5 JULY 1845

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People seem to take a pleasure in trying how far

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the privileges of the House of Commons may be bent, not caring if they break in the experiment. Not only . publishers of matters which cannot be designated without infrin i ging...


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As the session draws to a close, the proceedings in Parliament 'become more miscellaneous and hurried. The Member for Ireland and his Deputy have kept up their opposition to...

Murder again in Ireland I—not this time a single murder,

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but a bloody melee arising out of a " row " at a fair. Such affairs among the " warm-hearted " Irish are apt to turn to regular bat- tles, and so it was now : a man was seized...

Death and promotion have been busy among Members, and five

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constituencies are undergoing the anxieties of an election,— West Suffolk, Exeter, Abingdon, Dartmouth, and Cambridge. The last depends on the chance of Mr. Fitzroy Kelly's...

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The interest in the matter just alluded to is reflected

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in Por- tugal; whose wine-dealers, " protected " by us—such is our dislike of foreign dependency !—begm to fear that the Duke of Soto- mayor may succeed in exposing them to the...

Debates mat Vrottebings itt Varliament.

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ACADEISICAL EDUCATION IN IRELAND. In the House of Commons, on Monday, motion having been made for going into Committee on the Colleges (Ireland) Bill, Mr. SMITH O'BRIEN...

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Ebt sgourt.

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Ters Queen held a Court and Privy Council at Buckingham Palace on Monday. At the Court her Majesty held two investitures of the Knightly orders. The first was an investiture of...

Zbe _Metropolis.

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A meeting of representatives of Incorporated Livery Companies, and of others interested in the administration of charitable trusts, was held at the London Ta- vern, on Thursday,...

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The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam has addressed another letter to Sir Robert Peel, dated " Feast of SS. Peter and Paul: He begins—" Sir, it is dif- ficult to reconcile your...

Zbe Vrobinces. The nomination of candidates for the representation of

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Dartmouth took place cis Wednesday; when Mr. George Moffatt, a Liberal and Free-trader, and Mr. Henry Prinsep, a Peel Conservative, were successively proposed. Mr. Moffatt's r...

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Papers have been laid before Parliament containin g the official correspondence on the subject of the demand made by Spain for the admission of su g ars from Porto Rico and Cuba...

Iforrign antr ToIonial.

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Fuerica.—The two Chambers have been occupied chiefly with matters of local interest. On Friday, however, there was a discussion on a bill demandin g 10,000,000 francs for...

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In the House of Commons, the chief subject was the Commons Enclosure Bill; on which the House was moved to go into Committee. Mr. Summer; CRAWFORD moved, as an amendment, that...

A public meeting of the merchants, bankers, and other commercial

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de- nizens of the City, was held at the London Tavern, yesterday, to set on foot a subscription for the relief of the sufferers from the late awful fire quebec. The Lord Mayor...

Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock, Mr. Fitzroy Kelly received his

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ap- pointment as Solicitor-General. Had Sir Robert Peel been able to make up his mind at once, he would have exemplified the proverb " bis dat qui cito dat ": as it is, Mr....

An interesting relic of Nelson has been discovered; and some

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interest also attaches to the manner in which it has been secured to the nation. Sir Harris Nicolas, in his laborious researches for editing the hero's Dis- patches, had...

Several rumours are current respecting the future movements of the

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Court. It is understood, that the workmen have been ordered to proceed with alterations and repairs in the Queen's private apartment at Windsor Castle, as it will not be needed...

Apropos to the transfer of the Belgian company from Covent

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Garden to Drury Lane Theatre, the Times makes a strange assertion—" The cause of this removal from their former quarters, it is generally understood, is the fact that the...

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The Brussels Company performed Lea Huguenots on Monday; when they

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displayed, as usual, their artistic talent as an operatic corps, but with. out that accuracy in the details which has characterized their other per- formances. The house was...

It is stated in the City, that Messrs. Belhouse and

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Co., of Liverpool, failed on Wednesday. Their liabilities are said to be nearly 80,0001.; and the failure is Attributed to speculation in iron. They have, it is reported,...

The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg is about

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to make a great alteration in the rate of postage: a bill has been presented to the States for re- ducing the postage of sinle letters throughout the Grand Datchy to the...

- B the Paris advises of Thursday, we learn that

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a Cabinet Council was held at the Tuileries on Tuesday, and another on Wednesday morning; at which, it is said, Ministers determined to institute proceedings against the...


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We were glad to return on Tuesday from the extravagant exhibition of florid song which Roberto Devereux lately afforded, to the more legitimate school of vocalization and the...

• A letter dated from Mexico on the 30th May

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states that the Mexican Chamber have agreed to recognize the independence of Texas; the Senate by a majority of 80 to 6, and the Deputies by a majority of 41 to 13. The law had...

