5 JULY 1856

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Italy appears daily to be drifting into a more critical

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condi- tion. The intelligence from every part is calculated to cause uneasiness. Our Government has been questioned respecting the state of affairs at Naples. The King of Naples...


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IN both Houses of Parliament movements have been made which might have been used by Ministers as an opportunity for giving us information on the subject of our foreign relations...

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. The exiled Princes of the two French branches of

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the house of Bourbon have made manifestations this week, indicating their resolve not to surrender any prescriptive rights which they pos- sess. Henry the Fifth, as he is...

Notwithstancling a complaint of the prices of the staple pro-

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visions, the condition of the country appears to be generally prosperous. The revenue-returns tell us so ; and reports from the trading towns, which "'indicate great...

Another chapter in the story of American outrage ! The

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ease would scarcely be remarkable but for the context which it has had in the attack upon Sumner and in the Kansas civil war. California has become noted not only for the...

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ERIN CIE AL BUSINSSS OF THE 'WEEK. Horse or Loans. Monday, June 30. Royal Assent to Factories Bill and Sar- dinian Loan Bill—Affairs of Italy ; Lord Lyndhurses Question and...

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Ott Zttropplio.

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The members of the Army and Navy Club gave a dinner on Saturday to General Williams and his comrades. Contrary to custom, reporters were admitted to the club, because the honour...

cyt Court. Trim QUEEN gave a state concert at Buckingham

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Palace on 'Wednesday. A large and distinguished company were invited. The chief incident in the Court diary, however, is the arrival of the King of the Belgians. His Majesty,...

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The ceremony of presenting the burgess-ticket and a sword to Sir Colin Campbell was performed at Glasgow on Tuesday, in the City Hall. The streets were crowded with thousands...


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The death of the Earl of Cork, and the consequent elevation of his grandson Lord Dungarvan to the Peerage, has caused a vacancy in the representation of Frome. There are two...


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Petitions have been presented to the Encumbered Estates Court for the sale of a portion of John Sadleir's landed property : the petitions are on be- half of the trustees of the...

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fortigu nub (feudal.

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• ,fraur.—The Emperor left Paris on Tuesday for Plombieres, near Nancy ; where he arrived on Wednesday evening. He is gone there, it is said, to seek that "absolute respite from...

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We have /town to anticipate that the general wish regarding the entry of the Guards will be complied with, and that those troops will march from the Waterloo Station to...

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SATURDAY, The House of Lords went into Committee hut night on the University of Cambridge Bill, and effected two "amendments" in that measure. On clause 31, providing that the...

The Earl of Shelburne has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds ;

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and the morning journals announce that he has been appointed Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and raised to the Peerage by his present title. He is to be succeeded...

BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th

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and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending an Saturday, the 28th day of June 1838. LOW. DEPART/4/NT. Notes issued /46,903,970 Government Debt £11,015,100 Other Securities...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arras-noox. The English Funds continue to show undiminished buoyancy, with ap- parently few disturbing causes to arrest their upward course. The public,...

The Hamburg .21 r ew8 reports that 40,000 men have been sent

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against Schamyl ; and that the population on the Black Sea coast North of Re- dont Kaleh is in arms against the Russians. The Trieste telegraph reports that "Yemen is in...


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Madame Ristori has now nearly if not quite reached the end of the re- pertory destined for the English public ; the subject of •Afirra, which was one of her most famous...

The Italian Operahouses have not this week presented any novelty.

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At Her Majesty's, the greatest attraction has been Piccolomini, who has drawn enormous house in the F4.iha del Beggimento. She takes La 2a- elate for her benefit on Thursday...

We arc authorized to state, that her Majesty the Queen

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intends to pro- ceed to Aldershott on Monday next, for the purpose of reviewing, in the afternoon, the regiments of the Guards and of the Line which have lately returned from...

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The death of Mr. Charles Young, which occurred at Brighton

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on Sun- day last, will occasion a gap in a certain section of London society. Though many years had elapsed since his retirement from the stage, and to younger men he appeared...


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Madame Goldschmidt Lind gave her "last- farewell concert" at Exe- ter Hall on Monday evening. It was an evening of extraordinary ex- citement, not exceeded by that of her first...

The class of Yankee character which was made famous by

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Mrs. Flo- rence at Drury Lane is now undertaken at the Adelphi by Mrs. Barney Williams, who claims the merit of originating it in the United States. Both she and Mr. Barney...

Mr. Buckstone took his benefit on Wednesday, and the Haymarket

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was crowded. Two novelties marked the occasion,—a ballet by the Spanish dance; entitled The Captives, and a petite com&lie, adapted from Oil paeserat-je Ines Soirees? (a...


