success. The great difficulty,—to find a representative of the principal character—has been got over better than might have been expected. The veteran...

lint arts.

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EXHIBITION OP THE ROYAL ACADEMY. HI. The third room is the most miscellaneous and the most unequal of the three, containing some of the most beautiful and the least successful...

There have been several good concerts during the past week.

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The Royal Society of Female Musicians had their annual concert on Friday evening last week at the Hanover Square Rooms. This is a valuable institution, founded about twenty...

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"The Heart of the Andes" is the name of a

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picture painted by Church (whose "Niagara "is familiar to many of our readers), over which the New York critics and connoisseurs are going into more than ordinary raptures. The...

The panorama of Benares, newly added by Mr. Burford to

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his unique series of illustrations of localities of distinction and celebrity, bears the usual evidence of the task, accuracy, and skill which distinguish all Mr. Burford's...


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Bankrupta. - Joax BAosusw, Dover Court, Harwich, lodging-house-keeper- Thomas Y0172:0, Wapping Wall, victualler-Haney FREEMAN and CHARLES CRAM TIER, Cheapside, victuallers-Gamma...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &dna. Monday Tuesday. Wein". Thews. 11 per Cent Consols 911 911 911 911 911 Ditto for Account 911 914 911 911 911 S per Cents Reduced 901...