A great county meeting was held in Cavan Court-house on

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Wednesday, "for the purpose of affording an opportunity for an universal expression of horror at the assassination of the late George T. Bell Booth, Esq., and to devise means of...


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STOCK RECHARGE, FRIDAY AFTERN0011.”' The business transacted during the week in the English Funds has been more extensive than usual: the market appears to have awakened from...

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Amman—At Gravesend, 29th June, True Briton, Consitt, from Madras ; Mb. Faisabetb, Horace; and Hind, Preston. from Sydney ; Adelaide, Connell, from Lanz. Caton; and Earl of...


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EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 20th June 1845. Sat—The introduction into Parliament of the Scottish Poor-law Amendment Bill appears to have stirred up afresh the whole gall of the...

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PRIVILEGE. THE litigations in which the House of Commons has been in- volved by the great Privilege controversy appear interminable. They succeed each other like a patriarchal...

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Aiv impression is gaining ground that Ministers will oppose Mr. Rutherfurd's University Bill on the second reading. By so acting they would doubly stultify themselves. The terms...


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BEFORE this week the question of " privilege " as arising out of the Stockdale case and its numerous progeny has related chiefly to thepowers claimed by the House of Commons...


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THE theory that "to acquire a little property is the worst thing that can befal a poor man" gains converts. Mr. Whately of Cookham has never yet been able to find a single...

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1718 Voice of Jacob, a respectable periodical supported by the leading. English Jews, advocates "the establishment of agricul- tural Jewish settlements in Palestine." There can...


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AIITOBI0oRLPEY, The Dispatches and Letters of Tice-Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson ; with Notes by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, (.C.DLO. The third volume—January 1798 to August...

Some sensation has been excited by an article in the

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Quarterly Review, not only defending the Peel policy in Ireland, with the Maynooth endowment and the new Colleges, but advocating State endowment of the Roman Catholic Church....

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Arrza a residence of four years in the East to study tongues and observe manners, Mr. Paton, the author of The Modern Syrians, became tired of " azure skies, bubbling fountains,...

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THE form or framework of Mr. Maxwell's Military Hints is that of letters of advice from a retired officer to a son in his teens, who has just received a commission. The...


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From June 27th to ltdr 3d. BOOKS. Hints to a Soldier on Service. By W. H. Maxwell, Esq., Author of "Ste. ries of Waterloo," &c. In two volumes. Recollections of Four Years...

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Vocal Gems of Germany. A Selection of Songs by the

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most celebrated German Composers ; with the Original Words and an English Translation. Edited, with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte, by W. II. Calcott. The absolute amount...

Son Scenturato. Duettino, with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte. To

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sisters and friends who are essaying vocal harmony for the first time, the easy combinations of this piece will be useful. The voices are not strained by high notes; the parts...

Sforeeau de Salon. Rondo for the Pianoforte. Composed by Louise

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Bedizen. As the production of a young lady, this piece has considerable merit. The subject is flowing; and the passages, principally for the right hand, are elegant, and in the...

The Daughter's Wt. Ballad, The Poetry written by Thomas Oliphant,

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Esq.; the Music composed by Jules Benedict. The melody is venerable and facile, and the sentiment of the words worthy of Mr. Blake's " Songs of Innocence." For school practice...

Lc' Parfaits Duettino. The Words by Count Pepoli; the Music

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composed for and dedicated to her friends Sophy and Harriet Heath, by Rosanna Cara- dori Allan. A solfeggio for two voices, in the album style; which, though it may be rendered...


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THE CARTOONS AND FRESCOES IN WESTMINSTER HALL. WESTAIIN:3 - LR HALL is now for the third time converted into a place of exhibition for the works of British artists, candidates...

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On the 25th June, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Lady of John B. Lousada, Esq., of Oak- field Lodge, Sussex, of a daughter. On the 27th, at Kirkhallam Hall, Derbyshire, the Lady of...


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WAR - omen, July 4.-2d Life Guards—Assist.-Sorg. F. W. G. Calder, to be Sung., vice J. Bett, who retires on half-pay ; Assist.-Surg. G. M'Cullock, M.D., from the 54th Foot, to...


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Tuesday, July 1. PARTNERSITIPS DISSOLVED. Holborn and Hence, Mincing-lane, tea-dealers—Vaucher and Barns, Rusholme, Lan- cashire, schoolmistresses—J. and J. R. Dobson, St....

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8 . 8. Wbeat,R.New44 to 48 Fine 50-54 Old ..... 42-48 White 48-52 Fine 52-56 Super. New 52-56 AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN. DUTY ON FOREIGN CORN. Per Qr. (Imperial) of England and...