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Supply.—Quekion put—"That Mr. Speaker do now leave the chair," amendment moved by Mr. Moore to leave out from the word "That" to the end of the question in order to add the...

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THE UNITED STATES. THE rapid growth and grand destiny of the United States of America have been for many years a favourite topic of writers and politicians who for one cause or...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the gross Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended June 30, 1856, compared with the corresponding...

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THE NATIONAL GALLERY COMMISSION. Tam question of the permanent site

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for the National Gallery will no longer be settled in the official closet, without a proper consi- deration of the subject by some of the responsible servants of the public. The...

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"POETICAL justice" is for poetry, not for real life ; there it is the unjust which becomes romantic and picturesque. Let a man be strictly conscientious and that shall not...


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Mn. GLIDSTONE looks back to the days when Party divided the House of Commons—when Sir Robert Peel was on one side and Lord John on the other ; and he looks forward to the day...

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A SECOND session is passing over,'Iand no effectual step has been taken to check the abuse of superfluous and futile printing in the House of Commons or to cut off the root of...

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'IKE special letter of compliments addressed by the Emperor Na- poleon from his palace at St. Cloud to M. Ponsard, the author of a serious comedy, La Bourse, recently produced...

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rettro tu t#t

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PUNISHMENT AND REFORMATION—FRENCH AND ENGLISH SYSTEMS. Heath Hence , .Stapleton, Bristol, 30th Tune 1856. Sm—The calamity which has aftnted France by the overflow of her great...


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1 Adam Street, Adelphi, 30th June 1856. Sin—Your correspondent "X." doubts my hypothesis as to the source of the Rhone floods being the too rapidly thawing snows. Will he assign...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, 317LT 1. Partnerakips Dissolved.—Rider and Co. Pernambuco, merchants—Ryder and Tetley. Liverpool, and Ryder and Co. Bahia, merchants—Lee and Medland,...


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On the 14th May, at Jackatalla, Madras Presidency, the Wife of Lieutenant- Colonel Douglas Patten, of the Seventy-fourth Highlanders, of a daughter. On the 26th June, in...


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• FROM THE LONDON tal — z -- Elva, - tiffs 4. ADIHRALTE, June 23.—Corps of Loyal Marines—Gentlemen Cadets_ to be Second Lieutenants—G.M. Vivian, C. E. Servanto, E. O'D. Powell,...

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B R IT I B H FUNDS 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent...

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London Printed by Joiarn ch.avrox, of 320, Strand, In the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of 705sru CLAs"- TON, WO. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dunstap's the West, In the City of London ; and Published by the...

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R RIER' S CARAVAN JOURNEYS. * THE author of this volume is a French militaire, who about six- teen years ago was selected with others to drill and organize the Persian army,...

ettator i$40,entent.

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JULY 5, 1856.

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FREEMAN'S CONQUESTS OF TUE SARACEN'S. * TILE accepted facts of history

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are well known. A chronological table gives dates and results: particulars may be found in re- ceived works, so far at least as INT are able to ascertain them. Yet every age...

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DE BAZANCOURT'S CRIMEAN EXPEDITION. * iT is easy to conceive the

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desire of the Emperor of the French that the people he rules should possess a fuller account of the toils and enterprise of their army in the war now ended than could be...

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ST. JOHN'S SUBALPINE KINGDOM. * THESE volumes are a species of

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tour in Savoy and Piedmont, with the object of describing manners and scenery, investigating poli- tics, and. painting politicians from a point of view which can only be...

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Two years—an age of glory and of pain!— Since we with blessings and with shouts and tears, And with high hopes, pursued your parting train With everything but fears. Too...


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BOOKS. Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under Command of Com- modore M. C. Perry,...

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A Parliamentary return just issued enables us to arrive at an approxi- mate estimate of the number of persons interested as proprietors of Railways in the United Kingdom. The...


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During_ forty-one years from 1816 to 1855, there emigrated from the United Kingdom no fewer than four million two hundred and ninety- three thousand seven hundred and sixty-five...


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TRADE AND NAVIGATION ACCOUNTS FOR THE MONTII AND FIVE MONTHS ENDED 31ST Month ended May 31, Excorre. 1856. 1856. Declared value of British A: E. AT 1856 AND 1855. Five...


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The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Registrar-General for England has just been issued. It treats of the marriages, births, and deaths in 1854. The total of Marriages was...

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Mr. Muter, in his despatch to Mr. Dallas of May 24, respecting the Central American question, after stating that there are certain points affecting the construction of the...